CBD Vs Hemp – What Is The Difference Between Hemp Oil and CBD

CBD vs Hemp oil

Hemp oil and CBD have so much in common that it’s quite hard to even for the companies dealing in either of the products to tell them apart.

To make matters worse, even consumers who buy them seem not to know the difference, explaining why they often use the terms interchangeably.

Unfortunately, you’ll have to tell the difference between hemp oil and CBD, especially if you’re looking to use either for medicinal or nutritive purposes. It would, therefore, be a good idea to start this off by defining what CBD and Hemp are.


Definition of the Hemp Oil

Commonly referred to as hemp, is an industrial hemp seed extract from one of the many cannabis variants. In as much as you can extract hemp oil from just about any other plant belonging to the cannabis family, most companies prefer using hemp oil acquired exclusively from industrial hemp because of its precise physiognomies.

For example, industrial hemp seeds contain up 50which is significantly more than the oil content from any plants in the cannabis family.

Hemp oil is predominantly used as a naturally occurring supplement, but it can also be used as a medical prescription under certain rare circumstances. The latter means you don’t have to wait until you fall sick before consuming hemp oil or any of its related products. If anything, your nutritionist will strongly encourage you to incorporate hemp oil on your diet to avoid falling sick.

In other words, hemp oil doesn’t come with a prescription despite containing a high level of Vitamin E. Lastly, hemp oil contains less than 0.3% psychoactive substances, meaning you won’t get high consuming it.


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What does CBD (or Cannabinoids) Mean?

Is a naturally occurring chemical component found in the leaves, stalks, and buds of the hemp plant, unlike hemp oil which is found exclusively in the seeds. CBD contains many health-related benefits.

And since it doesn’t cause the consumers to get high as marijuana does, many health professionals have no issue prescribing it to their esteemed patients.

The latter explains CBD’s exponential rise in popularity in the recent past. Most of the CBD products contain trace amounts of THC.

To resolve the THC issue, pharmacists and cannabis clinicians have come up with dosages of the CBD products intended for consumers of different ages and weight classes. These dosages are meant to limit the effects THC will have on the consumer’s body while having the maximum impact on its intended purpose.

In summary, Cannabinoids are more of a medical prescription since its mostly used to treat the side effects of specific ailments, including pain, depression, and general discomfort.

The latter explains why you will be advised by either your doctor, pharmacists, or your CBD supplier to read the instructions carefully before taking any CBD product. Not doing so might result in the ingestion of a high level of THC which will have an undesired side effect on your body.

Therefore, if you have no idea how the dosage works, you’ll be better off consulting your doctor/nutritionist/CBD supplier for assistance. You might also want to check if you have allergies before you start consuming any CBD product for whatever reason.


The Difference in their Uses


The Uses of Hemp Oil

Because of its outstanding nutritive value, hemp oil is mostly incorporated into the daily dietetic routines of those who fancy living healthier, happier lives. For example, hemp oil contains the lowest levels of saturated fats, and that alone makes it much safer than most brands of cooking oils on the market today.

Hemp oil is also famous for not just making meals healthier but much more delicious. Besides cooking, hemp oil can also be a useful ingredient in a salad or even better, can be ingested directly. The best shampoo brands on the market use hemp oil as part of the main components.

It is so because hemp oil comes with a high level of Vitamin E, which is known to strengthen strands of hair. The high Vitamin E content in hemp oil is also another reason why many soaps and conditioners have it as well.

In summary, the hemp oil in all the products mentioned above ensures that your body is not only replenished but also protected from the harmful effects caused by infections as well as free radicles. Hemp oil is also used as the perfect replacement for petroleum as a base for the many forms of plastic.

For hundreds of years, hemp oil has been used to treat a plethora of skin-related disorders. Some of these breakouts are often caused by opportunistic diseases that come into the body due to lack of the necessary vitamins and fatty acids; all of which can be found in hemp.

The skin-related ailments in question include Psoriasis, Acne Rosacea, Dermatitis, Eczema, and Varicose Eczema. Apart from quelling the discomfort associated with any of the skin diseases mentioned above, hemp oil can also reduce inflammation. The latter is usually the case with Lichen Planus, a type of skin malady that causes it to swell in the affected areas.

Studies have revealed that regular use of hemp oil can have a direct benefit to the general health of your heart. The health specialists came to the following conclusion after an extensive 2014 study that was conducted on animals.

Researchers discovered that hemp oil could actively suppress the likelihood of the development of Atherosclerosis and high blood pressure by effectively lowering cholesterol levels in your system.

The study also revealed that hemp oil contains Alpha-Linolenic Acid; an essential fatty acid that is responsible for curbing the development of cardiovascular disease.


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Alpha-linolenic acid is just but one of the many healthy fatty acids that occur in hemp oil naturally. The latter only means there are more yet-to-be-discovered health benefits directly connected to the consumption of hemp oil. Other fatty acids found in hemp oil have also been known to promote overall brain health while others prevent inflammation, especially on the skin (as I’ve already mentioned). Inflammation can also occur in the brain due to different reasons, including infections and nutrient insufficiency. Hemp oil also contains polyphenols.

Polyphenols can be correctly described as an active compound believed to play an essential role in the protection of the brain. Though studies to verify the same are still ongoing, doctors all over the world are encouraging more people to consume hemp oil because it does have many positive effects on the body.

Last but not least, hemp oil can be connected to pain relief. Though indirectly, as its the case with CBD, hemp oil can reduce inflammation, especially on the skin.

Moreover, if you know anything about any inflammation, then you must understand that it comes accompanied with much discomfort, goes to show that it can quell the pain that comes with it as well.


hemp oil vs CBD


The Uses CBD

CBD products are mostly used for treatment or medicinal purposes. Since CBD products come with a low THC level, the consumers won’t get high under the guise of managing a medical condition as long as they are keen on following the recommended dosage.

This products have also been known to handle all manners of swelling thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties. The dosage is either written on the CBD products or recommended by the CBD supplier.

Ever since the scientists discovered that CBD is useful in the treatment of cancer, many cancer patients have since been advised to try out CBD products as long as they are from a legit supplier. Cannabinoids get rid of most cancer-related symptoms, which makes the fight against cancer much more bearable.

The latter explains why cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy are often allowed to consume CBD products to ease the pain and discomfort associated with the invasive procedure. In addition to the treatment of cancer, CBD also shows much promise in the treatment of epilepsy.

Scientists took the time to carefully analyze the causes of epilepsy before realizing that cannabinoids can reduce the effects of the agents that induce epileptic seizures. For the umpteenth time, the Cannabinoids has to be administered in a specific dosage for it to work correctly.

What CBD does to the epileptic seizures is the same reason why doctors and pharmacists recommend it for anxiety, seizures, depression, and many other neurodegenerative disorders.

CBD products also come highly recommended for those who are either struggling with vomiting or feeling nauseous. Nausea and vomiting is usually a symptom of a more serious underlying issue with your system that needs immediate attention.

Therefore, the first thing you’ll need to do besides taking your CBD is visiting your doctor for a proper diagnosis.

More often than not, vomiting and nausea are linked to gastrointestinal disorders, which can be treated, especially if diagnosed in the early stages.

After a proper diagnosis, your doctor or cannabis specialist will adjust your CBD dosage to stop nausea and vomiting effectively. Further studies have also revealed that cannabinoids can reduce the size of tumors, especially if taken habitually.

Before using CBD products to reduce the size of your tumor, you’ll have to, first of all, visit your doctor for a thorough examination. Doing so is vital since some tumors may be too big to be operated.

Therefore, making sure they’re reduced in size through safer means will go a long way in making the operation less risky and less invasive as well.

Research has also disclosed that CBD can reverse the effects of diabetes, correctly Type 2 Diabetes. Patients having a hard time managing their Type 2 Diabetes and are put on a Cannabinoid dosage are likely to start showing improvement after a while.


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The CBD dosage varies from one patient to the next. Unfortunately, may not reverse Type 1 Diabetes but it can still help in the successful management of the condition.

Most experienced cannabis clinicians recommend CBD products to heavy smokers looking to kick the habit without suffering through the nightmare of withdrawal. In this case, cannabinoids will reduce the urge of smoking to feel good.

Also, since CBD doesn’t have the “high effect,” you’ll have nothing to worry about getting high as you would after smoking marijuana. Only remember to stick with the dosage, and you’ll do just fine.

CBD is also useful in the management of Chron’s Disease as it suppresses the symptoms, which can be quite severe. The one trait that makes the Chron’s Disease unpleasant is none other than inflammation. Thankfully, the right dosage of CBD products can meritoriously suppress it.

That said, if you have Chron’s Disease, you should visit your doctor and discuss the possibility of incorporating Cannabinoids into your treatment. Lastly, cannabis clinicians are also confident that the use of authorized CBD products can be useful in the treatment of Lupus.

Any warrior out there battling Lupus knows just how much the heavy medication can be inconveniencing even for a healthy adult. And that’s precisely where CBD medication comes into play.

Cannabinoids not only contain most of the substances that the heavy medication offers to the body but can be administered to the body in a less invasive manner.

And on top of that, CBD also can give your body the ability to fight the Lupus naturally, meaning no mean side effects from the heavy medication.

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