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Electric Lemonade Strain

Electric Lemonade strain
  • THC 19% 19%
  • CBG 1% 1%
  • Sativa 70% 70%
  • Indica 30% 30%
4.5 out of 5 stars (based on 6 reviews)

Get ready for a jolt of flavor and an electrifying experience with the Electric Lemonade strain. This invigorating sativa dominant hybrid is a cross of Tahoe OG and Blue Dream. With its tantalizing THC levels reaching 19%, Electric Lemonade promises an enthralling ride that sparks the senses.

Bask in the radiance of resin-coated buds, radiating with a vibrant lemon hue and emanating a zesty citrus aroma that’s nothing short of breathtaking. Embodying the perfect harmony between sativa and indica.

From its growth to its harvest, Electric Lemonade thrives under meticulous care, yielding buds bursting with life and flavor. Its impeccable reputation has earned it accolades, cementing its position as a crowd-favorite in the cannabis community.

Prepare to be energized and invigorated by the enchanting Electric Lemonade strain.



Electric Lemonade delivers an electrifying experience that awakens the senses and elevates the mind. Prepare for an immediate surge of creativity that inspires and ignites the imagination.

As the high unfolds, a gentle wave of relaxation embraces the body, soothing away tensions and inviting a deep sense of calm.

The perfect harmony of its effects makes it an ideal companion for social gatherings or moments of introspection.


May Relieve

Unlock the therapeutic potential of Electric Lemonade as it offers a refreshing dose of relief. Find solace from stress and anxiety, as the strain gently uplifts the spirit and promotes a positive outlook.

Embrace its calming properties to ease insomnia and achieve restful sleep, waking up feeling refreshed and recharged.

Additionally, Electric Lemonade provides comfort for those seeking relief from chronic pain and inflammation, offering a natural alternative to finding balance and well-being.

Its versatility also makes it a top choice for creative souls seeking inspiration and focus.


Taste of Electric Lemonade

Indulge your taste buds in the refreshing citrus explosion of Electric Lemonade. A zesty lemon and tropical sweetness fusion tickles the palate, leaving a delightful aftertaste that lingers with each exhale.



Prepare to be enveloped by the electrifying aroma of Electric Lemonade. A burst of zesty lemon harmonizes with earthy undertones, creating an enticing fragrance that leaves you wanting more.


Pain free

September 25, 2023

A delicious way to soothe chronic pain. Electric Lemonade eases inflammation and discomfort. Nature’s remedy at its finest.



September 25, 2023

Electric Lemonade gave me a burst of inspiration! The zesty flavor sparked my creativity. A bright and refreshing experience!



August 23, 2023

I found my muse with Electric Lemonade. The clarity and focus it provided were astounding. An artist’s dream strain.


Sweet slumber

August 17, 2023

Electric Lemonade helped me conquer insomnia. The perfect remedy for restful nights



July 29, 2023

Perfect for unwinding after a long day. The calming effects put my mind at ease and melt away stress. A heavenly strain for relaxation.


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