Florida Medical Marijuana Patients

Approved marijuana patients in Florida may soon have the laws behind them to grow their own marijuana plants for medical purposes. Joe Redner of Tampa, FL just won his court case which was an uphill battle for the past year. Redner’s new case law states he can legally grow his own plants for the purpose of supplying his recommended cannabis dosage from his doctor.

Since the ruling this month many Floridians reacted to the news and are now filing their own cases to grow marijuana for their medicine also. Florida had a rocky start to legalization and state legislators took away patients rights to smoke flower and grow plants of their own, instead approved patients must buy their cannabis from a state-approved dispensary. They must have a recommendation from a Florida Marijuana Doctor for a certain amount of cannabis per month and must renew their meds every 70 days.
One of the biggest complaints from Floridian’s is the high cost of medicating under these laws. The dispensaries only grow certain strains and then extract the oils to be sold in vape pens and oral tinctures. As a patient here you can easily spend $500 per month on a reasonable amount of medical marijuana per month which far exceeds most people’s disposable income. That and the desire for patients to grow marijuana plants indoors is fast approaching the point of legislative change and people are demanding this as an affordable option to their medication.
Many online hydroponic websites like TopGrows.com offer the best information for growing marijuana plants indoors, with cutting-edge grow equipment and easy to follow instructions for producing quality cannabis patients can then use as medicine. in 2018 there are grow tents that you can fit into your closet and high tech, built in systems making the grow smooth and effortless. Plus the total price for this set up is well below the cost of buying cannabis through the dispensaries month after month.
We will have to wait and see what happens in Florida soon because new lawsuits are being filed against the state and the people want to be allowed to grow plants of their own now.

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