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Popular Food Recipes With CBD: Tips and Tricks

CBD food recipes

Ever since the use of marijuana has been legalized in most states, CBD has become a popular supplement.

Today, more and more people are incorporating this ingredient into their daily routines due to the long list of health benefits it offers. So let’s share food recipes with CBD.

In case you’re still unsure of what CBD is, it stands for Cannabidiol, made from the cannabis plant.

However, it’s neither addictive nor makes you high, no matter what amount you consume.


Where to Find CBD Oil?

Before you get started with cooking and baking, first find a trustworthy company that supplies high-quality CBD oil which will help you make the best products.

There are numerous options available, ranging from fruity flavored tinctures to those having a natural, earthy taste.

Additionally, ensure that the flavor and strength of the tincture you choose are suitable for baking or cooking.

Once you’ve chosen the right oil, you can start preparing CBD oil food recipes for relaxation.

Here are some things to keep in mind after you’ve bought a quality CBD product:


Use Fat or Oil

Since CBD is fat-soluble, meaning that it binds well with other fats, it needs to be infused with other cooking oils to be effective.

Some of the fat or oil-based ingredients you could use are butter, ghee, coconut, or avocado oil. This way, your body will be able to absorb it well and you’ll receive the full benefits of the mixture.


Avoid Heat

Placing the oil at a high temperature can burn it off, causing it to evaporate. This excessive heat could result in the loss of potency or effectiveness of the ingredient.

It’s better to sprinkle the oil on top of the meal to add a finishing touch rather than placing it on direct heat in a pan. Even if you’re using it while sautéing food, ensure that the cooking temperature is below 350 degrees Fahrenheit.


Try It in Savory Items

Due to its bitter taste, there are a lot of recipes that focus on desserts, sweets, or baked goods. By incorporating it into recipes that contain sugar or chocolate in them, the bitterness can be reduced.

However, this is mostly in the case of using low-quality CBD. According to the health experts at CFAH.org, it’s essential to use a high-quality product with your desired potency.

Using higher quality oil will not help you reap the most health benefits but can be great as well for a hint of flavor in savory dishes like soups or pasta sauces.


Be Careful with the Dose

Although the supplement doesn’t produce a “high” when it is consumed, you still need to be careful when incorporating it into any dish.

This is because to get the desired effect, you need to add the right dosage. By using the recommended amount, you won’t disrupt the final product’s consistency.

Even if you want a stronger dose, avoid adding too much oil rather than use an oil with a higher potency. Moreover, start slow and work your way up depending on how you respond.


Recipes To Try


Egg Benedict with CBD-infused Hollandaise Sauce

What is better than perfect eggs benedict on a lazy Sunday morning?

Having them with the perfect CBD-infused hollandaise sauce that elevates the taste, making the meal even more hearty and wholesome.

Simply add a few drops of CBD oil to the finished sauce and drizzle generously over eggs.


Smoothie Bowls

For those with a sweet tooth yet wanting a healthier alternative, you can add a few drops of coconut oil infused with CBD to your smoothie bowl.

With the frozen fruit of choice and almond milk, add the sweetener you prefer and recommended serving of CBD oil to a blender and blend it.

Serve optionally with more berries and nuts of choice.


Breakfast Egg Muffins

Another great way to add CBD oil into your diet is in breakfast muffins.

Once the breakfast muffins are done baking based on the recipe you like, simply drizzle the oil over top, not exceeding the recommended dose of 40 mg CBD per muffin.


Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls are an amazing dessert that can be further elevated using CBD tincture.

Once the rolls are done baking in the oven, allow them to cool slightly while adding the tincture into the frosting and spreading over the rolls evenly.


CBD-infused Pizza

Instead of adding CBD oil to crust or sauce, you can elevate your pizza without actually putting too much effort into it.

Simply use a frozen, store-bought pizza crust with premade sauce and add the toppings of your choice.

Once it is done baking, drizzle a few drops of CBD oil on top of your pizza to give depth and complexity to your otherwise plain pizza.


Tacos with CBD Guacamole

Regular tacos with friends on a Friday night sound good, but tacos infused with CBD oil sounds terrific!

Just shred up leftover chicken, whip up some sour cream along with tortilla beans, and add CBD to your regular old guacamole.

Your friends are bound to thank you for the culinary experience!


Beef Stew with CBD

You can enjoy this as well with beef stew, which is a hearty meal itself.

Slow cook the beef with stock and vegetables in a pot and add CBD oil before serving.

This amazing meal will definitely make you want to slow things down and take a nap!


Soup with CBD Oil

Whether you enjoy a clear vegetable soup with celery, carrots, and leaks or a rich and creamy mushroom soup, CBD oil can elevate them both differently, adding more to the flavor profile of both.

On winter evenings, having a bowl of CBD-infused soup is perfect while you catch up on your favorite TV shows!


CBD Drizzled Lemon Garlic Salmon

Salmon is best enjoyed when it’s basted with garlic butter and topped with CBD and lemon.

Grill salmon in a pan with garlic and butter, and remove from heat once it’s cooked.

Top the salmon with lemon and CBD oil to balance the flavors and serve with pan-grilled asparagus and bread of choice.



Another meal that screams comfort food for many of us is a home-cooked lasagne.

Using the recipe you like the most, cook pasta and sauces and layer them one by one in a baking dish.

Once the lasagne is done, add a few drops of CBD oil on top and serve immediately.

It’s one of the meals that your friends and family will definitely thank you for making!


CBD-Infused Pasta Sauce

Whether you need pasta sauce for ziti, lasagne, or any other dish, simply make the sauce with pureed tomatoes, garlic cloves, sautéed onion, and herbs.

Season with salt and pepper and cook for a few minutes.

When the sauce is done cooking, add CBD oil to make your CBD-infused pasta sauce.

You can even freeze this sauce and use it later when you cook pasta.


Food Recipes With CBD


Wrapping Up with Food Recipes with CBD

Whether someone is dealing with insomnia, nausea, or anxiety, there are a lot of creative ways they can consume CBD oil.

That is why many people have started to incorporate it into foods, which is a fun way to get your daily dose of CBD.

However, since it is an expensive ingredient, it’s recommended to make smaller batches if you’re new to experimenting with recipes containing CBD oil.

By following this ultimate guide on adding this oil to your daily recipes, you can have a great time experimenting while taking all the right steps.

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