How to Get a Great Lawn | 8 Easy Tips to get that Dreamy Grass at Home

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A healthy and beautiful lawn doesn’t happen overnight. It takes days of hard work and the owner’s determination to grow a nice lawn in the garden.

Everybody deserves some greenery around their house, and there is no better way to get that than growing your own lovely garden.

The lawn season is going to hit soon after this fall. You won’t get another opportunity like this to get a great lawn in your backyard without waiting for the next year.

That’s why we are here with our 8 easy hacks that will help you get that dreamy grass in your backyard.

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Get to Know the Fundamental Things About Growing a Healthy Lawn

For taking care of your grass on a regular basis, you need to perform some tasks. Tasks like trimming your grasses, using fertilizer, watering, cleaning out the weeds and moss, need time and consistency.

If you don’t have enough time to take care of your grass, then hire a professional for a while. The initial stage of growing a healthy garden requires a little attention, and once the grasses develop a strong root, they don’t need much watering.

You will know when your grasses are in need of water because they begin to look dull after a few days. You must water the grass early in the morning before the sun starts to pour its full-on heat into your garden.

But if you are on a tight budget and can’t afford to hire a professional gardener, then you can certainly use the technology to maintain a great lawn. To make the watering easy, there are various water computers available. You can also use timers, sprinklers, etc., to grow beautiful grasses in your garden.


Provide Enough Oxygen to Your Lawn

Soil compaction can happen due to many reasons, including mowing. Compacted soil needs more oxygen supply as its drainage system and nutrients absorption become poor.

Moreover, when the soil is compacted, it attracts more worms and organisms which is harmful to your grass’s health.

Hence, if you want to grow a healthy garden, you should aerate your lawn every year. This means you need to punch holes in your garden.

The holes need to be at least 3 inches deep. This will give your grasses proper nutrition by providing better air circulation.

Aerate your soil also helps in building micro-organisms that destroy new thatch in your soil.

You can use a handheld aerating tool to aerate your soil or buy a new machine to do that. But we suggest you go with the first choice as aerating your lawn once a year is enough for healthy grass growth.


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Don’t Water Frequently, and Do it Properly

You may think that turning your water sprinkler on and leaving it for 5 minutes thrice a week will do that job. But it does not work that way.

If you want to grow a healthy garden, which will look wonderful also, water it less often.

But when you water, make sure to water the grasses perfectly so that they stay green for a long period of time even in the extreme summer heat.


Use Natural Fertilizers Only

Avoid using synthetic lawn fertilizers because they are not good for your grass. Moreover, natural weed fertilizers are eco-friendly; they won’t harm your pets (cats, dogs eat grass when they feel unwell).

Also, a study shows that natural fertilizers make your grasses greener than those made of chemicals. The more natural the fertilizer is, the greener you can expect your grass to be.


Leave the Grass Clippings

While mowing, they leave grass clippings in your garden. Just leave your grass clippings on the lawn and don’t throw them away because they decompose the soil and also return the natural nutrients that are needed.

Grass-clipping improves your lawn quality as it helps your field to retain more water. Moreover, it saves a lot of time that you used to spend on taking care of your grass. If you can’t do grass-cycling, then try to purchase a reel mower that will do most of the work for you.


Mow at the Proper Length

Your glasses need to be taller, and the taller the grass is, the stronger its root tends to be. Therefore, don’t cut down below it’s recommended height.

Different grass species need different types of heights to become resilient. Also, the height of your lawn depends on the location, the soil condition, and so on.

To know better about it, contact your county extension office and ask for mowing height recommendations.


Learn to Mow a Lawn The Right Way

First, determine how short or long you want your lawn to be then, follow these steps mow the lawn in the right way.

  • Try to sharpen the mower blades after every mowing and make sure that your blade is not dull. Dull blades won’t cut the grass, and they only tear your grass which damages the growth.
  • Try to mow when your grasses are dry because while wet, it won’t promote an even cut.
  • When you are mowing your grasses at an even height, make sure to overlap each one by some inches and make sure that the tall grasses are not staying in the middle of the field.
  • Always try to apply different mowing methods to your lawn to avoid making ruts with your mower’s wheels. Moreover, when you apply different patterns to your grasses, it helps the lawn grow more standard. It will also prevent the grass from leaning in the only direction you mow.


Decorate Your Lawn on the Edge

If you want your lawn to look some extra clean and classy, try to edge it along your driveway or sidewalk. You can do it with a power edger or a small manual lawn mower which you can turn to the side manually.

If you use a power edger, you can use the blades to line up and down to the lawn. However, make sure that the blades are straight and away from your concretes; otherwise, the concrete will be damaged from the contact.

If you have enough muscle strength, you can use manual edgers to shape the lawn. It will give your lawn a half-moon shape something you would get from a shovel. When you use an edger on your lawn, it gives a bed-look to your overall lawn and makes it look nicer.


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Make Your Grass Greener

Sometimes your grasses look browner than greener that is because of the thatches. Dethatching will help you make your grasses greener again; however, examine your lawn properly to know if it needs dethatching.

If there is a brownish-grey cover on your grassroots that can be seen over the soil, then you must de-thatch it. Also, if the brownish-grey cover is thick by an inch, then dethatching can help.

If your grasses are small, then try to use a manual thatch rake that has sharp lines that would help you collect the thatch. Purchase a power dethatcher to dethatch your large lawns and get rid of the debris.

Feed your grasses water and fertilizers with a rhythmic pattern so that it grows greener and looks fresh. After a certain time of taking care of your lawn like this, you will find it becoming healthier than ever.

You don’t even have to get a professional’s assistance to do this if you have the right and ideal tools for dethatching your lawn.

All these tips will certainly help you get a great lawn if you are consistent enough about your garden.

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