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For a long time, Gorilla Grow Tent Review has been one of the wanted product online.

Because the tent is adjustable with the chosen length and the benefits of the durable material, it brings to the user and your plant.

Gorilla Grow Tent id from durable fabric battles changes in the environment and protects plant inside the tent. With the double yields features, you can adjust the height of the lens base on your preference.

The tent is the best solution for buyers that want to get the durable quality of Gorilla but at an affordable price.

Best grow tent - Gorilla Grow Tent



Gorilla Grow Tents Review

Gorilla Grow TentThe height of Gorilla Grow Tent has adjustable poles and allow you to extend the high of your tent up to 7 to 8 feet.

From the material present in most of Gorilla Grow Tent Review, you can see all of it to product durability of the Gorilla Grow Tent.

Some buyers want to have a tent that can fit different size of the plant inside with the adjustable feature of Gorilla Grow Tent you can guarantee that plant has a place.

This Tents professionally made with the durable material and designed grow tent ideally for experts and beginners.

There is no need to disturb the environment of the plant by entering the tent; there is a window that you can take a snapshot of your plant.

One of the requirements of the best grow tent is the access and the security that it offers to the plant, with Gorilla Grow Tents you can lock and unlock the tent with the 360 degrees zip door features.


Gorilla Indoor Grow Tent Overview

GGT has the dimension of 79X48X24 inches and the height can adjust based on the need of the owner. With the weight of 25 pounds, the tent cannot easily disturb by a strong wind.

There is no need to worry about the quality of material or canvas, the manufacturer of Gorilla Grow Tent make sure that it can provide safe and secure protection for your plants with the changing environment.

When it comes to the quality of the steel that serves as the frame of the Gorilla Grow Tent, it made in a LITE LINE that unitizes all steel and interlocks for best security and tightness of the joint composing the tent.

For the quality of the zip door of the tent, the product has the secure and tight zip, which will not get a damage over a long period. The warranty of the product can last in one to five years warranty if you spot the best deal on the market.



Pros & Cons of Gorilla Grow Tent

  • Pros

Here are the pros of the tent and most of it is approved by the clients that experience the quality and services of Gorilla Grow Tent.

Based on the account of people that use Gorilla Grow Tents, most of them say that it is the best quality and sturdy.

The tent can hold decent weight and you can hang plant inside the tent.

Others say that they are satisfied with the size and the price of the tent and they prove the convenience it brings.

With the adjustable features of the tent, they can store higher plant that needs protection for the environment. You do not need to have a garden when you have the Gorilla Grow Tent.

  • Cons

Even though that many find the benefits of Gorilla Grow Tent, there are some sides of the Gorilla Grow Tent Review, which serves as cons. Here are the cons I found out about the product.

Gorilla Grow Tent is too hard to assemble and quite not satisfying. Base on the count of one of the user, it is better than the tent has a light illuminator inside so that it can see easily the inside of the tent.

Some say that they use a blower to fulfill the extension of the height of the tent.

There is also a comment about the zipper of the door that really does not have a tight closure for the passage.

Most of the users say there is a limit to the plant they can place inside the tent.



Others Gorilla Grow Tent Sizes and Options

DimensionsWeight (lb)DensityDoorsDucting PortsElectrical Ports
GGT 2' x 2.5'291680152
GGT 2' x 4'371680152
GGT 3' x 3'401680152
GGT 4' x 4'501680143
GGT 5' x 5'661680343
GGT 4' x 8'881680385
GGT 5' x 9'1011680385
GGT 8' x 8'13916803126
GGT 9' x 9'15516803126
GGT 10' x 10'17716803126
GGT 8' x 16'217168061614
GGT 10' x 20'308168061614


Gorilla Lite Line Sizes and Specifications

DimensionsWeight (lb)DensityDoorsDucting PortsElectrical Ports
GGT Lite Line 2' x 2.5'19210151
GGT Lite Line 2' x 4'25210152
GGT Lite Line 4' x 4'30210162
GGt Lite Line 4' x 8'49210374
GGt Lite Line 8' x 8'77210394


GGT Shorty Line Sizes and Specifications

DimensionWeight (lb)DensityDoorsDucting PortsElectrical Ports
GGT Shorty 2' x 2.5' 9"261680152
GGT Shorty 2' x 4' x 9"31.51680152
GGT Shorty 3' x 3' x 9"32.51680152
GGT Shorty 4' x 4' x 9"41.51680143
GGT Shorty 5' x 5' x 9"531680343
GGT Shorty 4' x 8' x 9"691680385


Introduction of the Gorilla Grow Tent


Last Thoughts about the Gorilla Grow Tent

As of the summarization of this Gorilla Grow Tent Review, it said to bring the best quality of taking care of the plant.

The best features are the durability of the product. even there are many not so good comments, it gives a lot of benefits to planting loves.


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