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Gorilla Grow Tents Review | Top Quality and Reliable Grow Tent


gorilla grow tents

If you want to invest in one of the highest quality grow tents to grow your favorite plants, then the Gorilla Grow Tent is right up your alley.

The brand ranks amongst the top-rated grow tent companies, offering their customers the most durable and thickest tents in the market.


Gorilla: the Tallest, Thickest, and Strongest Grow Tents

Headquartered in San Francisco, the US, Gorilla Grow Tent was founded by a team of growers in 2011 to revolutionize indoor gardening. They aimed to create a safe, odor-proof, well-ventilated, insulated, long-lasting, and innovative indoor grow tent to help both beginners and expert growers.

Hence, it is not surprising that they named their brand, Gorilla, to represent the strength, reliability, and durability of their products. Their extensive product line includes the original Gorilla Grow Tents, a Lite Line, Shorty Line, and various extension kits.

To help you out, we have reviewed some of their top-rated products in the following article.


The Original Gorilla Grow Tent GGT

Gorilla grow tent original

There is nothing better than the original Gorilla Grow Tent line when it comes to construction and durability. All of their tents have a 1680D thick fabric wall and a durable stainless steel frame. As a result, the tents are almost nine times denser and two to five times stronger than other tents in the market.

Along with this, Gorilla uses Diamond Reflective Technology on its interior walls, reflecting up to 30% more lumen to the plants. They also feature a height adjusting roof, commercial-grade zippers, heavy-duty spill trays, and an IR-blocking roof to maintain an optimum environment.

Besides this, you get EZ view windows to keep an eye on your plants without unzipping the large 360-degrees doorway. Instead, you can use the rear access door to adjust your settings without compromising the inside.

As for the ports, the Gorilla Grow Tent includes various double-cinched ducting ports and electrical ports for your ease.

You can find the Original GGT Line in multiple dimensions, ranging from 2’ x 2.5’ to 10’ x 20’.



DimensionsWeight (lb)DensityDoorsDucting PortsElectrical Ports
GGT 2' x 2.5'291680152
GGT 2' x 4'371680152
GGT 3' x 3'401680152
GGT 4' x 4'501680143
GGT 5' x 5'661680343
GGT 4' x 8'881680385
GGT 5' x 9'1011680385
GGT 8' x 8'13916803126
GGT 9' x 9'15516803126
GGT 10' x 10'17716803126
GGT 8' x 16'217168061614
GGT 10' x 20'308168061614


Gorilla Grow Tent Lite Line – GGTLT

gorilla grow tent lite line

If you want to invest in an affordable Gorilla Grow Tent without compromising the quality, then the Lite Line will be perfect. They are almost 30% cheaper than the original tents due to a few critical changes in their wall density and durability.

Instead of using a 1680D fabric in their walls, the Lite Line features 210D thick fabric material. However, the low-density fabric does not translate into a low-quality product. The tents use PVE binding method on the exterior canvas and the Diamond reflective interior sheet to give you strong and sturdy walls.

Apart from this, the grow tents feature the same 100% steel frame, flood protection pool, EZ View windows, double-cinched leak-proof ports, mesh pre-filters, and the 360-degrees access door. Although they also have a height-adjustable roof, you will have to purchase the extension kit separately.



DimensionsWeight (lb)DensityDoorsDucting PortsElectrical Ports
GGT Lite Line 2' x 2.5'19210151
GGT Lite Line 2' x 4'25210152
GGT Lite Line 4' x 4'30210162
GGt Lite Line 4' x 8'49210374
GGt Lite Line 8' x 8'77210394


Gorilla Grow Tent Shorty Series – GGTSH

gorilla grow tent shorty series

As the name suggests, the Shorty Line offers all the Original GGT Line features, except for its height.

While the GGT has a 5’11” height without an extension, the Shorty Line maxes out at 4’11” without a kit. Hence, these tents are suitable for people with a small room or those who do not need extra vertical space for their plants.

Additionally, Gorilla has even added a nine-inch extension for the roof, making the roof 5’8” in total. Here, you can use the grow tent for growing plants less than two feet in height or plant saplings in an optimum environment.

You can find the Shorty Tents in various dimensions, from 2’ x 2.5’ to 4’ x 8’.



DimensionWeight (lb)DensityDoorsDucting PortsElectrical Ports
GGT Shorty 2' x 2.5' 9"261680152
GGT Shorty 2' x 4' x 9"31.51680152
GGT Shorty 3' x 3' x 9"32.51680152
GGT Shorty 4' x 4' x 9"41.51680143
GGT Shorty 5' x 5' x 9"531680343
GGT Shorty 4' x 8' x 9"691680385


Gorilla Extension Kits

While all the Gorilla Grow Tents except the Shorty Line include an extension kit already, you can purchase an additional 2’ Extension Kit to boost the height of your grow tent.

Constructed from the same material as the rest of grow tents, the extension kits can significantly improve your yield. They give your plants more room to grow and create stable temperatures by allowing the heat to rise.

Moreover, you can even keep your plants on tables inside the grow tent to save yourself from backaches from bending down.



Gorilla SuperRoom – Smart Grow Tent Kit

super room smart 5X5 grow tent kit

The SuperRoom is a complete grow tent kit that includes a 1680D, 5’ x 5’ x 7”11’ grow tent, premium carbon filters, and various internal fans for air circulation. Here, you have the option to choose from three different grow mediums, including a super-flow hydroponic, a bubble flow system, or nine soil pots.

Besides this, the kit comes with Kind LED XL750 or XL1000 lights, a trellis system, TDS for checking water and nutrients, a digital thermometer, and even a Wi-Fi GrowCam. Along with this, the brand has added a pH Control Kit, a GFCI shock buster, and a nutrient kit to start you off.

What’s more, you can connect your grow tent to their app on your phone and schedule light and watering schedules too.



Gorilla SuperRoom Dryer Tent Kit

4X4 super room dryer

The SuperRoom Dryer Tent Kit is another one-in-all package with everything you need for indoor gardening.

In this kit, you get the Gorilla 1680D thick 4’ x 4’ x 6’11” Grow Tent with a one-inch extension kit, and a GGT Hanging Rack to help you dry out your produce after the harvest. You can either attach your plant directly to the 42-inch crossbars or use the included clothing hangers.

In addition to this, the dryer tent kit offers you a trim tray to separate the pollen, a curved blade pruner for precise, razor-sharp trimming, and a Boveda Humidity Pack for curing your herbs.

Besides this, you also get carbon filters, inline fans, internal circulation fans, a hygrometer, an industrial-grade power strip, and even a GFCI Shock Buster for safety.



gorilla grow tents review


Final Thoughts about Gorilla Grow Tents

Whether you are a beginner or an expert gardener, the Gorilla Tent Kit will give you optimum yield every time. Their tents are robust, reliable, durable, and include some of the most sought-after features to help you grow your plant with ease.

Not only can you extend the height of all the grow tents, but they also come in various dimensions to help you find the best one for your indoor grow room.

Overall, the brand gives you three different product lines and various accessories for your grow tent. Make sure to read the article thoroughly to learn about all the differences between these product lines before making a final decision.


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