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Gorilla OG Strain | What Does it Make the User Feel?

This is strictly an informational and educational article about what is the Gorilla OG Strain?

How is it grown? What are its uses? What does it make the user feel? And are there any flavors of it?


Gorilla OG Strain


Gorilla OG Indica Dominant Strain

There are two theories about this Indica dominant marijuana strain and how it came into being in the first place.

The first theory says that the breeders of this strain are not known to this day and that it was made from a mix of OG Cookies and Mango Kush. Mango kush may explain why some people say it has the flavor of mango too.

But the second theory says that it was created by the people at Dr. Underground. And that its parents are the Gorilla Glue number 4 and Tahoe Kush.

Regardless of its history of how it was born and who are its parents, one thing is for certain that it is a rare strain of marijuana.

It is also hard to come across and is not recommended for new smokers and is more suitable to consume at night.


Cannabinoids With the Gorilla OG:

Cannabinoids are the real deal that defines the quality of a strain of cannabis. These are written down below:

It has a THC of 24 which makes it a very potent drug too. Though the CBD within is about 0.4%. CBC is about 1.45%. THCV at about 1.37%, CBN at about 0.3%, and last but definitely not the least, the CBG at about 1.06%.


The Appearance:

It has nugs that are round and they have a green tone that is rather dust-like. The hairs that it has are almost clear and have a lot of resin inside of them.


How Is the Gorilla OG Strain Grown?

When it is ready for harvest after being grown for nine weeks straight (that is about 77 days), you will see that the leaves are dark with buds that are covered with trichomes.

Sometimes you will see that the buds have appeared in about seven to eight weeks. But it is better to let it grow for longer to get even more resin from it.


Gorilla OG


Growing Information:

Following are the general details and characteristics that one would be interested in knowing if he or she is interested in growing the Gorilla OG by themselves.


Time to Flower:

It will usually take about anywhere between sixty to sixty-eight days for the Gorilla OG strain to flower, so you need to be patient.


Time to Harvest the Gorilla OG Strain:

This time period is usually about 77 days in total. So you have to keep watering it and keep it in the sunlight, forget about seeing any results before 80 days if you want the maximum output.


Indoor Yield:

The yield you can expect from this indica dominant strain is about two ounces per square foot. That roughly will translate to about four hundred grams per square meter.


Outdoor Yield:

The outdoor yield is slightly higher than the indoor one. So, if you are a real hardcore smoker who is looking to maximize his or her resin produce, it is probably a good idea to grow it outside.

This yield is about three ounces per square foot. This will roughly mean about five hundred and fifty grams per square meter.


Indoor and Outdoor Height:

The height stays the same whether the Gorilla OG strain is grown outdoors or indoors. The height can be anywhere between 30 to 60 centimeters.


Difficulty Level of Growing the Gorilla OG Strain:

Most people claim that the level of difficulty while growing this type of cannabis is moderate.

But there is potential that it can be hard to grow depending on the climate conditions.


Type of Flowers:

The flowers of the Gorilla OG strains are of the photoperiod type.


Who Can Use the Gorilla OG Strain?

Usually, it is used by people who are suffering from or are experiencing:

  • Depression.
  • Insomnia.
  • Migraine attacks.

Though we would strongly recommend that you consult with a legitimate medical professional before going to use it or if you are trying to change this strain with some other strain.


And What Exactly Are Its Effects?

Multiple experts and connoisseurs have reported the multiple effects it can have, such as:

  • Giggly.
  • Uplifted and;
  • Hungry.


Though other people say that it may make you feel:

  • Sleepy.
  • Tingly and
  • Relaxed.


Gorilla OG bud


Does the Gorilla OG Strain Have Any Side-Effects?

Yes, as a matter of fact, it does have side effects. Ask Growers says that people who have consumed the Gorilla OG strain have experienced quite a lot, including:

  • Dizziness (which is claimed by 70% of people).
  • Headaches (which is claimed by 67% of people) and;
  • Thirst (which is claimed by 55% of people).


And What About the Flavors?

So far numerous types of flavors have been reported by people who have consumed the Gorilla OG strain. These include:

  • Mint.
  • Diesel.
  • Grape.
  • Honey.
  • Earth-like.
  • Chestnut.


So, Is The Gorilla OG Strain Worth It?

Well yes, it is but mostly for those people who are experienced in both growing and smoking.

The ideal time for it to be smoked is nighttime and it can taste anywhere from diesel to honey and even chestnut, making it a very exotic plant.

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