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Greek Kalamata Red

greek kalamata red strain
  • THC 12-20% 12-20%
  • CBD -% -%
  • Sativa 100% 100%
  • Indica -% -%
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Greek Kalamata Red strain is an exclusively Sativa marijuana strain with old-school genetics. This strain’s flowers grow in the summer’s scorching hot days and thrive in rich organic soil.

Due to elite growing practices, this strain is amongst the best high-quality Sativa herbs. It is a mixture of African and East Asian landrace Sativa.

This spectacular strain has THC content ranging from 12 to 20%. But it produces a potent high. Therefore, people prone to panic and anxiety should consume this strain cautiously, as it can overwhelm them.

The buds appear to be like most Sativa flowers in physical structure. They are medium to large with long spindles.

The buds also feature thin leaves which twist outwards from the central stems. This gives the bud an extremely fluffy texture. Greek Kalamata Red also has dark green mossy leaves with orange and red pistils.



Greek Kalamata Red produces euphoria and energetic bouts right after the first joint. This daytime Sativa strain also has potent effects as it makes your body feel lighter and promotes relaxedness.

This strain also hits the user with strong pressure on the forehead. If you smoke this strain and try to stand up, you may find yourself dizzy and disoriented. But further smoking the strain produces trippy effects and alters perception.


May Relieve

  • Helps symptoms of attention deficit disorders
  • Treats moderate anxiety and stress
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Soothes irritations
  • Treats headaches
  • Helps with nausea



Greek Kalamata Red has a high terpene profile, due to which it has a lingering flavor that stays in your mouth for hours. In addition, it has notes of lemon, honey, and wood.



Kalamata gives off a pleasant aroma of pine, lemon, and honey. If the buds are properly cured, they also have notes of mint. If you grind and burn the nugs, they will give off an earthy scent.


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