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Is it Better to Grow Your Own Weed or to Buy it Legally?

grow your own weed

As the laws keep changing the popularity of weed and cannabis products is growing. Many use cannabis recreationally and others for medical purposes.

Whatever the reason is that you choose to use cannabis or products derived from it there are questions you will probably ask yourself.

There are numerous grounds for cultivating your own weed. There are also many more that you should consider buying from a dispensary.

Here are the arguments and reasons for both sides.


The Price

The first thing most people will consider is the price. No doubt as a weed user, you are going to consider how much money you spend each month on cannabis.

If you are spending a lot buying cannabis then growing your own may well be worth considering.

At the start, your wallet will get hit though. Whether it is worth your time to grow will definitely depend on your monthly spending.

If you are spending hundreds of dollars then you can recoup this over time.


How do you Begin Growing?

This is when your cash will initially disappear. You need quality seeds which can be expensive, you will also need the right equipment and conditions.

Knowing how to choose the best lights for growing weed and how to pick other pieces of kit will help. You will have to acquire knowledge on how to tend to your new plants.

Many websites can help you learn to grow weed and how to look after your plants, and soil for cannabis, and add nutrients when needed. You may well find you enjoy being a grower too.

To be fair, while you are on the net you could just buy weed online. Before you make your choice look below for the pros and cons of buying or growing.


The Legalities

This is an area no stoner or grower takes any fun from but it is necessary to know the law.

If you want to grow your own weed then you have to check whether it is possible to do so and what your state’s marijuana laws are.

You may find that you are allowed to grow for recreational and medical use, medical use only, or not growing at all.

You must look into these laws before even considering growing your own weed.


What other Benefits are there of Growing your Own Weed?

Growing your own weed means avoiding dealers and making dodgy deals. It means you are in complete control over how your own plants grow and you can take pleasure in their growth.

It is very possible you will end up with a new hobby. Some people believe you get a better taste and high from your own product too.

You could potentially make money from retailing your weed if you are licensed and legal of course.

Also, by proving you have the skills to grow quality crops and different strains you could end up being employed in the legal marijuana industry. This means your hobby and passion could lean to gainful employment.


What are the Downsides to Growing your own Weed?

As already mentioned, you will have to invest some money into your new hobby or growing scheme.

There are no promises that you will make this money back either.

Of course, buying the right equipment, grow tents, and learning about pH levels can help but it is easy to ruin a crop when you are starting out, and then you are back to square one.

There are some other areas to consider too:


Nosey Neighbors

Even if you are growing legally in a state or region that allows it you still run the risk of upsetting neighbors.

Perhaps they disapprove, and they could cause problems with the building’s owner.

You can of course avoid this issue if you use a stealth grow box but there are problems you can have even with good neighbors.

The smell from the plants can invade your next-door-neighbors homes and cause issues between you. You will need to use carbon filters to reduce the smell and also be safe with your use of electrical points.

Don’t go overboard and cause accidents by plugging in too many devices.


Not Being Subtle about Growing

Another reason to buy your own weed is that it can be hard to hide that you are growing weed.

Many people post pictures of their plants, or a friend takes a snap without you knowing, and uploads it to the net.

Some just carelessly allow their plants to be seen through the windows. This can lead to an angry landlord or even someone deciding to steal your crop after you advertised it.


buy weed legally


Reasons you Should use a Dispensary

Firstly it is safe and legal. Buying from the streets means you have no inkling of what you might end up smoking.

The stuff on the streets can be bulked up and will not be looked after in the same way it would be from a legal source.

You could go to a cannabis dispensary to make your purchase knowing you will get what you want.


There are Plenty of Choices in Legal Stores

A dispensary will have a variety of strains for you to choose from. If you want to grow at home of course you can experiment but buying from the street will lead to you taking home whatever you can find.

There are also other choices in a dispensary.


CBD Products are also Available

You can have a much more relaxed time visiting a dispensary for your purchase. You don’t need to trouble yourself about nutrients in your soil or buy any equipment.

While you browse you can ask the staff questions about anything that is unclear or new to you.

You can also explore other CBD products instead of just weed, such as gummies or body lotions. Some of these products can help with pain relief and anxiety.



There are definitely benefits on both sides of the argument. For some growing, their own weed is a hobby and a pastime, even though the result is important.

For others visiting a dispensary allows a simple, safe transaction that doesn’t involve any complications, investments, or growing knowledge.

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