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Reasons Why Your Grow Room Should Start Using Solar Panels

grow room with solar panel

For people who are living in areas that are too cold or too warm, the number of months required to cultivate plants might become a problem.

Since the duration for cultivation and harvest has a span of at least three months, planting marijuana and then experiencing heavy rains a month after will make your effort useless.

Fortunately, grow rooms are now available to make this process easier.

A grow room is an interior space or area that is designed for indoor gardening, specifically for cultivating and growing marijuana.

A grow room is equipped with several types of equipment to mimic the environment outdoors. Once used correctly, a grow room can ensure the quality and longevity of your plants regardless of weather conditions.

If you’re interested to invest in a grow room, opt for solar panel installation services. These solar panels can make your life as a grower convenient because of the following reasons:


Lesser Impact On The Environment

Marijuana plants require several nutrients for their growth. These plants need air, water, and the best soil. Micronutrients such as zinc are also vital as it boosts the development of the plant’s branches and leaves. As your marijuana plants mature, their zinc requirements also increase.

All of the resources mentioned are provided by the environment. However, because of deforestation, pollution, and overconsumption, these resources might soon become scarce. Using alternatives made from chemicals might help, but the quality of your marijuana plants will be different. This can become a problem, especially if you’re growing marijuana for business. It’ll be hard to gain and retain customers if your products are full of chemicals and pesticides.

By using solar panels from reputable brands such as 93Energy, you’ll play a significant role in the preservation and protection of the environment. Unlike other energy sources, solar panels have a less negative impact on the environment.

For one, solar panels don’t emit greenhouse gases. These gases are dangerous to the environment as it contributes to global warming. Solar panels also keep bodies of water safety as they don’t produce and deposit pollution into the sea. This feature will enable you to use solar panels for your grow room without worrying about the waste it makes and how these can harm the environment and the natural habitat of animals.

When it comes to the maintenance of solar panels, you won’t have to worry either because it uses a minimal amount of water. Solar panels don’t contribute to noise pollution, ensuring the safety of nearby humans and organisms.


Dependable Source of Renewable Energy

You can always choose to use electricity to power your grow room. The moment your grow room is built, you can connect the structure to the same electrical power used in your home. This option might be convenient, but this doesn’t guarantee that your plants will thrive for months.

Moreover, keep in mind that any city or country in the world can experience a power outage. There are several reasons why a power outage occurs, but it usually happens because of a fault in its distribution system. Generally, a power outage isn’t a cause for concern, especially if repairs are made to restore power. However, if a power outage lasts for days, it’ll be challenging for your plants to grow indoors. Natural phenomena such as floods and earthquakes can also cause a power outage, and repairing damaged electrical posts will require time.

Since the devices used in your grow room are dependent on electricity, you can’t use any of them without this supply. Aside from making these devices useless, extended periods of a power outage can adversely affect the lifespan and quality of your marijuana plants.

When you use solar panels, you don’t have to worry about a power outage. This device can produce renewable energy, which means that it only requires the sun to function. As long as the sun shines, solar panels can continually provide electricity to your grow room and several other devices as well.

Solar panels can also store renewable energy. The electricity produced during the day will be stored and utilized at night. As long as you’re able to produce and store a sufficient amount of electricity, you won’t have to worry about a power outage going on for days.


solar panel for grow room


Lesser Energy Bills

From cultivation to harvesting, growing marijuana indoors will require time. As mentioned, it’ll take at least three months for you to harvest and use marijuana. Throughout this period, the use of electrical devices is necessary. Rotating fans, carbon filters, and a thermo-hygrometer are just some of the devices you’ll need for your grow room.

To ensure the longevity of your plants without compromising your finances, investing in solar panels can help. Let’s first take a look at how they work:

  • Solar panels are usually made from silicon. These panels are designed with a negative and positive layer in order to create an electric field. This material makes the panel sensitive to energy sources.
  • The solar cells from the panels will absorb any incoming energy from the sun’s rays. Silicon is a semiconductor material, which is why it can easily absorb energy that is naturally produced by sunlight.
  • This energy will excite the electrons inside the silicon cell, causing the electrons to flow gradually. This process can generate an electric current.
  • The wirings of your solar panels will collect the electrical current and combine it with other power sources from different solar cells. Through these wirings, renewable energy is supplied and circulated within your grow room.

Because your solar panels aren’t dependent on electricity, using these devices can lead to lesser energy bills. This is one of the biggest reasons why solar panels are smart investments, especially for marijuana growers who cultivate plants in large quantities.

Solar panels might be expensive, but because of the amount of money you can save in the long run, your one-time purchase will surely go a long way. It’s a cost-effective investment that will provide value for your money!


Offers Versatility

Solar panels are innovative devices that are designed to satisfy the desire for convenience and efficacy in growing marijuana. They are constructed by incorporating several high-tech materials and processes in order to meet the demands of their users.

However, just because solar panels are state-of-the-art devices doesn’t mean they can only be used in specific areas or dimensions. On the contrary, solar panels are gaining popularity today as they can be used almost anywhere.

Regardless of whether your grow tent has a horizontal or vertical structure, you can still use solar panels. These devices are highly flexible and modular and can be utilized in both large- and small-scale marijuana cultivation. You can install these panels on your roof, walls, and even on the field adjacent to your grow room.

Solar panels can also facilitate the increasing number of marijuana plants. Installing small-scale solar panels can still be expanded when needed. This means that even if you have already invested in small-scale solar panels if your grow room expands, you can always choose to increase the size and functionality of your solar panels.


Make Careful Decisions

Buying solar panels is a cost-effective investment. But before you buy one, it’s best if you ask for recommendations and checks the warranty offered by the manufacturer. The panel certifications and inverter efficiency should also be considered as well.

Aside from the costs involved, the solar panels you’ll end up buying can also affect the growth and quality of your marijuana plants. Take your time choosing solar panels so you can maximize your investment!

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