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Growing Weed Like a Boss? Make your Weed come True.

growing weed like a boss

If you’re one of those people who are truly passionate about growing marijuana, or you want to start growing it like a real pro, read on.

The 2022 season is here! It’s time to find out all about the new range of strains and fresh genetics with amazing flavours, high THC levels, excellent cannabinoids, and incredible yields. As you can see, the new growing season is looking promising, and by following a few tips you’ll achieve the best harvest ever.

What’s more, in our catalogue you’ll find high quality feminised and autoflowering seeds, particularly exceptional varieties like Royal Runtz, offspring of two of the most potent strains in the world and considered a premium seed. Are you ready for this?


Tips for growing marijuana like a pro

But first we’ve got some to set you on the road to becoming a real pro, in charge of your plantation. Here you have some advice, based on our own broad experience:

  • It’s essential to always choose top-quality seeds. Remember that the results you get will always reflect the quality of those seeds.
  • Patience, a lot of it: don’t try to rush the germination of the seeds. Any untimely manipulation of a seed when it’s in the middle of the germination process can be disastrous. Fresh seeds usually take between 24 and 72 hours to germinate, although some varieties may need more than a week.
  • Always water according to the plants’ needs, without either waterlogging the soil or letting it dry out.
  • Using a quality substrate is the key to the development of strong roots that can easily assimilate nutrients from the best soil for weed.
  • Always use special fertilisers for cannabis cultivation.
  • Beware of light pollution during the nighttime photoperiod.


How to Grow Marijuana at Home

Like any other plant, marijuana requires some basic care in order to grow and obtain mature and healthy specimens. The objective is to get a good quantity of fragrant buds.

Therefore, just by following these simple steps we’ll be able to grow successfully marijuana at home.

We recommend that you inform yourself properly before starting with the new range of seed varieties.


Does grow inside or outside?

This is one of the first questions to be considered when growing marijuana at home.

It’s much better if you’re fortunate enough to have a terrace, balcony or garden to grow it on, since your plants will be able to enjoy the sun and you’ll only have to worry about the humidity and fertilizers, but don’t worry if that’s not the case.

Cannabis also grows well inside, with the advantage that it’s much more discreet.

Although you have to work a little harder, the result can be equally as good. In order to grow marijuana inside you’ll need to prepare a grow room where you can reproduce the most favourable conditions so the cannabis develops and progresses adequately.

In this room you’ll have to recreate the most suitable conditions of humidity, temperature, light and fresh air, in addition to having quality carbon filters so the extractor has the necessary capacity to expel the odour.


Make your own weed a reality


Other factors to take into account when growing cannabis inside

Other elements we need to consider when growing marijuana are light, water, fresh air and fertilizers. It needs to be taken into account that cannabis plants are native to tropical and subtropical areas, with its natural conditions being warm temperatures and humidity between 40 and 60%.

  • Light. Light is vital for all plants, since one of its main functions, photosynthesis, depends on this. Both natural and artificial light will provide a basic element to get nutrients and so that buds grow and develop plentifully. Light exposure must follow the plant’s development stage, which means it will vary depending on whether we’re in the vegetative or flowering stage. Indoors, we rely on advanced lighting systems, LED or HID lights.
  • Water. Another vital element for any living organism is water. It’s essential to stick to the watering frequency recommended by expert growers and the recommendations depending on the seed, growth method, climate and plant size.
  • Fertilizers. Fertilizers should contain nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, basic elements for the growth and development of cannabis plants. You can choose between synthetic and organic fertilizers.
  • Fresh air. How do we get fresh air for our indoor plants? By choosing a location which allows the outside air to circulate adequately for our plants, meaning both oxygen and carbon dioxide reach them.


Make your own weed a reality with new 2022 varieties!

At RQS we have one of the best cannabis seed catalogues in Europe to offer you. High quality seeds from organically grown plants that are selected with great care. And many of our feminised and autoflowering cannabis seeds have won awards.

Among the most outstanding seeds in our selection are Northern Light, Shining Silver Haze, OG Kush, White Widow and Skunk #1 and Royal Runtz. A strain that offers top quality marijuana for all tastes.

Royal Runtz is a truly extraordinary strain, because of its potency which comes from the high levels of THC it contains. A variety that descends from legendary strains like Gelato and Zkittlez, both loaded with THC. After breeding them together and selecting the best phenotypes from each cross, our team of breeders have achieved a perfectly balanced strain with 50% sativa and 50% indica genetics.

If you’re looking for great aroma and taste, and you want to grow marijuana like a real pro, be sure to include Royal Runtz on your list of seeds for planting. You’ll be amazed by the sweetness and fruity flavour, as well as the burst of creative energy you’ll get right from the first drag.

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