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Having Sex While High on Weed | Everything to Know about

sex while high
Smoking weed is not only becoming more legal, but it’s also much more tolerated as compared to the past. There’s no doubt that smoking weed makes things like eating food or listening to music more enjoyable. But did you know that having sex while high is also super fun?

A New York University study shows that marijuana users felt more attractive when engaging in stoned sex. Smoking marijuana may also help calm down nerves, which may help improve sexual performance as well. Compared to drunk sex, which is mainly linked to high-risk behavior, sex while stoned is the way to go.

In this article, we will talk about stoned sex and all that there is to know about it.


How is Sex While Stoned?

Not only can having sex while high on weed make you feel sexier, but it can intensify sexual sensations as well. One of the benefits of making love while high is that rather than rushing it, you’ll probably want to savor it.

Foreplay is fun, but let’s be honest, it’s sometimes ignored when you’re caught in the heat of the moment.

But while you’re high, you might find yourself taking your sweet time, which isn’t a bad thing! Foreplay feels much more intense while high. So whether it’s you going down on your partner or just a passionate make-out session, you’ll definitely be feeling sexy.

Overall, sex when high is super enjoyable and can also intensify pleasure throughout you and your partner’s body.


Some Pros Like More Intense Orgasms

One of the pros of having sex while buzzed is that you may last longer in bed. This can help you build up to an intense orgasm and give you and your partner the opportunity to explore. It will also help you avoid those moments where you orgasm minutes after sticking it in.

After-sex cuddles also feel really amazing not to mention the strong emotional feelings that come with smoking marijuana.

Another great thing about stoned sex is that you are more likely to feel relaxed. Sex life with a new partner can often make one feel nervous. It can make questions like “am I performing well?” pop into your head.

But if you take a few bong hits or smoke a joint with your partner before getting down and dirty, you’ll find yourself much more relaxed.​


having sex while high


Cons of Sex When High

Of course, there are also a few cons to drinking and getting sex while you’re high. Most people who smoke marijuana know that it dries out your mouth. Unfortunately, some women may find themselves facing vaginal dryness as well.

In this case, lube or just having your partner eat you out can help a lot. Speaking of dry mouth, it’s essential to keep on hydrating while you smoke weed because no one likes a dry tongue while making out.

Another study found that one of the negative consequences some men experience when making love while high on weed is difficulty getting it up. But since marijuana may enhance sexual experience, this problem may also be easy to fix.


Enjoy Different Physical Sensations

Unlike alcohol, where you wake up the next day regretting last night’s choices, certain strains of cannabis may make sex life unforgettable. Of course, this isn’t the same case for everyone since people may have different experiences. But experimenting with other strains to see which helps with your sexual behavior is definitely worth trying.

Not to mention that you and your partner may find yourself having more strong orgasms while high. But remember, if you do get too high, chances are you might just end up lazing around with your partner instead!


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Best Strains for Stoned Sex

Exploring different strains of marijuana is like walking into a candy store. There are so many different types to choose from.

But when it comes to having sex high, here are some of our top picks.


Granddaddy Purple

If you’re someone that prefers more extended foreplay or just wants a night full of euphoria, granddaddy purple is the way to go. This is more indica-dominant and doesn’t take long to get you buzzed. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that it might be challenging to have sex if you get too high.

This indica is strong on THC, so you know you’ll be feeling enhanced sensations once you get into it. It has a slightly fruity taste, almost like you’re smoking a grape. Once sexy time is over, you’ll probably hit the sack and nap for hours with your partner.


Sour Diesel

This is another favorite when it comes to high sex. Users have reported feeling energized after smoking Sour Diesel, which is great for when you’re trying to enhance sex. You’ll most likely also feel an increase in physical sensations after smoking this Sativa.

It has a deeper, almost diesel-like flavor as the name suggests.



Another calming hybrid strain will make you feel relaxed and ready for multiple rounds. This is a perfect hybrid if you need something to ease the anxiety before getting it on. It has a light floral flavor which is enjoyable and relaxes the body.

Users say that you can feel the buzz all over your body, which can make sex feel more enjoyable. In fact, almost 85% of users who smoke dosidos have reported feeling relaxed and happy. So for a night of slow sex with intense orgasms, we’d recommend this fantastic hybrid.


Blue Dream

If you’re looking to try out something new and don’t want to stick to the same old sexual routine, the blue dream may help with that. This Sativa-heavy weed can help boost your confidence enough to try out new things.

Have kinks that you and your significant other are too anxious to try? Try this strain!

Not only will it help boost your creativity in bed, but it also has a fruity taste that is enjoyable. As a result, you’ll feel energized and ready for a night of kinky sex with sex toys. It’s a potent sativa that may help you achieve a more intense orgasm and feel relaxed all over.


Super Lemon Haze

What if you are looking for a sativa that will raise your energy and help you go multiple rounds? Although most marijuana use tends to make you feel lazier, some strains can boost your energy and allow you to go all night. One of these strains is super lemon haze, which is a Sativa.

With 19% THC, this strain is sure to give you the energy you need to have a night full of adventurous sex. Not only does super lemon haze smell citrusy, but it also tastes almost like lemon candy. So if you’re looking for more energy while making love while high, this is the strain to go for.


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Wrapping Up with Making Love While High

Whether you smoke these strains straight up or use them to make edibles, there’s no doubt that you’ll have a good night. Having sex when high on weed is a great experience that you should have at least once in your life. However, if you’re a weed smoker, it’s fun to try out different strains to see what works best for you.

But no matter what you’re smoking, it’s also good to practice safe sex. Remember that consent is key condom use is essential, and you’ll be on your way to amazing high sex.

We hope this article helps you explore the world of having stoner sex.

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