Thinking on a Smoker Subscription Box? Hemper Box Review

hemper box

The Hemper subscription box is no ordinary smoker subscription box – it is the answer to all your smoking needs.

Now that more states are legalizing marijuana, the question does arise on how to get all the equipment needed for the best experience.

Hemper comes sweeping in to save the day and gives you everything all in one convenient box.

This US-based company is no stranger to high-quality smoking goods and truly hits the right spot with its customizable boxes.

Taking into account what you would require, it brings it to life at affordable pricing.


Criteria for a Good Smoking Subscription Box

Generally, you would just be looking for something that fulfills your requirements for a good time.

There are many weed subscription boxes on the market that provide you similar services, but even then issues are still prevalent.

Some are not as frequent in their deliveries whereas others overcharge for the amount and quality of the product they provide. It can be challenging to trust one single company with these boxes.

If you are the average user who likes to smoke sometimes then perhaps quantity may not be a significant factor for you. However, you would still want the best quality for the price you pay.

For regular smokers, both quantity and quality would equally be significant. You would be disappointed if just halfway across the month, you are out of accessories to use.

While those are essential requirements, you may even like to spice it up monthly. Getting themed boxes for each month not only keeps you entertained but gives you something to look forward to.

Hence, if you are busy with work or midterms, you have something you can use to relax and enjoy.

New innovative designs being introduced, such as differently designed bongs, will keep you satisfied knowing the company is working hard towards your satisfaction.




Hemper Box Review

This box stocks up 12 items for only $29.99. We’ll break up the products for you so you can get a complete feel of the box. They deliver from the 14th to the 13th of the following month.


  • Glass Products

At first glance, you will notice that there is always a glass product involved in this box. The glass bong is a favorite for those who like to collect them. Each month is a different theme as this particular box contains a sea turtle glass bong.

Also included in glassware is the 14 mm Flower Bowl, which is perfect for any 14 mm male joint you may already have.


  • Lighters

They also include a hemp wick for your convenience as well as a new hemp wick lighter case so you can change yours up to your desire. Also added are the popular Bic lighters, one for each box. So you can choose what you would like to use from a variety of lighters.


  • Rollings Papers and More

Furthermore, they go up and beyond to provide OCB Premium Rolling papers, Twisted Hemp Wraps, and King Size Cones. Their OCB Premium Rolling Papers are new and improved ones that are thin, lightweight, and easy to roll. You can enjoy the fact that they burn evenly as well.

They added the Twisted Hemp Wraps which are non-GMO and seal perfectly when rolled making them extremely user-friendly. Finally, King Size Cones are the best choice for stuff and smoke. They have been one of the favorites and are made from pure hemp for those who avoid chemical or paper substances.


  • Miscellaneous

You get an added special Hemper A-DAB-TER and a Hemper Filter Tip Booklet. Finish it off with two Hemper Stickers, and you have got yourself fun goods to keep you entertained.


Pros of HemperBox

The Hemper Box fulfills all the requirements for a good recreational time. At times there are situations where you find yourself wanting a smoke, but you are all out of smoking materials like the best rolling papers.

This will never be a problem if you have the Hemper subscription box. They have thousands of high-quality products including bongs, lighters, joint roller, and rolling papers as mentioned. More than that, they provide a good quantity, so you never have to worry.

The following are some of the various advantages you get with the HemperBox Subscription:


  • Great Customer Service

They are also highly efficient in sending out deliveries and have excellent customer service. Their entire company thrives on customer satisfaction and always listen to what you have to say.


  • Customize the Box to Your Liking

There are also options for you to choose how frequently you would want your deliveries. You could make monthly, quarterly, biannually, or annual payments.

What makes the Hemper box truly special is how they have customized everything to your liking. They take into consideration whether you are starting to smoke or are an avid smoker. This depicts that they truly want you to enjoy the experience to the fullest.


  • Access to Limited Edition Products

Moreover, you could consider some other smoker subscription box, but this particular one is always looking for innovative ideas to stand out. They have collaborated to create boxes with expert smokers such as CustomGrow420, Madzilla, and Chef Henny.

Also, along with these collaborations, there are limited edition pieces that you get your hands on when you are subscribed, which is a major plus point. Of course the other times you can still purchase off the Hemper online head shop, but at the pricing of this box, all the items are pretty much a steal.

  • $100+ retail value
  • Discretion is given for the customer
  • Unique ideas every month
  • The compact size of products


hemper subscription box


Cons of the Hemper Box

Now you may wonder what could possibly go wrong with such a great box. Even with the amazing pros, the box has certain aspects that may not suit your preferences.

For example, you may not particularly be a fan of the surprise element that Hemper brings by not disclosing what is in their monthly boxes.

This gives it room to have a drastic change in the box from one month to another. That is to say that you could get a really great box one month and an average one the next which can be a downside for any subscription box you go for.

Also, once you miss a box, it is quite hard to get a hold of it again. Once a monthly box is sold, you may not be able to find the items so easily. Hence, if you’re looking for a particular product, you probably won’t be able to get your hands on it.

  • Too many products for a simple user
  • Glass items may break while being delivered


Past Months Hemper Boxes:



Conclusions about Hemper Subscription Box

All in all, it’s a great box for all the high-quality items you get. The pricing is just a plus point.

You don’t need to think twice before subscribing because you know that you’ll be in good hands.

The company is always looking out for its customers and brings in new ideas to keep things fresh for you.

Believe us when we say you will be able to enjoy the best smoking experience available.

If you want a premium smoking experience, we urge you to get this product. It simply makes life easier for all stoners out there.

By subscribing to the HemperBox, you get frequent perks and goodies. Hence, there’s really no reason not to try it out.

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