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Hippie Butler Box Review | Top 420 Smoking Subscription Box


hippie butler 420 subscription box

Do you like to receive subscription boxes at the end of the month? A subscription box filled with candies or fancy stationery is pretty common in the US, but have you ever heard about weed subscription boxes? Well, you’re going to learn a fair bit about these as we review the Hippie Butler subscription box.

Launched in 2016, Hippie Butler became popular in the world of weed subscription boxes quite quickly. There are different types of boxes on their website, allowing you to choose according to your choice.

And the one we are about to review is a 420 goody box, which is only sold to people above 18. But before that, let’s give you an idea of what else you can get on their website.

There are three options for Hippie Butler subscription boxes;

  • Rollers box, which comes at $15.99 per month
  • Butler box; available for $39.99 per month
  • Masters Club; costs $139.99 per month

Each box has different products that you can customize as per your choice.

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Why Choose Hippie Butler Box?

This weed-subscription box has got surprises for weed-lovers. The Hippie Butler Box includes a full-month supply of smoking products so that you will never run out of anything. No matter if you are a beginner or have been smoking for ages, this package is a fit-for-all.

If you love to use glass and paper, the Butler box has it for you as well. Apart from glass, you will get several other products as well, which are hard to find everywhere. That is why this box is the most popular.

To help you customize yours, Hippie Butler offers you to select from three different styles:

hippie butler box


1. Start with essentials

One is dry blends, which is specifically for OG smokers who only like dry blends. If you are new to smoking, you can begin with the ‘start with essentials’ option and have starter boxes for the first three months.


2. Concentrate

The second option is to concentrate, which is majorly liked by new-school smokers. If you are a connoisseur, this box is definitely for you. It includes different premium items that are hand-picked and delivered to your doorstep.


3. Mod Sun

This is a limited edition Butler box. The best part about this 420 box is all the products are special editions by the artist. Besides the merchandise, you will receive a hemp wick jar, high-quality rolling papers, and a storage jar. The themes keep on changing every month, so you can look forward to what’s next.

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Hippie Butler Box Review

The Hippie Butler Box includes a total of 12 items that are nicely packed in a brown box. All the items are of superior quality, which makes this box a super hit. Some of the items are:


  • Glass Spoon Pipe

One of the things which every smoker looks forward to is a glass spoon pipe. Butler box includes a pipe that is made of thick glass so it can’t break easily. The pipe has a deep bowl and a good-sized mouthpiece.


  • 4 Piece Grinder

Do you know the Hippie Butler has its own line of grinders? This is the reason their grinders have the highest quality. The grinder consists of four pieces, diamond-shaped teeth, a pollen screen, a scraper, and a magnet.

The aluminum grinder ensures that the product lasts longer. This product is undoubtedly one of the best items in the box, especially for bud smokers.


  • Full-size Rolling Tray

If you are a regular weed smoker, you must know how useful the rolling tray is. Therefore, the Butler box includes a rolling tray, which simplifies the process of rolling the marijuana, which is why it is quite popular.


  • RAW Paper and Tips

RAW paper is the best thing you can find in any subscription box. The paper is unparalleled, which makes it the best tips. Of course, it is a necessary product for a weed smoker.


  • RAW Cones

For some people, it is hard to roll cigarettes, and that too, in equal quantity. The Hippie Butler box includes RAW cones as well for your convenience. So if you are an amateur in rolling, you don’t have to worry.


  • Juicy Jays

For smokers who love to smoke full-flavored weed, Butler box has Juicy Jays for them. This is a pack of papers that have different flavors. The fruity taste is widely loved by smokers, which makes this product a super hit among smokers.


  • Wraps

The box also comes with hemp wraps as well so that people who like natural smoke can try out these hemp wraps.


  • Miscellaneous Items

Is that all? No, it’s not, because the Butler box has some more products, such as a clipper lighter, cottonmouth candies, and a tube. A weed subscription box is incomplete without a light; that is why they have added a clipper lighter, so you don’t end up losing it.

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hippie butler


Pros of the Hippie Butler

If you are still not sure whether to buy Butler’s box or not, we will give you a few more reasons why you should be subscribing to it.


  • Hand-Picked Items

All the items you get in the subscription box is according to your choice. It sometimes becomes hard to find the same item at your nearest store, so getting them in one box seems like a great idea. Also, if you don’t like to shop every now and then, subscribing to the Butler box will be perfect for you.


  • Saves Money

The Butler box costs $39.99 per month, whereas the combined price of all the products is above $60. Hence, it seems like a fair deal to get such high-quality products at a low price. Not only that, but you can also use the Hippie Butler coupon code to save some more bucks.


  • Time-Saving

Butler box will not only save your money but your time. All your desired products will be delivered to your doorstep by the end of the month. You don’t have to rush to the store just to buy the RAW paper.


  • Limited Edition Products

If you are a smoker who loves to get your hands on limited edition products, Butler box is a great choice. You can subscribe to the Masters Club to get your hands on all the latest collaboration products.

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Cons of Hippie Butler Box

While there are many benefits to the Butler subscription box, sometimes it turns out a total disappointment.


  • Things Get Break

Hippie Butler makes sure that the products don’t get broken during transit. So you get your things bubble-wrapped. But still, there are chances of things made of glass getting broken. In that case, you have to fulfill all the requirements to get the replacement. So, that will be a waste of time.


  • Unclear Value

Butler box lets you know the things they are going to send that month, but sometimes it becomes hard for you to understand the value of the product. There are chances you might not need the product, and your money will be wasted eventually.

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hippie butler review


Last Thoughts about the Hippie Butler

Hippie Butler subscription boxes are famous for all the right reasons. They offer high-quality products at a low price. The Butler box is worth your money, which is why we recommend you to subscribe.

The Hippie Butler 420 box is one of the best presents for stoners. Of course, you can buy it for yourself as well. It includes everything a smoker must need for the whole month. You don’t have to go out again and again to buy one thing or the other.

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