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Hotboxing Meaning | Secondhand Smoke to Smokers

hotboxing meaning

Image credit: Joshua Rawson-Harris via Unsplash

Hotboxing refers to smoking weed in an enclosed space. That space can be a car, a small room, a bathroom, or even a closet. The purpose of hotboxing is to replace the oxygen with weed smoke in an unventilated space.

Although the traditional way of smoking weed gets you high, hotboxing enhances that experience by providing secondhand smoke to smokers and non-smokers increasing the level of carbon dioxide.

Let’s learn more about the hotboxing meaning and how it sends smokers to high levels.


Hotboxing Meaning

Think of it as if you and your crew are smoking marijuana in your car. All the windows are rolled up as well. As you inhale marijuana and make clouds out of it, the concentration of oxygen will begin to reduce. Why?

You have made your car a container maintained with a particular level of oxygen. However, as you keep smoking cannabis, that oxygen will gradually convert into second-hand smoke. Moreover, the concentration of carbon dioxide will become more than oxygen.

This increase in the level of carbon dioxide will start affecting your brain. Besides, if there are people who don’t smoke, they will also enjoy the effects of cannabis.

After some time, that small space of your car will become full of marijuana clouds.


Effects of Smoking Weed in an Enclosed Space

Hotboxing is common in the stoners’ community. They easily find a small space with little to no ventilation and enjoy their joints. However, consuming marijuana for a long time leads to several health conditions.

Even if you first-time experience a joint, you might feel:

  • Disorientation
  • Dizziness
  • Delusions
  • Cognitive Impairments


If a person keeps inhaling the smoke, symptoms of respiratory illnesses and other health conditions may appear.

No doubt, having a joint relax you and keeps you away from stress. You no longer remain capable of thinking about the hassles in your life. The ecstatic effect of cannabis takes you away from the reality of life.

But that’s just a short-term benefit of smoking weed. And to increase this high, people hotbox and capture themselves into a container maintained with the smoke of weed.

When smokers expel smoke which is secondhand smoke, it also affects the inhalers in the surrounding, even the non-smokers.

Therefore, you must be aware of hypercapnia. It’s a medical condition in which the level of CO2 in your blood becomes more than normal. If you keep attending the hotboxing sessions for long, hypercapnia will lead to convulsions and asphyxia.

So, always open the doors and windows of your car and take some fresh air after hotboxing.


Is Second-hand Weed Smoke Harmful?

Yes. According to research at John Hopkins University, the smoke which people exhale after consuming cannabis or marijuana makes people high in the surrounding. But that happened only in an unventilated room.


Experiment Summary

The experiment had twelve people, six smokers, and six non-smokers. Each smoker was given ten joints. The clock was set to one hour, and the whole group was in the same room, having no ventilation.

Smokers kept on enjoying the joints while the non-smokers didn’t smoke anything. But after a few minutes, the room became full of smoke. So now, people who weren’t smoking had no option but to inhale second-hand smoke.

After an hour, the researchers let the smoke escape by opening a window of the room. Now, they examined the whole group one by one.

Although the six people didn’t smoke, they were high, just like the other six. However, the former group experienced early recovery from the high of cannabis.

So, the experiment concludes that the smoke in a small, confined area can get you high even if you don’t take a joint.


hotbox meaning

Image credit: CONNOR BOTTS via Unsplash


Why People Hotbox?

In simple terms, people who don’t get enough regular joints go for hotboxing. Moreover, people prefer converting a vehicle into a hotbox because that’s the easiest option to get higher.

You only have to keep the windows up. Also, don’t turn on the vehicle as some cars automatically roll down the windows for ventilation.

Therefore, some people also hotbox to keep the drug’s effects long-lasting.


Why Do They Call it Hotboxing?

It literally means an enclosed box with elevated temperatures. Many people smoking in a closed space generates heat and the longer you are, the more heat it generates. It’s because there is no place for the smoke to escape.


What is Hotbox in Slang?

Hotbox means to smoke marijuana or any drug in a confined place, like a small room or a tent. That keeps the smoke inside the tent, and you can stay high for longer.

Moreover, this term is used for a group of friends who go to a small confined area just to light up some joints.


Do You Get Higher from Hotboxing or Smoking Marijuana a Car?

Yes! Hotboxing in a car makes you more smoked than in an open space. No doubt, marijuana makes you high in an open room. But you can inhale second-hand weed smoke while hotboxing.


hot boxed car

Image credit: Duncan Shaffer via Unsplash


How Long Does a Car Smell After a Hotbox?

If you leave the car’s windows rolled up after hotboxing, the smell will be there for around 3-4 hours. Besides, the first 10-15 minutes are critical because that’s when the smell is at its strongest.


How Do You Get Smell Out of Car After Hotbox?

If you have smoked in your car and now want to get rid of the smoke, use an odor neutralizer, strong fragrance, or room freshener. These accessories will help clear out the smoke from your car.


Is it Good to Hotbox Your Car?

To be honest, hotboxing a car is the best way to enjoy a joint session with your friends. But continuous hotboxing in your car will lead you to health conditions.

On top of that, hotboxing affects not only smokers but also those who don’t smoke. The concentration of marijuana gets maximum when there’s no ventilation. That affects the people in the surrounding who don’t take joints.


Wrapping Up with Hotbox Meaning

Hotboxing is not letting the exhaled weed clouds escape a place so you can inhale the secondhand smoke one more time. That means it has almost a double high effect.

To get the best out of a cannabis joint session, people hotbox with their friends. However, if a person in your crew doesn’t smoke, they will also get high during hotboxing.

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