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How to Make Weed Butter | With: Pot, Slow Coocker & Weed Butter Maker

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Some ingredients can make any food better, and butter is one of them. Whether you have grilled cabbage, Belgian waffles, or you want creamy mashed potatoes, just add some butter, and there you go. Butter has the capability to make any food taste better.

As people have been using weed for a long time now, its consumer market has surged in growth recently. All this while, people have been exploring different things about it. As a result, some people also tried to pair up cannabis with butter for making weed butter.

Later, it turned out that the flexibility of the butter gives a broad cannabutter appeal. You can use weed butter in almost any recipe that requires butter. Since butter is a kitchen staple, weed butter may lay the foundation of many everyday home-cooked recipes.

Along the way, we’ll answer all your questions and queries on how to make weed butter. So, read on to learn more.


Making Weed Butter in a Simple Way

Weed butter, also known as cannabutter, is one of the easiest methods to make infused weed edibles. Having said that, making cannabutter may be a bit of a tricky process.

To make pot butter, you must slowly heat cannabis at a low temperature. This article will walk you through the step-by-step process of making cannabis-infused butter.

To make a cannabutter, you need these ingredients: Cannabis and Butter. But before you begin with the process, you need to activate the THC in the cannabis through heat. This process is known as Decarboxylating.

Here’s how it goes:

  • Start by preheating the oven to 245 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Spread the cannabis buds (7-10 grams) evenly in the oven-safe tray lined with parchment paper.
  • Allow them to bake in the oven for about 30 to 40 minutes.
  • Keep mixing the buds gently after every 10 minutes or so.
  • After baking, grind the activated cannabis. Make sure they are finely ground and consistent.


Now, mix one cup of butter and one cup of water in a saucepan on low heat. Keep mixing till the butter melts properly.

While mixing, add the ground cannabis and let the mixture simmer with occasional stirring. After 2-3 hours, turn off the heat and allow the mixture to cool down.

Then, strain the mixture through the sieve and refrigerate. You might observe extra water separating from your butter while it’s cooling down. Remove the extra water once it’s all cooled.

This is a simple yet quick way to prepare cannabutter at home.


How to make weed butter


How To Make Slow-Cooker Cannabis Butter?

Cannabis-infused butter has the following components and materials: a slow cooker, a cup of water, one pound of butter, a metal strainer, cheesecloth, one to two ounces of cannabis flower, and a storage container as per your choice.

The making of slow cooker cannabis butter requires the following procedure. First, set the slow cooker, turn it on, put all the ingredients in the slow cooker, and stir thoroughly to make slow cooker cannabis butter. A slow cooker must be set at 160 F, and the temperature of the oven should not exceed 200 F.

Secondly, place the lid on it and cook all the ingredients for 18 hours. To make the weed butter potent, enough absorption of THC is significant.

Next, when the slow cooker’s ingredients, cannabis butter are adequately cooked and absorb much THC, then pour the cannabutter into a bowl with a metal strainer or cheesecloth as the cheesecloth will catch all the cannabis flowers. When slow cooker cannabis butter is done and gets cold, it gets hard and becomes separate from water.

Finally, isolate the cannabis-infused butter from water, squeeze it, and a stick of butter. It is now ready for use and can be stored in an airtight container. In addition to its use, the Tupperware container separates the butter of the refrigerator into layers.

The cannabutter should be slightly green when in the box that can be used in making cannabis-infused meals.


Crock Pot Weed Butter

If you are wondering how to make pot butter using a weed butter maker, scroll down.

The needed ingredients for a weed butter maker are; a crockpot, one pound of unsalted butter, 15 grams decarbed cannabis, a glass jar, cheesecloth, and a strainer. During the making of weed butter, firstly place the water in the crockpot and turn it on, then heat it at 160 Celcius. Later, in the making of weed butter, put the weed butter cubes and decarbed cannabis in the Mason jar, then cover it.

Afterward, put the jar in a crockpot, cover it with the lid, and cook all the ingredients for at least two hours. Stir the mixture thoroughly after each hour. As the butter is ready, remove the jar from the crockpot and stand the weed butter until it is cold.


Marijuana Butter Maker

The constituents used in making Marijuana butter are one ¼ cup of unsalted butter with half an ounce of dry Marijuana buds of average quality. Although there are many ways of making Marijuana butter, the most common method of making Marijuana butter is through a marijuana butter maker.

Marijuana butter makers can make five cups of butter per cycle as it has an immersion blender and a numerical thermostat and a heating unit. Likewise, it doesn’t make your kitchen entrapped with Marijuana smell.

Now, add the butter and Marijuana buds to the jar and then place them in the crockpot. During cooking, you may feel no smell because a rub gasket is placed on the lid, but when the jar’s cover is opened, you may feel a strong odor immediately that is of Marijuana bud.


How Much Weed Do I Need to Make Butter?

First of all, there is no recommended amount of weed that is needed to make butter. It depends on how much butter one is going to make. Mostly a quarter ounce of weed is used per stick of unsalted butter.

The quality of weed butter depends upon the percentage of THC. Most weed butter contains 10%THC, while average weed butter contains 15 to 20% THC. Meanwhile, the best weed butter contains more than 20% THC.

One gram of cannabis has 150 mg of THC. The starting dose of THC should be 5 to 10 mg per serving. When a person overdoses, it can result in a very unenjoyable experience. So, one should wait at least 45 minutes after the first dose.

On the other hand, some suggest that the standard amount of weed for a cannabutter is one oz of weed buds for making one pound of weed butter. If you use trim, you must induce three oz of trim to one pound of butter for the standard dose.

At first, be careful as it’s no joke to consume too much weed butter. Always test the butter first, especially if you’re a novice.

Honestly, edibles may be far stronger than any other type of weed. You may consume more edibles but you can’t step back then. A stronger edible dosage can be unbearable as it may last all day long.

On the other hand, straight buds produce strong oil. By and large, the more potent the weed plant is, the more THC and other cannabinoids mix in the weed butter.

If you want the highest potency cannabutter, just add more weed. However, there comes a point when adding more weed won’t help much, instead makes things worse.


Butter to Weed Ratio

The formula to calculate the butter to weed ratio is as follows:

For the ratio, 14 grams of butter are cut into 40 small pieces, and 1/3 cup and 3/4 cup of coconut oil are for the recipe.

Calculations areas include:

The initial weight of 14 grams is 14,000 mg. And, average THC ratios nowadays are almost about 18-24%. Let’s take 20% as an example.

14,000mg ( 0.2) = 2,800 milligrams of THC.

The number of milligrams can a person have in one dose? Commonly a strong is 100 mg. The average amount, it is 50 mg. One can also use an emulsifier such as Soy Lecithin.

Let’s go hard and say 100mg.2800mg THC / 100mg per edible = 28 edibles. The quantity of weed oil used does not matter in considering the butter to weed ratio.

For this, you may take 1/3 cup and 14 g of weed into 40. 14 g /40 = 0.35 g weed per edibility. This is not based on THC content, merely plant weight to edible ratio is 1/3. Using the same ratios above, 14 g into 40, 20% THC is 70 mg.


How to Use Weed Butter?

Butter is something that makes the meal taste better. Weed butter is used as a snack as well as an appetizer. It is used with a dip with baked blue cheese, macaroni, and cheese. Additionally, it is potentially an active ingredient in making pineapple upside-down cakes along with brownies and cookies.

This butter is used in the making of Leafy Kale salad dressing. The use of weed butter in making a salad is the most convenient method. Many things use the pulp of cannabis butter, including pesto, sauces, soups, and smoothies, the stew adds flavor to it and makes it enjoyable and delicious.

Moreover, it is used in the processing of bread crumbs and garnishes desserts. You can also sprinkle the weed’s pulp over the chocolates. All the recipes made with weed butter, including


Weed butter


Wrap Up with the “Cannabis-Infused Butter”

To sum up, you can learn how to make weed butter at home through this step-by-step guide. You just need a few basic ingredients like tap water, salted butter, buds, and trimmings.

Whether you are an experienced connoisseur or an edible novice, this article offers you tips for flavor improvement. You just have to make sure that you are dosing carefully.

Consequently, be mindful that 100% conversion to THC is not possible due to the continuous loss during the making of cannabis-infused butter. Make sure to prearrange non-infused meals to munch on after edibles. Also, ensure setting a timer to be aware of the time check.

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