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What to Roll a Perfect Blunt Easy? How to Roll a Blunt Step by Step

How to roll a perfect blunt

Experts in rolling joints don’t necessarily know how to roll a blunt. If you’re not careful, you’ll have to watch your precious cannabis strain burn into thin air because you rolled the paper too loosely. Or, you’ll watch it break because you rolled it too tight.

Rolling blunts may seem straightforward, but there are a few tricks involved. Firstly, all weed enthusiasts should know that practice will make you perfect. Ask anyone in the weed community.

The saying is cliched, but the meaning is accurate. Practicing is a large part of learning how to roll a perfect blunt.

In this article, you’ll learn the easiest way to roll a blunt. We’ll tell you how to keep practicing, including what materials to use.

So, if you’re looking for the ultimate blunt-rolling guide for beginners, you’ve come to the right place.


Blunt vs. Joints: What’s the Difference?

Firstly, let’s go over the main difference between blunts and joints. Sometimes, these words are used interchangeably. However, this can be misleading as both are different.

One main difference is their shapes. Joints are thinner and smaller. Blunts are more like cigars; they’re thicker and longer than joints.

Since they’re bigger than joints, blunts contain significantly more cannabis. An average-sized blunt usually equals six joints.

However, be mindful; blunts use cigar wraps. Even without tobacco, these wraps are harmful because they’re more porous. Consequently, whatever you inhale has high concentrations of toxins.

One more thing: don’t confuse blunts with spliffs either. Spliffs are like a combination of cigarettes and joints. They contain tobacco and cannabis.

Your blunt can have traces of tobacco; however, people usually prefer cannabis.


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What Items Do You Need to Roll a Blunt?

Before you learn how to roll a blunt step by step, you have to get everything you need. Your supplies are categorized into three things:

  • Cannabis
  • Blunt Wrap
  • Tools

For one, decide your cannabis strain of choice. From indicas to sativas, whatever you choose depends on your preferences.

Now, when you’re choosing a blunt wrap, it’s essential to use the right brand and type. If you don’t get the right one, your blunt will break and go to waste.

To choose a blunt wrap, you can go in one of two directions. Firstly, you can get a cigar or cigarillo.

Since these are pre-rolled, you just have to empty the contents and re-use the casing. Common cigar brands include Phillies, Swisher Sweets, Black & Mild, and White Owl.

This method makes life so much easier for you.

However, you can also go the second route and buy blunt wraps. Alternatively, you can buy rice straw, wood pulp, and flax paper too, but it won’t be a proper blunt.

Lastly, you might need a grinder and blade as optional items.


What Things to Think About When Rolling a Blunt?

Our last stop before the guide: what things should you keep in mind when rolling blunts?

Learning how to roll a blunt includes knowing your preferences. Consequently, there are four main questions to consider:


Amount of Cannabis

How much cannabis do you need for a blunt? Usually, whatever wrap you use, blunt lengths remain consistent. However, the thickness may vary.

For instance, Black & Mild cigars are much thicker than White Owl. Therefore, you’ll need more cannabis.

In general, you’ll need about one to two grams of cannabis. This number may increase to three grams, but it’s unusual to find a wrap that large.



Secondly, what flavor blunt should you get? This isn’t exactly part of learning how to roll a blunt step by step, but it affects your smoking experience.

Flavoring largely depends on the blunt wrap. You can get these wraps in fruity or sweet flavors.

Typical flavors include blueberry, cherry, watermelon, honey, peanut butter, chocolate, and mint. Pre-wrapped papers are much more flavorful than regular rolling papers.

However, be mindful; though flavored wraps undoubtedly enhance the experience, they’re not for everyone.

If you’re a first-timer, you can experiment but keep unflavored wraps on hand if you don’t like them.


Cigar or Cigarillo Choice

Thirdly, what cigar should you use? Again, this choice may depend on whether or not you want a flavored experience.

However, the cigar can alter the texture and quality of your consumption experience. Therefore, beginners should experiment with different wraps to find what they like.

Swisher Sweets cigars, for instance, are very porous, making them very harsh. Each hit is incredibly strong, so you’ll get high more quickly.

If you’re a beginner, wait until you’ve built your tolerance.

Similarly, Black & Mild cigars have leaf wrappers, which give mild hits. However, these have their own cons: they dry quickly, and dried wraps don’t burn efficiently.


Amount of Consumption

Lastly, once you’ve rolled your joint, how much should you consume? Again, this depends on your tolerance.

However, be warned: blunts are much harsher than joints. If your blunt has both tobacco and cannabis, this statement is even more true.

Also, blunts are much more harmful than joints. So, it would be best if you only smoked them on special occasions.


How to Roll a Blunt Step By Step?

Now, let’s get to the main event: how to roll a perfect blunt in four simple steps. Before you begin, gather all your supplies.

You don’t want to drop anything, letting precious weed go to waste. Therefore, make sure the rolling area is clean and organized.

Once you’ve done this, how do you roll a blunt?


Step 1: Prepare the Blunt Wrap

As said, you can do this in two ways; use a cigar or rolling paper. With rolling papers, the process is similar to rolling joints.

You need a tip or filter, which typically comes in rolling paper packs. Using the filter as balance, begin folding the paper into accordion folds. Do this until you’ve reached your desired width.

With cigars, you’ll need to split the wrap. How so?

Take a cigar or cigarillo, holding it at the base. Next, split the leaf carefully at the spine. It should be a clean break.

Once you’ve split the cigar, empty the contents.


Step 2: Grind Your Weed

Secondly, you have to prepare the weed. After all, how do you roll a blunt without breaking down the weed?

The weed texture depends on the size of your blunt wrap. However, it’s better to grind it into small pieces.

Do not grind into a powder. This will make it burn faster, which you don’t want.

You don’t necessarily need a grinder for this step. You can use your fingers (as long as they’re dry and clean).

This step is essential because the weed size affects the airflow and burn quality of the blunt.


Step 3: Fill The Wrap

Before you fill the wrap, you need to moisten the edges. You can use a little saliva for this. However, if you’re wrapping for someone else, saliva is unsanitary.

In those cases, use a few drops of water or cannabis oil (which amplifies the experience).

Fill the wrap with your ground cannabis. Begin at the center of the blunt, and then work your way up and down. This will make the layers even.

However, don’t pack too much or too little. You want a balanced amount, which will give the blunt decent structural integrity.


Step 4: Roll The Wrap

Now, the last step in how to roll a blunt is easy and efficient: rolling the wrap.

Use the tobacco from the cigar wrap and printing paper to practice the rolling before working on your blunt.

Essentially, once everything is evenly distributed, moisten the wrap again.

Begin rolling the wrap from the bottom (the smoking end), and shifting your fingers upwards (to the burning end).

Repeat this until the entire blunt is rolled.


How to roll a blunt


Last Thoughts about “How to Roll a Perfect Blunt”

In sum, this was the complete guide on how to roll a blunt for beginners. It’s not that difficult as long as you follow my tips. With this guide, hopefully, you’ll be expertly teaching others how to roll a perfect blunt in no time.

Have a great time smoking your cannabis blunts with these easy steps.

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