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How To Scrog Cannabis Plants | The Screen of Green Method

how to scrog

Scrog is the acronym for Screen of Green. The term refers to the plant growing method and techniques used in growing greens indoors. The method is becoming famous because it saves energy and reduces waste.

Since this method is controlled and gets a good yield, many growers use this method to grow cannabis plants.

The method is not new and gets optimal results, so let’s learn everything we need to grow our delicate greens like marijuana plants to grow indoors and outdoor scrog.


What is SCROG Technique?

The Scrog technique is a controlled environment to facilitate better yield from each plant. It is a famous cannabis plant training technique for home growers.

The growers maximize the light use to get a better cola and the number of top buds. Each branch is thicker with a decent size of cola. As a result, growers get maximum yield from their few plants within the legal boundaries.

The scrog process includes a net, or a large metal grid, which is placed some fifteen inches above the marijuana plant.

The plants reach the vegetative phase the branches pass through the net. These cultivators guide the branches to grow horizontally, as opposed to regular vertical growth, by tying them to screens.

The plant also gets equal and better light due to this method, and of course, the plant grows healthier.

The Scrog method with the combination of topping helps achieve better growth and cola from each plant. It includes trimming the tops of the marijuana plant to facilitate horizontal growth. Effectively, plants grow thicker and bushier.


Scrog vs SOG

Now that we know what Scrog means let’s clarify another concept often mixed with Scrog, the “SOG” Sea of Green method.

It is also another method to cultivate plants in a controlled environment. The methods are poles apart since the Scrog technique works on a few plants and the Sog method works with various plants. The focus is mainly on cola.

The clones start to flower within two weeks; since they are in the over-drive, they grow thick stalks and impressive few flowers.

Sog method works faster compared to the Scrog technique, hence used by professional growers who require faster and high yields.

However, home growers use this method to get more yield out of a few plants. When growing cannabis Sativa strains, the Scrog technique is preferred.

Similarly, for Indica strain, Sog technique is more favorable. In Sog method, the plant grows 12 inches maximum in length.

The biggest hindrance to Sog method is how many plants are legal to grow in your state.

According to a rough estimate, most states has regulation for growing four to six plants for home growers. Hence Scrog becomes a more viable option.


scrog grow


Scrog for Marijuana Plants

The growing interest in the scrog method comes due to the legalities and limitations of growing cannabis plants for home growers.

Every state has different regulations, but on average, an individual home grower cannot harvest more than six cannabis plants.

Hence, the focus is shifted to growing every plant, maximizing the input to get the best yield – Since the scrog method is a plant training method to grow cannabis plants in even and bushy formations.

When a marijuana plant is grown in ideal conditions, it maximizes the output of each cannabis plant, eliminating the need to grow anything outside of legal boundaries.


Benefits of Scrog Cannabis Plants

Here are some of the incredible noted benefits of scrog the cannabis plants:

  • All the plants get light evenly
  • Each Branch gets maximum light hence resulting in more buds
  • The airflow is divided evenly, reducing the chances of pest and mold
  • The net gives the right support needed for the branches to sustain their weight and spread out evenly in a vegetative state
  • In the flowering stage, the plant grows in thicker and chunkier buds
  • You can screen out the branches that are weaker or yellow to trim and get a better yield
  • As a result, the plant uses all its energy to healthier branches and grows only quality buds


When to Scrog Cannabis Plant

Scrog is an important aspect, and the right time to start it can be a game-changer. Preferably the branches should grow past the screen rather than be forced into the screen.

Meanwhile, the plants grow to keep a close watch throughout the vegetative stage. Ideally, plants must get into the scrog screen when getting topped, almost before the flowering stage.

Try not to disturb the plants when about to grow buds and go into the flowering phase.


Important Considerations of Scrog in the Vegetative Stage

Scrog is a crucial part of the vegetative stage and works wonders when done with topping.

Toppings help plants allocate their resources to the segments and branches of the cannabis plant that shows more potential.

The equal light penetration to all branches and buds results in growing cannabis yielding better than in a traditional grow room.

Some important tips that make the scrog process fruitful are:

  • Make sure the screen is set one foot over the base of the cannabis plant
  • Similar cannabis strains should be placed together. The strain will grow at the same height making even canopy
  • When harvesting multiple plants of different strains, arrange them according to height
  • To scrog marijuana correctly, how you space the plants is crucial. In an ideal scenario, the cannabis branches interlock with branches of other cannabis plants.
  • Distance between pots should grossly be 1-2 feet. Check it by seeing how two branches of adjacent pots interlock slightly.


Why is it Important for Marijuana Plants to Receive Light

It is natural for the marijuana plant to have a vertical growth pattern. All the fuss about the scrog system comes because plants grow vertically, and uneven light penetration results in weaker bud sites.

The idea is to make plants grow horizontally for better light exposure. With Scrog and topping, plants begin to expand in an even canopy bringing change in natural plant structure.

When the plant grows vertically, the top bud gets light, and a few branches are under the shadow. As a result, they may be weak or yellow in color.

The idea is to get the best potential out of each plant. Each branch and bud will get the best light in a controlled environment, hence chunkier buds and more yield.


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What Do You Need To Start Scrog for Cannabis Plants?

There was time to talk and understand everything you needed to know before you started the scrog method. But now it is time to start working on it.

You can find your equipment for Scrog grow in any store with a gardening section. Otherwise, ebay.com and amazon.com have everything you need under the sun if you opt to buy online.

You will need:

  • One 3’x3′ tent
  • One 9000′ extractor
  • One 400-watt MH for the vegetative phase
  • One 400-watt HPS for the flowering phase
  • One 10,500′ cube filter
  • One 3,500′ cube inlet
  • Four Amnesia Cuttings
  • Four 6.5-gallon pots
  • Nutrients flower power


How to Make Your Own Grow Space

The dynamics of the grow room set the tone for how your plants will grow. You can effortlessly build a grow space with the help of a screen, scissors, and grow pots.



The scrog net is hands down the main element to make your perfect grow tent, room, or space. When using the screen, be sure to tie as many branches as possible to train your plants to grow into a thick canopy.

All branches will grow in the same pattern, creating an even blanket of branches. Each bud will get even light. Resulting in heavier buds and better yield.


Garden Scissors

You will constantly need to use pruning scissors after the vegetation phase. When it nears the flowering phase, the plant grows in canopy formation due to the topping method and gives a better yield.

If you are using the scissors alternately used for other things at home, make sure to wipe them clean and sanitize them with each use.


Large Pots

For the scrog setup, you will require large size pots. The whole point of having this set up in your grow room is to have a system that facilitates better yield.

Larger pots facilitate the plant to expand the roots and add sufficient nutrients and soil to achieve its goals.




How to Setup Screen of Green

It is also another important setup to understand in detail before you go and buy all the equipment. Knowing how and what it entails will help you make the buying decision according to your requirements.

While some steps are very basic and telling each step may seem redundant and pointless. But know that it’s important to put it out there and reduce the possibility of missing any fundamental step that may affect you.

  • Firstly, the best thing is to prep the grow room and identify the area where you are placing the pots.
  • Fill up the pots with adequate soil, and put the plants in the soil. Preferably plants that are a month old and develop roots to support them. Using the feminized cannabis seeds or clones, of course, results in fruitful yields.
  • Now Water your plants, and ensure you use water with has 6.0 pH level. For this phase, it is vital to be extra cautious. While watering, ensure to pour water enough for the plant, which is small and feeble. There is no need to water the whole pot; all soil doesn’t need to be wet; moderately moist would do.
  • Next, place the green screen some fifteen inches above the pots. Tie them with a cable tie, giving them proper support. Ensure adequate space above the screen, roughly between twenty to twenty-five inches, to place lamps for light exposure.
  • When you see the plant has grown some branches passing through the screen, this is the time to tie those branches to the screen lightly.
  • Slowly you will see a canopy-like formation which is the main goal of this scrog system.
  • Remember to trim the top colas


Important to Notice

  • Place the screen at the right distance
  • Trim the yellowing branches instantly
  • Cut the top cola of every plant
  • Create a force flowering scenario after two days of pruning the bottom
  • Prune the branches when they start reaching the scrog net
  • Keep attaching the branches horizontally to make a canopy
  • The plant cannot thrive in forced conditions; the plan is to train the cannabis plants in low-stress training
  • The distance between the plant and the light should also be planned with proper consideration


scrog net


Why Is Topping Important

Topping is associated with the screen of green method to get better yield. When you are trimming the plant’s top colas, you are encouraging the trimmed part of the plant to disburse into branches.

In this way, you are manipulating the plant to grow horizontally to get proper light exposure. As a result, you get to increase yield from each plant.


Know When to Begin Screen of Green Method

This is an important aspect because if you start earlier or later than the right time, you may stress the plant.

When you see the plant is close to the screen, before the top start touching the screen, start trimming the small branches at the shoot.

Moreover, losing yellowing branches is like riding the plant from liability. The topping method, when started before hitting the screen, creates perpetual harvests. When you see the top cola forming, top it too, to form new branches.

These new branches disperse and form a canopy that creates the opportunity for the plant to get equal and direct light.


Know When to Stop Screen of Green Method

After some point in the vegetative phase, you will notice the plant is maxed out in the stage and soon will enter the flowering phase.

There is no way to tell, but mostly with intuition and experience, you know when the flowering will commence.

This is the time to shift the light to the 12/12 regime. Guide the branches and flowers through those screens to grow.


Wrapping Up with the Screen of Green Method

Don’t think growing cannabis strains on the screen of the green method is difficult; in fact, it is simple, and seeing how plants adapt is marvelous.

In the end, Happy harvesting!

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