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How to Smoke Weed from a Pipe or without a Pipe | Enjoy!

how to smoke weed from a pipe

After a long tiring day at work, it may seem tempting to smoke away all the stress and worries once you put your feet up at home. But wait, where’s that pipe? How to smoke weed from a pipe when you can’t even find it or, worse, break it?

It couldn’t get more frustrating than not being able to find it just when you need it.

So, what should we do in such a scenario? Is there an alternative? Actually, yes, there are many different methods you can try in place of a pipe.  Weed smokers have come up with so many ways to smoke weed without a pipe; it’s hard to decide which one is best.

So the question, ‘how to smoke weed without a pipe?’ is actually outdated.

But there may be thousands of other such questions that may be clouding your mind, like:

  • How do you smoke weed?
  • How to smoke weed out of a pipe?
  • How to smoke weed without smell?
  • How to smoke weed properly?
  • How to smoke weed out of a hookah?
  • How to use a weed pipe?

So, let’s first check out how to smoke weed from a pipe first.


How to Smoke Weed from a Pipe?

If you want to know how to smoke marijuana, the easiest and most common answer would be to consume it by smoking it right out of a pipe.

That’s what most people do; what’s the best weed pipe? There are cannabis pipes and tobacco pipes, and there’s a huge difference between both.


Tips and Tricks – Marijuana Smoke

Here are a few tips to make the most of your experience:

  • Marijuana smoke affects the lungs, just like tobacco smoke. It has harsh chemicals and tar that could lead to problems with inhaling. So, avoid too much of it.
  • Bongs and vapes are the best if you want to learn how to smoke weed without smell.
  • Want to learn how to smoke weed properly? There are different ways to smoke while keeping it safe, keep reading.
  • Use dryer sheets to get rid of the weed smell.
  • Only use weed in cities where it’s legal.


How to Smoke Weed Without a Pipe?

Contrary to what many of newbies may know, there are some great alternatives to smoking cannabis without a pipe. Edibles like even apples can serve as great alternatives.

Even if you don’t like edibles a lot, there are several other options you can explore. So let’s check out some amazing methods you can try instead of the pipe.

Some of these employ the use of simple items you can use at home. Some are very conventional, while others are new but have been positively reviewed by users worldwide.



Now there are better ways if you want to learn how to smoke pot. Bongs are the best alternative to pipes, the most common being glass bongs. It has its positives like it gets you high much faster than with a pipe and involves less intense smoke.

You can hit the bong with anything, but glass, plastic, metal, and bamboo usually pack your stash well. In this article, you can learn how to make a bong at home.


how to smoke weed without smell


Gravity Bong

Gravity bongs are great for parties, night outs, or other times your friends get together. However, the only thing to watch out for is that things can get way out of hand with a gravity bong. You can’t control the vapor with these, and you can get really high.

Now how to smoke weed out of a gravity bong?

Here’s a simple way: Take an empty bottle, about two liters in size. Cut out a hole at the bottom and carve a hole in the cap as well. Now take marijuana in aluminum foil and place it on the cap of the bottle. Finally, fill up the bottle with water.

Now light the bowl and let the water spill out of one end of the bottle. Your bong will fill up with thick clouds of smoke.



Hash oil or dabs is another common way to smoke cannabis without a pipe. Dabs are made out of extremely potent parts of the cannabis plant. The hash oil – in solid form – is not smoked though, only vaporized, just as the bongs.


Dabs Rigs

One way to get the most out of the bongs is by using a blowtorch. The effect produced gets you high much quicker.

Although it is a bit daunting to go with a blowtorch, contrary to what people know, dabbing is one healthy way to consume weed.

To be exact, the hash oil used (butane hash oil) is exposed to high temperatures and, in this way, minimizes the possibility of impurities.

Dabbing is also called ‘crack’ in the weed world and is strictly not advised for those first-time smoking weed.


Hot Knives

It’s one of the conventional ways to smoke cannabis. The hot knife technique is easy, doable at home, and a great alternative to dab rigs. Here’s how to do it:

Light up the end of a knife till it gets really hot. Now, place dabs on it and inhale the released vapor, and that’s it.

Just make sure you keep your face safe from the hot knife. Handling knives will be a bit tricky on your part. Try rubber gloves if you are naturally clumsy.



Joints are the most typical way to smoke in cannabis culture. It is the most convenient alternative to pipe and just involves paper to roll one up.

However, you can use the best rolling paper to make a joint. The rolling paper is made from special wax material, that slows down the burning.

Learn how to roll a perfect joint!


Gum Wrapper

Here’s a tip: If you don’t have rolling paper at hand, use a gum wrapper instead. It has a waxy finish inside and can be used in place of actual rolling papers.


Cigarette Paper

Desperate times call for desperate measures. When you are all out, the cigarette paper can come to the rescue.

Roll up your very own joint in the paper. It won’t burn as slowly as a rolling paper but would give some effect at least.

Now using cigarette paper may be a tad bit trickier than a gum wrapper. First, take out all the contents of the cigarette. For that, you can take the help of a toothpick or tweezers.

Then, it’s time to rock and roll in your stash.

You can even cut the end off the cigarette and go filter-less!


Corn husks

Got no paper? If you don’t have a gum wrapper or a cigarette, your best option, not to mention organic, is the corn husks.

In fact, In Jamaica and California, people usually use these to roll joints.

The fibrous material of the husk makes it burn low and slowly.



Blunts are similar to joints; the only difference is the paper used for both. These employ the use of cigar papers that burn much slower than the typical rolling paper.

Plus, the cigar paper is much longer. So you can roll in more marijuana than in a joint or a blunt. So, how to smoke marijuana out of a blunt?

Don´t know how to roll a blunt? Simply roll it up just like a joint and let it burn low and slow until you puff it down.


Rose blunts

Rose petals make excellent weed rollers. Not only are they healthy, but also super cool. It just takes a lot of practice to make out a perfect joint.

Now how to use weed to make rose blunts? Check it out here.


Portable Vaporizers

Vape pens were initially intended to help smokers stop smoking. But what happened there was it became an unexplored avenue for weed smokers.

The pens worked great. The only issue was and still is that they are expensive upfront. But if you look past the one-time cost, the devices are great at portability and

Vaping has become a recent trend, and users love and buy portable vaporizers due to their convenience and style.

Consuming cannabis is easy with vapes, and the flavor is a huge add-on to the taste. Now you can even find desktop vaporizers in the market. These diffuse a flavorful aroma, enabling a calm and peaceful environment around you.

Plus, if you are wondering how to smoke weed without smell to stay discreet about it, the vape will be your very own BFF.



How to smoke weed out of an apple?

Using fruits, vegetables, and other edibles is an old but great way to smoke weed. It can’t get more organic than that. The fruits also give out their unique flavor so that you can enjoy the best of both.

Apples so far are the most favored by most people owing to their juicy taste.

So how to smoke weed properly using an apple?

Here’s how to smoke marijuana using fruits:

  • Just carve a hole in the center to make your little weed bowl. Don’t poke a hole through all the way to the other side, though. Else, it’ll all spill out.
  • Use chopsticks or skewers to cut out the hole and fill up your stash.
  • Now torch it up and inhale the vapor. Let relief wash all over you.

Oh, and not to forget, with this, you are actually doing the environment a favor too by using biodegradable materials as your bowl.


how to smoke weed



The world is yours when it comes to cannabis and how to smoke weed without a pipe. So why limit our choices to the convention and culture when there’s so much left to explore and make the most out of your joint?

Let your wild side out and grab an apple or corn husk even, and soothe out your senses with the intense vapor experience. However, the ultimate choice of how to smoke weed without a pipe depends on how you like it best!

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