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10 Best Hygrometers Reviews | Humidity Controllers for Grow Tent

hydroponic humidity controller

Just as human beings need favorable conditions to survive, plants too, require certain specific circumstances for growth. However, natural conditions don’t always complement their needs.

Particularly, when it comes to plants, you have to ensure particular precise conditions to grow well. Of this kind, many companies offer high-tech grow tent humidity controllers.

All conditions in a grow tent need maintenance within the right range. Humidity is also among these critical conditions. In essence, grow tent humidity controllers guarantee maximum harvests out of your efforts.

However, there’re so many hygrometers to choose from. How would you know which is the right one? You must get a hygrometer that gives precise readings at all times.

But if you’re not an expert, this may be an issue.

In this article, we’ll share with you the top models of grow room controllers. So, you may make a decision fast and get the right guidance for looking after your plants.



Best Hygrometers; Top Humidity Controller Alternatives



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Inkbird ITC-308 Controller

Inkbird ITC-308

Titan Controls 702605 Controller

Titan Controls 702605

WILLHI Digital Air Humidity Controller


DIGITEN Temperature and Humidity Controller


Titan Controls Spartan Series

Titan Controls Spartan

Govee WiFi Temperature Humidity Sensor

Govee WiFi

SensorPush Wireless Thermometer Hygrometer

SensorPush Wireless

ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer

ThermoPro TP50

AcuRite Monitor for Greenhouse

AcuRite 01083 Pro

NOKLEAD Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer



Ideal Temperature and Humidity For Grow Room

Growing cannabis successfully needs specific techniques, tactics, and the right weed growing supplies. Knowing the best grow tent temperature will be a good start.

Ideal grow tent humidity and temperature changes depending on the stages of the plant’s life.

Cloning calls for high humidity and temperature than vegetative growth, and flowering plants have different ideal atmospheric conditions as well. For mastering the art of growing cannabis, having the proper environment at the right time is the most important requirement for success.

You can control the weather inside your grow tent. Creating the environmental conditions that are best for growing healthy plants is all in your hands. Mainly, you have to keep in mind the best conditions for growing marijuana in terms of humidity and temperature.

On that note, here are the ideal conditions to help you.


The Ideal Humidity for Cannabis Growth

The best range of humidity levels varies between 40% to 70%. If it’s higher or lower, the cannabis plants may suffer some problems.

However, bear in mind that the precise level of humidity changes depending on the growth stage.

Following that, here are the ranges of humidity levels according to the growth stages:


Sprouting Stage

During this season, give your plants around 65 to 70% humidity.


Vegetation Stage

When leaves start growing, reduce the humidity every week by 5%.


Flowering Stage

Now, retain the humidity level at around 40 to 50%.


Harvest Stage

Before harvesting season, reduce the humidity level by around 30 to 40%.

Due to multiple reasons, you need to reduce the plant’s humidity levels at every stage.


The Ideal Temperature for Cannabis Growth

The ideal temperature for cannabis growth ranges between 68 and 77-degree F. The temperature difference between nighttime and daytime temperature doesn’t exceed 18-degrees F.

Following the ideal temperature ranges is important to keep your cannabis healthy.

When the temperature reaches above 80-degrees Fahrenheit, the growth of cannabis accelerates. Thus, you’ll need to increase the watering and fertilizing.

During the Seedling stage, keep the temperature from 66 to 77 degrees F. During the vegetation level, keep it between 71 and 81 degrees F.

When the flowering stage arrives, keep the temperature from 68 to 78 degrees F. And lastly, when harvesting arrives, keep it between 64 and 75 degrees F.


Controlling the Temperature and Humidity In a Grow Tent

For controlling the humidity and temperature in a grow room effectively, first, take a good look at it. Is it ventilated? Is it a climate-controlled space?

It must be fairly sealed off for better control of the environmental conditions. If you use HPS or high-pressure sodium lamps, you may already have an extractor or tent fan setup.

The HPS is good, but it may cause heat and electricity. Due to this, you must be very careful while controlling the temperature of the grow tent to keep it cool.

LED lights are better than HPS. This way, there would be minimal waste of power, and you may need to set up a thermostat during the winter to keep the grow room warm.


Temperature and Humidity Controllers Reviews:

You probably have an idea about humidity controllers for grow tents. However, we have gathered a list of the best hygrometer reviews to help you start off so that you may grow indoor cannabis correctly.


1. Inkbird ITC-308 Temperature and Humidity Controller

Inkbird ITC-308 Temperature and humidity Controller

Inkbird Controller is dual-purpose as you can control both temperature and the hydroponic humidity level. With calibration functions, you can calibrate the temperature and humidity. It works with a simple on and off switch. It features an alarm system that notifies you if the levels are below or above the range you have set.

The sensors in these controllers are waterproof and work highly accurately. If you are looking for an affordable but functioning controller, this is it. The probe wire length of 6 feet is quite generous and makes it more flexible.



2. Titan Controls Humidity Controller

Titan Controls 702605 Controller

With a 20% – 90% range, this controller accurately detects the humidity in the room and adjusts it to your required levels. There is a switch for humidification or dehumidification which you can set up depending on the weather for the day.

This one features ventilation louvers that protect from water accumulation. You can be sure that this product will last longer and help you grow many batches. It requires 120 Volts tops and can work in virtually any setting. It is made of durable powder-coated steel which makes it ideal for use in any kind of climate.

It comes with a grounded piggyback cord that makes it easy to work with. It is built in a 4 percent split differential. If you live in an already humid climate, this is the product you need.



3. WILLHI Digital Air Humidity Controller

WILLHI Digital Air Humidity ControllerFirst and foremost, Willhi WH1436H sits on top of our list. You can install Willhi on the wall or simply put it on your desk. You may use it with seed germination, chemical cooling cabinet, cloth dryers, dryers, dehumidifiers, humidifiers, etc.

This is an easy and flexible to-use hygrometer that you can directly plug into the outlet without any cables.

The best thing about this humidity controller is that it offers intelligent power-off protection. This way, you may save the data or set automatically, even if it suddenly goes out of power.

Also, it offers sensitive humidity alarming and LCD display, so you may set the desired range of humidity. Besides, it comes with a humidity sensor of high accuracy.



4. DIGITEN DHTC-1011 Temperature and Humidity Controller

DIGITEN Temperature and Humidity Controller

Next, we have Digiten DHTC-1011 on our list. This hygrometer offers multiple uses.

You may use it for home fermentation, brewing, greenhouse, terrarium, planting mushrooms, reptiles, meat storage, cooking, crawl space, ventilator fan, turtle enclosure, snake cage, tobacco cage, curing chamber, etc.

This supports calibration, and compressor delay and saves reset setting values. You may easily set Fahrenheit or Centigrade degree display. Besides, this protects your cooling equipment.

Moreover, the convenient design of this hygrometer offers plug-and-play, and ease of use. The best thing about this model is that you can separately set heating and cooling functions for heating and refrigeration to protect the temperature controller from violent changes.

This way, it can control humidity and temperature at the same time.



5. Titan Controls Spartan Series Complete Digital Environmental Controller

Titan Controls Spartan SeriesTitan Controls is among the well-known manufacturers of hydroponic equipment in the Pacific Northwest.

They’ve introduced many great series of gardening equipment that also include the Spartan Series. This humidity controller from the series is among the best models available on the market.

It’s just best for gardeners who prefer simple things. This is the case because you may keep things under control and set everything manually.

The enclosure keeps the hygrometer safe from external conditions such as moisture, dust, and rust. Still, it only weighs about 4.9 pounds, which makes it an easy-to-mount device.

Moreover, you can program this hygrometer easily with a set of knobs. Each set is separately dedicated to controlling humidity, temperature, and CO2.

Above all, this controller offers you control of the environment in your grow tent with an easy-to-understand analog interface.

Finally, the only downside of the Titan hygrometer is it doesn’t offer memory features.



6. Govee WiFi Temperature Humidity Sensor

Govee WiFi Temperature Humidity SensorIf you are looking for a well-rounded humidity controller that you may integrate into your smart home, the Govee WiFi Temperature Humidity Monitor is worth investing in.

Moreover, It is accurate within plus or minus 3% humidity and .3 degrees Celsius. It offers a digital face that is easy to read, and it can send push notifications to your smartphone if the temperature or humidity exceeds a preset range. This model offers about three months of life to the three AAA batteries.

The Govee hygrometer offers a 20-day onboard data log. It can store information in the app for more than two years.

This hygrometer has a digital readout that shows the humidity and temperature. However, it also reports to the Govee Home app, which you may navigate easily.

The best thing about this hygrometer is that it can work with Alexa. This way, you can check the humidity and temperature via voice commands.



7. SensorPush Wireless Thermometer/Hygrometer

SensorPush Wireless Thermometer HygrometerWe’ll be honest right from the start; this is our favorite model on the list. Combining innovation with utility, SensorPush offers you all your preferred requirements.

It looks like some type of cube, but once you connect it to your phone, it gives you all the information. It is the most expensive model on this list.

You will get to look at important graphs and temperature distribution. You may export them as CSV and open them in your Excel. Afterward, you may do an advanced analysis of your grow box statistics.

Needless to say, you will need to install the app- which gives you all the statistics- for instance, whether the average humidity increased or dropped, and can even notify you if any issue appears.



8. ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer

ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer

The TP50 is a handy, mobile, precise humidity and temperature reader with a vast temperature range compared to conventional units.

This model offers accurate and professional readings of the temperature and humidity of your grow tent.

The hygrometer offers you updates about the environmental conditions, including the daily lows and highs of the growing environment.

The best part about the TP50 is its large digits digital readout. It can clearly show you the comfort level, current temperature, current humidity, and min/max temperature and humidity.

The humidity comfort level option notifies you when the tent is normal, wet, or dry. All the tools allow for the optimization of your preferred settings.

The controller’s back is fitted with a retractable stand, a battery compartment, a magnet mount, and a Celsius and Fahrenheit toggle button.



9. AcuRite 01083 Pro Accuracy Monitor for Greenhouse

AcuRite Monitor for Greenhouse

If you’re looking for the best air hygrometer, particularly for indoor use, this is one option that you can opt for. It can monitor both temperature and humidity, ensuring that plants in a grow tent have the ideal environment for healthy growth.

AcuRite 01083 is best for its accuracy. It offers high-tech sensors that read the humidity level every 10 seconds.

It measures relative humidity from 1 to 99%. The color-coded bar offers easy monitoring when the humidity is low, high, or just normal.

However, there’s a downside too, that it doesn’t offer the light feature. This makes it quite difficult to look at the display at night time.



10. NOKLEAD Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer

NOKLEAD Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer

Last but not least, Noklead Hygrometer is here on the list. The Humidity Temperature Gauge with 3.34 inch large LCD display features slim and neat borders. And with the lightweight and portable design, you may take it anywhere.

The Noklead Humidity Temperature Gauge offers multiple mounting options that include: Adherence mount, magnetic back, and tabletop Stand.

The built-in magnet and adhesive pads allow you to stick or place this hygrometer anywhere.

Each battery lasts for about 8-12 months. The Digital Indoor Thermometer refreshes every ten seconds to give you the latest and updated readings.

Finally, The 3-Level Air Comfort Indicator Humidity meter with humidity level icon indicates the air condition quickly with just a glance.



Last Thoughts about the Humidity Controllers For Grow Tent

Conclusively, the indoor temperature with the grow tent relative humidity level has a powerful effect on the weed plants’ moisture content.

Knowing and controlling your grow room climate is the best way to keep your plants in good condition. The right climate controller will give you peace of mind that your plants are in good hands.

Your growing environment’s relative humidity level should be in the range of 30% to 50% at 75°F. A humidity level of 40% would be ideal.

Optimal levels allow you to grow indoors without the fear of your plants being too wet or too dry.

So, invest in a high-quality temp and humidity controller for the grow tent. It’s also important to remember that you need everything in your grow tent to work together harmoniously.

Thus, you must ensure that the hygrometer works well with the grow lights and hydroponics. And, everything is customizable so that as your grow operation changes, you can still continue to use your equipment.

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