Are you just beginning with the indoor gardening? Here is an infographic that will help you get started by providing you with the basic and most important stuff for growing cannabis. If you have the right tools, you can grow cannabis in no time as the plant grow real fast if you provide it the best environment to grow.

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Indoor Grow Area

To decide on a grow area, make sure it is away from the heavy traffic and offers proper ventilation. The light and heat must also not escape from the contained area, while it can also accommodate the length of the plants as they grow tall. The best solution for the perfect grow is a grow tent.


The Eight Most Important Items

1.- Seeds:

The first thing you need is the seed of whatever plant you are planning to grow. If you are growing cannabis, you can have a final smokeable product within four months of plant growth.

2.- Growing Medium:

You need a growing medium to plant the seeds. It can be soil, coco, Rockwool, clay pellets, or perlite.

3.- Nutrients & Minerals:

Most indoor plants use a mix of nutrients, minerals & fertilizers as growing medium with hydroponic systems. You can find some best hydroponic systems on our website to choose from.

4.- Lights:

Lighting is very important for indoor gardens. The modern LED Grow Lights provide both light and heat to the plant. The modern high-tech lights provide light like sunlight. It also regulates heat, but they are not cheap.

You can also choose between HID, LED, CFL, and T5 Fluorescent lighting. The modern and most popular Grow Lights mostly use CFL lights.

You can learn about some of the best LED grow lights on our website.

4.- Breathing & Ventilation:

You can grow the plants in grow tents, in a room, a closet, or a box, but in all cases, you must make sure of ventilation. For best results, you can use grow tents that come with their own ventilation.

6.- Pots with Suitable drainage:

You also need adequate pots or trays to plant seeds. Make sure they also have proper drainage as each pot must have five to six holes.

7.- PH Tester and PPM Tester:

You need PH or PPM Tester (Parts Per Million) to learn about the concentration of minerals in the water.

8.- Microscope or Jeweler’s Loupe:

You need Microscope to have a closer look at your plant’s buds and to check the trichomes.


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