iPower Grow Tent Review [Mylar Hydroponic Top Choices]

ipower hydroponic grow tent review

Your grow tent is the single most important piece of equipment for your hydroponics. Having the best grow tent ensures that your plants get maximum exposure to grow lights and that they grow fast.

You need to have complete control of light, temperature, and humidity. In short, you have to take care of the plants like they are your babies.

The grow tent creates the perfect environment for the weed that optimizes the nutrients and light it needs.

If everything goes right, the buds will turn out exactly how you want. Grow tents complement hydroponic systems which are all the rage now among weed growers.

The system catalyzes growth and makes it easier to take control of that growth.

You can control what goes in and how much goes in.

The iPower Hydroponics Grow Tent is a popular choice among weed enthusiasts and a personal favorite for me.

But keeping my views aside let’s look at what really qualifies as the best indoor grow tent.



iPower Hydroponic Grow Tent Overview

The iPower Mylar Grow Tent takes all the guesswork out as it comes complete with everything you could need with a grow tent.

This top-rated grow tent comes with a tool bag and floor tray. There is an observation window too that lets you take a peek at your babies. The area of the grow tent is 5’ x 5’.

Let’s talk about the frame first because this is the highlight of this grow tent. The heavy-duty metal frame can withstand a weight of 110 pounds easily. It is made of high-quality materials with sharp metal edges that ensure strong support.

The observation window has a plastic cover sealing that lets you see in without needing to step in the tent. Whatever accessories you need into your tent, you can find in the toolbox that comes with the grow tent. You do not need any tools to install this tent though.

The ventilation system of this grow tent is what makes it the best grow tent for weed. There are double-layer ventilation ducting holes and bottom windows. The excess heat escapes through these openings keeping the temperature optimal for the plants.

The removable water-resistant Mylar tray makes it easy to clean up the grow tent. The tray has security straps that ensure the tray stays in place. You just have to remove the tray and get rid of all the trash.

The company iPower gives a 1-year warranty for this product. It is a popular brand for hydroponic products that produce high-quality tools and equipment for indoor growing.



Pros & Cons of the Mylar iPower Indoor Grow Tent

  • Pros

The grow tent reviews reveal that iPower Mylar Grow Tent is one of the best grow tents you can find online for growing weed. It is easy to install and does not require much work on your part. Everything used in making this grow tent is high-quality.

It ensures your plants get maximum light absorption. The grow tent saves energy and has a reflective rate of 95%. Most of the light is absorbed by the plants giving them ample fuel to grow fast. This is also made possible because of the zippers that are sturdy and smooth.

The main benefit of having such a grow tent for your indoor plants is that it is quite easy to work with. The assembly will only take a short time and you will not even require any tools. With a one-year warranty, it is a safe purchase.

  • Cons

The grow tent is largely reflective of light but there is some leakage in the zippers. The zipper itself is heavy-duty and the seams are strong too. However, some light still manages to escape between the teeth of the zipper.



Other iPower Grow Tent Sizes & Options

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iPower 36x36x7236"x36"x72"check price button
iPower 48x24x6048"x24"x60"check price button
iPower 48x48x7848"x48"x78"check price button
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iPower 96x48x7880"x80"x78"check price button
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Criteria to Choose the Best Grow Tent for your Needs

The best grow tent should do what it is designed to do i.e. make sure the plants get almost all the light and everything is regulated and controlled. They do not take much space indoors and are perfect for growing a handful of plants. Size, materials, and constructions are the three main things you need to check out.

A medium-sized tent is a good option as it is big enough to house a few big plants. But then again, size is dependent on space availability in your home. If you have a bigger space, then, by all means, go for the large size. Usually the bigger the size of the grow tent, the pricier it is. However, the price difference is not that significant. It all comes down to what you really need when we talk about the size of the grow tent.

The zipper is one thing that easily goes unnoticed. If the zipper is of poor quality, it will not last long. What would be the point of having a grow tent if you cannot zip it up? Canvas density and vents socks are two more things you need to be concerned about. The canvas has to be sturdy if you want your grow tent to last at least a few years. You cannot expect much from a cheap grow tent with a mediocre canvas.

I have said this before and I will say it again: weight capacity is vital. The frames should be able to withstand more weight than you want. Consider this a rule of thumb when buying a grow tent for growing weed.

It does not hurt if the tent is easy to put together. Most indoor grow tents are indeed simple to put together and take apart which makes them portable too. As for brands, there are numerous choices, and unless you have a personal favorite, and should be good as long as the product is good. Grow tent reviews can give you an insight into which manufacturers are more popular (iPower is one of the popular ones, by the way).


iPower cannabis grow tent


Wrapping Things Up about the iPower Grow Tent

iPower is a brand that promises to deliver and that is exactly what it does with this grow tent. I say that after using it and growing some of the best strains I have ever grown. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants the best for their money and nothing else.


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