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Jack Herer Strain

Jack herer strain
  • THC 18% 18%
  • CBG 1% 1%
  • Sativa 80% 80%
  • Indica 20% 20%
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Jack Herer is another Sativa-heavy strain of 80% Sativa and 20% indica. It is named after the famous cannabis author Jack Herer. This strain has many medical properties and gives an energizing high. Jack Herer is another great wake-and-bake strain that can get you ready for a day of work.

Also known as premium jack, this strain gives one a clear head and boosts creative thinking as well. Created in the Netherlands, this strain can help put you in a joyful mood. Its high lasts for over an hour, and it has a piney scent to it.

Jack Herer gives you an equal mix of cerebral and physical effects. The nugs are dark green with plenty of orange pistils. Brown-colored trichomes cover the nugs as well.



This is another energy-boosting strain that contains 18% THC. It is mainly used to decrease the effects of stress and anxiety. You can smoke this strain after a long day to ease the body and mind.

Jack Herer provides more of a mellow high that can put you in a good mood. People have reported feeling physically stimulated after smoking this strain. Unfortunately, its side effects include a dry mouth and loss of appetite.


Jack Herer Usage

  • Can help relieve migraines
  • Helps boosts creativity
  • Lessens the effects of depression
  • It can help you feel calm before work
  • Great for chronic pain



Jack Herer has an almost herbal flavor with undertones of pine. Its earthy flavor is enjoyable, with notes of woodiness. Some users find its flavor to have notes of spice in it too.



Just like its flavor, Jack Herer also has a slightly spicy scent. When you spark this strain, there is a slight hint of citrus, along with a floral odor.


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