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King Plus 1000w LED Grow Light Review – Top Choice!

King Plus 1000w LED Grow Light 9

Establishing your own greenhouse is not as hard as many seem to believe. One who intends must be aware of how to grow healthy plants and what exactly they need.

Being aware of the efforts and requirements, you need to invest smartly and put your efforts in the right place. I, like many others, looked to invest in the Best lights for growing weed, but also not overlooking my budget.

As I intended to grow my own cannabis for medical reasons, I looked up Fluorescent or HID (High-Intensity Discharge) grow lights products and although they are high-end products, they are high-end on the wallet as well! However, I came across a Chinese brand, King LED that offered a few budget-friendly LED lights without compromising on quality.

After a thorough search for the best LED grow light for growing weed, and reading through many LED grow lights reviews, I find the King LED 1000w LED Grow Light perfect for indoor greenhouse vegetables and flowers. Here are the reasons why?

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The Perfect Grow Light

If you are like me, starting up or running an already established indoor greenhouse, then you must know what to look for when buying the perfect grow light.

As we know, indoor plants need a complete light spectrum in order to bloom with quality. Besides sunlight, plants can also receive this light spectrum from proper grow light.

The best grow light must have less electricity consumption and exert less heat when in return as some grow lights that project a high level of heat causes damage to the plant’s growth.

The durability of the product and the light coverage of the grow light also play an important role when evaluating the best.

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Power up – King Led 1000w Full Spectrum

Besides being under $150, King LED is among the best LED grow lights because it consumes only 185 watts of electricity. This means that your electrical bill will be half in use as compared to the electricity consumption of HID or fluorescent grow lights. If you want to cut your energy bills, this is a good option.


Heat Balance

When talked about full-spectrum, it means bright light. Now I know the questions running through your head, a nice bright light means a high generation of heat and excess heat may damage the plant growth.

This becomes another reason for King LED 1000w to be the best grow light in the budget. King LED 1000w is equipped with 10w double chips LED that is not only designed for luminous projections but also to keep the heat in balance in comparison to the projection.

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Spectrum Coverage

The light spectrum coverage is designed to cover a small area of about 3.4 x3.8 ft.  As I was using these lights to grow cannabis, I set up a small grow area, where I hung the King LED grow light above just to cover the required area.

Keep in mind that when using LED grow lights, the light projection has to be adjusted accordingly to avoid burning the bud of the plant.

These LED lights together with my required grow area, gave the best lights for growing weed. It offers full spectrum coverage, which in simple words means it imitates sunlight.

The light includes white, yellow, red, blue, UV, and IR.  This light combo is perfect for indoor hydroponic plants.

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Benefits of the King Led Veg & Flower

  • The product is a great energy saver when compared to HID/fluorescent grow lights.
  • It is an easy setup installation.
  • Generates less heat.
  • Projects complete light spectrum, giving higher luminous efficiency and better dispersion of light for the plants.
  • Has a global voltage range of 85v-265v
  • The product warranty is for three years.
  • It can be used for all plant types and growth stages.
  • Timer Controlled

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Drawbacks Observed

Even though this light offers the best value for your money, there are still a few concerns listed below.

  • Though the LED lights emanate 1000w light,  it is just equivalent to a 400-watt HID grow light
  • Single King LED light is not suitable for a bigger plant or grow area. If you have a bigger growing area, then you will have to invest in multiple LED lights for proper coverage.


Wrapping up King Plus 1000w LED Grow Light.

When you weigh the pros over the cons, King LED 1000w grow light is definitely among the best lights for growing weeds to put your hands on if just starting off with a small indoor greenhouse. In most of the LED grow light reviews, it is listed as the best grow light.

All in all, if you are buying this one, the time and money will be well spent. If you have any issues, King LED has very good customer support that will definitely guide you through.

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