Grow Light Reviews

Led Grow Light Reviews

If you grow indoor plants, LED grow light may just be your best bet for providing necessary lighting. While you have other options like HID or Fluorescent, it may not be as good as LED in terms of functionality and ease.

What you are essentially looking for in an LED grow light is the right fit for your plants and the built-in cooling system. LED grow lights have gotten so popular because they do not heat up your buds. It should ideally consume less electricity at least in comparison with HPS grow lights. I believe any LED grow lights that show consistent growth in your plants is the best lights for growing weed.

If it provides the right amount of light, the result should be visible in a matter of days.


LED Grow Lights | Buyer’s guide

Before you buy your first LED grow light, you must make sure it meets the requirement for your plants.

There are a number of factors you must consider prior to the purchase. For instance, quality, the grow tent coverage area, ease of installation, and the warranty/guarantee.


  • Quality & Lifespan of the Led Grow Light

One of the most important things you need to consider is the quality of the grow light. That makes a significant impact on the life of the LED light, the “LIFESPAN”. Something that’s made of the quality material can last you over a decade or even more.

The quality can often be determined by the brand name. Ever since the recent trend of growing plants at home, many new players have entrenched the markets. This gives you more choice but also makes things a bit difficult as you have to analyze each product in-depth in order to choose the best option.


  • Grow Light Efficiency & Coverage Area

Efficiency is another factor you wouldn’t want to miss. Since the LED light will be turned on for about half if not the whole day, you may want to keep a check on those electricity bills.

Something important to take into account is the wattage and the height. You have to ensure you are getting the right wattage output for the plant.

If you buy a light that covers a far wider area than you need, that would lead to more wastage of energy.


  • Wavelength & Lifecycle

Then the type of plant you want to grow also makes a huge difference. You will want to choose a light that has the right wavelength spectrum to meet the needs for achieving fast growth and meets the needs of the different life phases.

Another essential feature is the timer that helps you keep track of the light and dark hours for optimal growth.

This is very important for the different stages of plant growth and flowering. So, if you need a LED grow light for all the stages of the plant’s lifecycle, then you need the full-spectrum lights that are the closest to natural sunlight. However, if you are looking for something for a particular stage only, there are LED lights that do not come with a full spectrum.


Closing with Led Grow Lights Reviews

It is also wise to do your homework and read up on another user of indoor LED grow lights reviews for a better understanding of each kind of LED grow light.

Also, be sure to check out the light modes; you may find these lights have different modes, for instance, there’s the bloom mode, the veg mode, etc. These help you customize the settings according to the phase of the lifecycle.

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