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Levo II

The cannabis industry is gaining popularity day by day. The negative connotation that weed once carried has comparatively reduced now, and consuming weed is normalized.

There are alternatives to smoking pot in the modern day; the most famous is making edibles.

With the advent of technology, machines like the Levo ii have changed the traditional methods of making cannabutter.

There are several ways to make edibles, but the actual task is to make the oil or butter.

The Levo 2 Oil and Butter Infuser is the stop shop for all your infusion needs.


Have you ever wanted to infuse your own oils?

The LEVO II is a countertop oil infusion machine. It’s designed for the home kitchen, and it can do more than just infuse oils with herbs.

You can also use it to dehydrate fresh botanicals, but perhaps the most remarkable feature of this kitchen appliance is how effectively it “decarbs” dried herbs and activate them.

This means that when you use our device to activate your herb before cooking with it, you will be able to extract all of its medicinal properties!

And if you want an extra boost from your food or drink, simply add some activated herb into whatever recipe you’re making! You’ll never have another meal without some infused goodness again.

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Features of Levo 2 Machine

Levo II is a chic modern-day herbal oil and butter infusion machine. Vaporizers cannot extract all the THC from your cannabis plant, but Levo 2 machine helps maximize extraction. This is a noticeable function of this appliance.

The Levo 2 machine is about 13 inches tall and is available in five colors. It looks similar to a coffee maker and occupies minimum space on your kitchen counter.

It has a ceramic reservoir, a stirrer made of silicon, and power pods. These accessories are dishwasher safe. The website offers more additions to make gummies etc.

You can connect this machine to wifi and pair it with the Levo 2 app. It allows you to program your infusions.

This easy-to-clean appliance comes with several options.

The three settings are;

  • Dry, Activate (decarb), and Infuse


Levo 2 oil infuser


Levo ii Features

  • Set, save, and store your favorite settings
  • Easily monitor your infusions over wifi using the LĒVO app
  • Smell Control – reduce the aroma disbursement
  • Ceramic-coated, slanted reservoir
  • Infuse up to 16 oz of oil or butter with herbs
  • Do not infuse with alcohol
  • Power Pod doubles the herb capacity for more potent oils
  • Precise time and temperature controls
  • Make cleanup a breeze with dishwasher
  • No additives, solvents, or emulsifiers required
  • Teflon Free and Non-Toxic


Levo II can also prepare honey and glycerine at home. It does not create a mess and is also efficient.

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How Does it Work?

The Levo 2 oil infuser offers multiple controls to allow customized herbal infusion.

You can set the timer and the temperature. Lock the unit and manage the rest from the digital screen.

You can connect it to the Levo app through your mobile phone.

So how exactly does it work?

The first step is to place the LEVO oil and butter infuser on a flat surface and plug the power cord into an electric outlet. You have to hold the power button until the machine turns on.

Once the machine is on, you open the lid. Press the release button to remove the reservoir and all of the removable parts. Wash the removable parts thoroughly before you place them back in your Levo machine.

Now you add your ingredients to the herb pod. Put on the silicon cap and place your herb pod back into the reservoir carefully.

Place the magnetic stirrer properly before adding 150 to 500 ml of butter or oil to the reservoir. The contents of the herb pod should be dipped into the liquid completely.

Press the cycle button to choose dry or activate. Levo 2 suggests time and temperature by itself, and you can adjust them as well. Now all you have to do is press start to continue with the infusion.


Levo 1 vs. Levo 2

Both of the Levo products are modern and efficient machines that are compact.

The original Levo 1 is a small machine. It is simplistic and is available in four colors.

Since it is smaller in size than the Levo 2, it processes small amounts of butter at a time. On the other hand, the Levo 2 oil infuser is double of Levo 1 in size and can process a greater quantity.

However, Levo 1 can still complete the infusion without creating a mess, the same as Levo 2.

Moreover, it can be easily placed anywhere in your kitchen due to its compactness.

On the contrary, Levo 2 is a giant machine that introduced a lot of new features. It carboxylates and infuses oil by itself. Furthermore, it offers an activation cycle.

It comes with a giant power pod and can hold more herbs for a better and more potent taste. So this is the breakdown of Levo 1 vs. Levo 2.

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Similarities Between Levo 1 and Levo 2

  • They both have temperature control.
  • Both offer a temperature range of 0-93’C
  • They offer infusion
  • Power pods
  • All removable parts are dishwasher friendly


Differences between Levo ii and Levo ii

  • Height
  • Width
  • Depth
  • Levo 2 offers wifi connectivity
  • Levo 2 can decarboxylate and dehydrate


Levo 2 review


Frequent Answers to questions.


How Much Does Levo 2 Cost?

Levo 2 costs around $300 to $350, which may be a downside for some people, but if you’re a cannabis enthusiast, this model is worth the investment.

While rethinking, ask yourself if you genuinely desire to make cannabis-infused oil at home. If yes, then you’ll have to add this machine to your kitchen counter.


Is the Levo 2 Worth Buying?

The Levo 2 might revolutionize making cannabis-infused butter, but it has a hefty price tag.

I would only recommend Levo 2 if your heart goes out to a perfectly infused butter and if you have the budget for it.

However, the end product that Levo 2 offers is quite promising. That makes it a tough decision.

If you wish to have homemade glycerine, honey, and other products, I recommend Levo 2 because it creates top-notch infused ingredients for anything. But your choice to buy Levo 2 depends on the number of infused ingredients you want to make.

Another drawback of Levo 2 is that it creates a strong post-infusion smell that lasts in your kitchen for about two hours. This stench can be unusual for other house members.

Nevertheless, other Levo 2 reviews do claim that this product delivers the price.

Modern-day inventions are costly, and after all, this is your botanical decarboxylator and dehydrator.

According to the popular Levo 2 reviews, it offers ease of use and a variety of functions. It is also durable and seems like a one-time investment with a few drawbacks.

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Does the Levo 2 Decarb?

Yes, the Levo II decarbs cannabis. The machine is a dual-purpose infusion maker with one chamber for making oils and another for butter or coconut oil. It’s designed to reach temperatures of up to 220°F without burning your herbs so you get more concentrated cannabinoids when it comes time to make edibles!


Does Levo ii Make Tincture?

Yes, you are able to make your own cannabis tincture with the Levo II. The process of making a cannabis tincture is to boil alcohol and then combine it with ground plant material, after which you can let the mixture sit for up to two weeks.


levo 2 infuser


Wrapping Up with the Levo II Review

Although most of the Levo 2 reviews recommend the product, I say that you have to make a wise decision.

The new features that Levo 2 offers are some things that I haven’t seen in other infusers. It also seems efficient and safe to use. It saves you from the traditional methods as well.

But, Levo 2 comes with the drawback of a lingering stench and a high price. You could find cheaper infusers in the market.

However, the decision to keep a Levo 2 machine on your kitchen counter solely depends on two things.

Is this product your absolute necessity?

Do you have the money for it?

I hope this review helps you to make your decision.

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