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What is Live Rosin Wax & How to Make it | Concentrate Experience

Live rosin wax

​Cannabis consumption is not as simple as it was in the past. It is no longer about just getting the bong and lighter ready. Nowadays, a variety of new THC products are available in the market.

For instance, live rosin is such a product that can sweep the cannabis concentrate industry. It is the most expensive product you may find at dispensaries. But is it worth this hype?

Well, live rosin wax includes absolutely no solvents. Besides, manufacturers produce it with terpene-rich and trichome plants.

Live rosin offers you the experience of the purest flavor from the finest weed in the market. Therefore, true connoisseurs pick live rosin up whenever they get it.

In this article, we’ll walk you through all the important details about an amazing cannabis concentrate named live rosin.


What Is Live Rosin?

In essence, Rosin is a concentrate produced with pressure and heat from a T-shirt press, hair straightener, or something similar.

You may consider that live rosin refers to freshly frozen plants that manufacturers of rosin press into concentrates.

However, you can’t just get a frozen plant from the refrigerator and keep it in the press.

Still, there will be moisture if you boil the water with terpenes and cannabinoids; this will destroy the quality of the final product.

Thus, you’ll have to create ice wax with quality fresh-frozen items to allow the concentrate to dry before the press.


Live Resin vs. Live Rosin: What Is The Difference?

The difference between live rosin and live resin is much more than just a vowel.

These concentrates are different in purity and extraction methods. In essence, live rosin is a solventless concentrate, and live resin is a solvent-based concentrate.

In addition, live rosin needs full-melt bubble hash from that fresh plant matter before the press. On the other hand, live resin is made from fresh, flash-frozen plant matter via closed-loop recapture and BHO methods.

However, because both of them involve fresh plant matter, they are among the most enjoyable, flavorful, and high-end concentrates you can get.


How to Make Live Rosin?

The secret of good live rosin is ensuring the quality of bubble hash is good. People may want rosin abundant with trichome and terpene.


Live Rosin Wax Ingredients

To make live rosin, you need:

  • A sink and a sprayer
  • A metal tablespoon
  • Two buckets
  • 220-micron filter hand washing bag
  • Bubble Hash Bags with a 25-micron drying sheet
  • Dried cannabis
  • 14 pounds of ice
  • Hand washer


Method to Make Live Rosin

The following is the method of making live rosin.

  • First, keep the 25-micron drying screen on a paper towel and set it aside.
  • Second, keep one-third of the ice in the hand washer. Put weed in the hand washer and hand wash bag and one-third more of the ice on top.
  • Third, put the leftover ice in the machine and pour the water.
  • Now, mix the marijuana for about 12 minutes.
  • Then, take a break for 10 minutes for the trichomes to settle in the bottom.
  • Next, put the bubble bag in the bucket.
  • Now, drain the washer into the bucket. Pull up the outermost bag after draining the machine, and put it in any other bucket.
  • Then, use a sprayer for washing the hash toward the bag’s center. Pull the bag’s edges down for the bag to rise to the top. Gather the wet hash and keep it on the drying screen.
  • Now, again collect hash for the bags remaining and do extraction for large bits.
  • Finally, get the spoon for chopping the hash into small portions and wait for 30 minutes to let it dry. Repeat the step again to ensure proper dry.


The bubble hash will get ready within two days. Afterward, you may now go for extraction of live rosin.

For extraction, you’ll need:

  • Parchment paper
  • A Rosin press
  • A 36 or 72-micron filter bag


First, keep the hash in the filter bag. Then, fold the parchment paper, and put the bagged bubble hash in it.

Next, set the temperature, and press the bag for extraction. Don’t go beyond 220 degrees Fahrenheit.

The extracts that will be flowing on the parchment paper are the live rosin. Again perform this step. Now, scrape off the extracts and keep them in an airtight silicone container.


What is live rosin


How to Store Live Rosin

If you buy solventless rosin from a dispensary, you’ll get it in a plastic container as it is more cost-effective. However, plastic is not an appropriate material to store dabs.

Thus, if you rely on plastic containers, then here’s why you must use glass instead.

From a commercial viewpoint, plastic containers for packaging concentrates are alright. They are light and cheap.

However, plastic is a much less practical storage solution for dabs. If truth be told, it is a downright irritating material for hyper-sticky solventless rosins. Retrieving all the concentrate from a plastic container may be a daunting task.

On the other hand, glass is an inert and incredibly stable material that does not include leach by-products in the concentrates. This is why glass is an excellent choice to store concentrates for the long term. Notably, the durability of glass makes it non-prone to wear and tear.

Best of all, glass is endlessly reusable. Besides, you may also heat glassware without any worry about plastic contamination.

Honestly, the only downside to glassware is that it’s likely to break when dropped. However, for a non-breakable short-term storage solution, you must use silicone containers.


Ways to Consume Live Rosin

In essence, rosin is an all-around concentrate that you can enjoy in various methods. The following are some of the most common ways to consume live rosin.


Baking It into an Edible

You may bake rosin into an edible. If you want to maximize the potency of an edible, decarboxylate it before infusion. However, if you just want a quick fix, add it raw directly into any recipe or food and liquid,


Adding It to the Bowl or Bong

You may sprinkle rosin on top of your favorite bowl. Just keep it in your bowl and light it up. This way, it will turn into a sappy oil melting in the bowl and covering the bud with a glistening glow.



You may crush up and roll rosin into a joint, spliff, or blunt. Just bear in mind to dry it out first. Alternatively, heat it up and spread it over the rolling paper with an applicator tool.



If you have a vaporizer that you may use with cannabis concentrates, just load up your rosin for vaping. You may prepare rosin-infused e-juice yourself, too, in just a few steps.



Lastly, if you want to maximize taste and flavor, you may go for rosin dabs. Dabbing concentrates brings out the terpenes and makes you enjoy multiple aromas and flavors that each strain includes. You may need the best dab rig or a dab straw.


What are Live Rosin Carts?

Nowadays, rosin carts have been multiplying in cannabis dispensaries.

As a full melt hash oil, the simplest method of rosin consumption is by vaping it at high temperatures, similar to shatter or wax. The viscous and thick consistency of rosin makes it hard to vape at low temperatures.

However, as rosin is popular for its potency and flavor, cannabis producers are working to find a solution. Through trial and error and fine-tuning, producers figured out a way of cutting the rosin’s consistency without diluting the quality and strength or quality.

Due to this, you may get rosin in a standard vape cart that you may screw into a normal pen for simple, on-the-go consumption.


Live rosin


Live Rosin vs. Rosin: What Is The Difference?

Rosin is extracted from dried flowers, kief, or hash. On the other hand, live Rosin is extracted from frozen or fresh flowers that were never dried or cured.

Then, what is it that is different? The answer is terpenes.

Live rosin is flavorful for its freshness; this attributes to the monoterpenes of fresh cannabis.

Additionally, live rosin is different from rosin in looks. It has an opaque look that resembles honey or wax.


Last Thoughts about Live Rosin

Consequently, we dive into the relevant details about live rosin above. Live rosin has been in discussion in the extracts community.

For many, live rosin is on the rise and has become more in demand. Well, for ultra-premium solventless live rosin, making the full-spectrum, solventless bubble hash is a pre-requirement.

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