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Mac 1 Strain | Miracle Alien Cookies

Mac 1 Strain
  • THC 23% 23%
  • CBD -% -%
  • Sativa 50% 50%
  • Indica 50% 50%
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Mac 1 is called Miracle Alien Cookies, a cross between Starfighter and Colombian Landrace. Dark Heart Nursery bred this hybrid strain in California. However, it is rarely available since Mac 1 has Colombian Sativa genetics.

With a high THC content of 23%, Mac 1 is only recommended for people with a high THC tolerance. Thus, it is ideal for medical marijuana patients looking to treat muscle pain and joint problems.

Some varieties of Mac 1 have as high as 30% THC content. Thus, it can produce psychedelic effects in beginners with low THC tolerance.

Mac 1 has a creamy terpene profile which imparts an intense aroma and flavor to the strain. It has dense and thick nugs covered with trichomes. Beneath the thick milky trichomes, you notice purple and green hues, making this strain eye-catching.


Effects of MAC 1 Strain

Mac 1 produces strong effects which enhance cerebral activity and alter physical effects. Due to its intensely euphoric effect, Mac 1 is ideal for an early evening smoke session.

A few inhales can boost your mood and make you more creative and productive. Mac 1 will make you feel physically relaxed if you have a high THC tolerance. The effects start to kick in almost immediately after a few puffs.

If you’re not used to a high THC strain, you will find yourself couch-locked before dozing into a deep slumber. Mac 1 also makes some users hazy.



  • Relief from depression
  • Eases anxious thoughts
  • Treats physical pain
  • Helps ease migraines
  • Treats muscle pain
  • Treats joint inflammation


Miracle Alien Flavor

Mac 1 is a flavorful strain due to its high terpene profile. However, it has a sour taste with diesel notes accentuated by spicy herbs and citrus aftertaste.


Its Scent

Mac 1 smells like citrus fruits, including grapefruit, lemons, limes, and oranges. Some terpenes also impart a pine and coniferous smell. Mac 1 gives off a spicy and peppery aroma when you burn the nugs.


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