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Top 15 Common Myths about Drug Testing | Unravel the Drug Test Myths

drug test myths

​When the idea of drug addiction treatment comes forth, the question about rehab and other outcomes resurfaces.

People always worry whether it will negatively influence their job positions or change the type of drugs.

Similarly, other people will worry about paying for the test or ready to undergo the test.

In most cases, such concerns stem from the fact that various people channel pervasive myths. However, the earlier you understand them; the you are better placed and have peace of mind.

Drug tests are somewhat intimidating, more so if you have never done them before. It even gets worse if you have been using a drug, and it doesn’t matter the brands I used before.

Without a doubt, you have previously had research done to beat around the idea of drug tests and modes of administration.

Therefore, before you get sunk on beliefs that don’t hold water in most cases, read below some of the myths you might be getting used to.


1. Only Two Drug Test Exist

The assumption that only two types of tests are possible has gained ground among many people. The majority believe that urine screening and hair follicle testing are in existence.

Other types of screening include nails, blood, and saliva tests. The blood sample tests aren’t widely used due to the expensive nature, and drug traces get out of your system in a day or two.

Similarly, the saliva test is not reliable, mostly if it is conducted incorrectly. Nevertheless, the saliva test is being slowly accepted since they are relatively simple to administer and less costly.

Equally, oral fluid testing is widespread as it should since the reliable last test result can detect drugs in a day or two.


2. Water Dilutes the Urine

The idea of taking water in excess before undergoing a drug test isn’t advisable either way as it contributes to the dilution of any drugs in your system.

In practice, what is mainly affected is the amount of creatinine that is in the urine? And in most cases, such a result will lead to positive or negative dilute depending on the results.

When the authorities administering the test are strict, a rescreening will be required, and if it is a court case, you will be treated as a highly suspect, and a second test will be administered.


3. Vinegar Masks the Drug

Point blank, don’t try doing this. The chances are high that you will be sicker, and as much as it will mask every substance, it isn’t right.

In most cases, it will affect your pH levels, especially of the urine, and will be a reason for suspicion, and a second screening will be demanded.

Trying to defraud authorities by concealing the test is an act of criminal offense in most states worldwide.


4. Getting Affected by Passive Smoke

Due to movies’ influence, most people view that contact from secondhand smoke will lead to a positive drug test. The truth is that it is impossible.

So that a test is considered a positive urinalysis, the THC levels need to hit 50 nanograms. The individual from secondhand smoke merely hits 2ng/ml.

However, staying in environments where you are exposed to much smoke makes the temptation to smoke and try the drugs. If that’s you, be smart and act swiftly such that you move to environments where the smoke will be less than you can’t handle.


myths about drug testing


5. Only Head Hair is Used for Follicle Tests

When you have your head clean-shaven, you will think you are safe from any test done to you by the authorities.

That is simply an indication that you will have to donate hair from another part of your body, such as the legs, arms, underarms, or chest hair.

It is OK to stay with a shaved head; you will have some extra days before the test is done but be aware that you risk being demanded to undertake a urinalysis or blood test.

Further, it can even be the basis for disqualification if it was a job offer.


6. Drug Test is Rights Violation

Like a drunk driver will be demanded to give out a breath sample to gauge if they are high on something, employers, in most cases, seek to screen candidates to lay a basis on whether to employ or deny employment.

The simple fact here is when you decide to work in a drug-free company, laying the foundation for your employer to seek drug-free compliance.

In most cases, it is done so that the company’s insurance premiums are not high.

When you know that random tests are done, you are often deterred from being tempted to use illicit drugs.


7. The Use of Drugs at Your Own Free Time

It is OK to say that what you do in your free time shouldn’t worry about your boss.

It does matter since the use of drugs results to slow reaction time. In the long run, your continuous usage can result to hurt somebody or even you.

Therefore, the drug test is for the sole purpose of preventing injury and death, which isn’t an infringement on what you do when free.


8. One Can Use Detoxifying Agents

The truth is that there exists no 100% sure-fire way to detox your body from drugs except by only refraining from inducting your body into them.

Your body has its natural mechanisms of detoxing through kidneys, and it takes time for whatever drug is ingested to be wiped out.


9. Drug Tests are Questionable

Professionally, the widely used drug test is the urinalysis and is found to be very accurate.

When a proper screening is conducted, confirmation of the test alongside other reviews and verification by physicians, false-positive can never happen.


10. Exercise Helps Beat Drug Test

To some extent, exercise may help sufficiently detoxify your body from any THC traces after undergoing strenuous. It happens typically essentially when the test is some days away.

However, that doesn’t hold water. For an individual who has the habit of using drugs more often, it would not work.

Therefore, don’t wait to be in for a rude shock by trying to exercise in a bid to flush out the drug from your system.


11. Dog Urine Can Help Pass the Drug Test

The idea of using dog urine as a specimen for drug tests doesn’t help. It is quickly flagged off as unacceptable and can land you in more trouble.


12. Saliva Pot Test is Safe

It is one common myth that ought to be refuted with the most critical term possible. The spit drug test is indeed easy for drug detection.

It becomes a famous test since it is inexpensive to administer, and results can be obtained instantly.

What it doesn’t capture is marijuana, which can’t be substantiated under 24 hours.


drug screening tests myth.


13. You Will Test Negative within 30 Days After You Quit Smoking Marijuana

The reality is that there is no fast and hard rule on the time frame for flushing cannabis from one’s system.

There are several factors involved before you can test positive after cessation of using cannabis.

Some of the variables include the quality of the product, method of use, the frequency of use, metabolism, body chemistry, and body fat.

Avid users have been known to test positive for not less than two months following cessation.


14. Addition of Adulterants Cleans Your Urine Free of All Drugs

Using adulterants can get you into trouble as these substances will change the PH levels in the urine.

Laboratories today can test for many contaminants commonly used to mask drug use.

The lab technicians are continually updating testing methods as new adulterants enter the market.


15. Urine Tests are the Only Pre-Employment Drug Screening Tests

Although urine tests are the most common drug screening, they are not the only type of test needed for an adequate drug screening regimen.

For instance, saliva and blood can be used to determine if one is currently under drugs’ influence.

A hair test can be used to detect habitual drug use in the past.


Last Thoughts about the Drug Test Myths

Many reasons employers or schools want to screen you for drugs aren’t to see the brand used before but are severe reasons.

It would be best if you were insightful to accurately debunk the myths and beliefs that cannot be proven whatsoever.

Therefore, if still in doubt, the only way you can ensure the screening is negative is absolute abstinence.

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