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Nugg Club Review | High-Quality Marijuana in the Mail!


nugg club box

Ordering online has nothing futuristic about it anymore; it has become our life. And it’s not just limited to your food, clothing, or gifts; it also includes your monthly cannabis subscription box for Los Angeles, California.

Nugg club is the first handpicked and customized weed subscription box that is delivered to your doorstep.

Curated by experts and personalized according to your preference, the Nugg Club provides you with goodies from top brands and certified cannabis curators.

These brands include Tradecraft farms, Ember Valley, Friendly Farms, Cream of the Crop, and Kurvana.



Try New Cannabis Products without the Hassle?

Nugg Club is a monthly subscription box that delivers top-shelf products to your door at 50-60% off retail prices. We’ll learn what you like and how much you want, so our experts can curate a personalized selection of premium cannabis products just for you!

Take the 1-minute quiz now and we’ll get started on your first box today. No fees, no hassle – just great weed delivered right to your door every month.

Action: Click here to start receiving high-quality marijuana in the mail!

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What Does Nugg Club’s Subscription Box Provide?

Have you ever heard about the Nugg club? Let me share my experience with you.

I wanted to avoid weekly hauls through underground markets, so I subscribed to the Nugg Club.

What I had to do was take a minute-long quiz and select my preferences. I had a strenuous routine, so I scheduled the delivery accordingly. The delivery was on time, as scheduled.

The delivery guy was pleasant, and their car was unidentified. I liked that no one could tell what was inside or that the box came from the Nugg club.

My parcel was a fancy cardboard carton box, quite well packed. This was what they call the ‘mystery box.’

Inside, it had edible granola clusters and a lot of little notes.

Plus, the nugg club box had a rechargeable vape battery, jars of flowers, and pre-rolled joints. The bottom of the box also had a quirky message, “Stop looking at my bottom.”

I must be honest: A thoughtfully crafted cannabis box is not something I expected.

All in all, if you want to be discreet about buying cannabis, then this home delivery service is an effective way to purchase weed.

Moreover, you can also get a Nugg club subscription service. It’s a good way to find out the new products, select the right items, and know about other offers by the Nugg Club’s.


nugg club subscription box


How much is a Nugg Club Subscription box?

Each Nugg club`s box costs $99 but has a retail value of more than $225. If you buy these products individually, they would cost you around $200- $250 or more. But if you get Nugg, it would save you the money.


What Comes in a NUGG box?

A Nugg Club box includes the following.

  • Five to seven products
  • Few add ons
  • Preferred strains
  • A pack of pre-rolled joints
  • Cannabis-infused granola clusters
  • Vapes
  • Flowers
  • A rechargeable vape battery


These Nugg perks come as a surprise to the customer; therefore, it is like a mystery box. In many of the Nugg Club reviews, you will see it is termed as a mini ‘present’ that pops up at your door.

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Is NUGG Club Legal?

According to the CA law, cannabis has been legal for medical and recreational use. You have to be over 21 to receive your order.

If you’re under 18, you will need a doctor’s recommendation for your Nugg club subscription service.


Is the Nugg Club Box Worth It?

Nugg team spends their time customizing boxes of cannabis. These cartons contain about seven products. They are affordable and easy to order.

You can take an online quiz and choose your favorite items. You can select the strain as well; the Nugg team selects the top brands and packs their products for you.

If you’re amongst cannabis users looking to get Nugg, I would recommend that you get its doorstep delivery of personalized cannabis. It saves you the time of looking for a perfect blend.

Even though Nugg provides you with a personalized mix, it still costs 50% below retail.

If you don’t like a delivered product, you can always give them feedback or look for other cannabis providers.

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Nugg Box Delivery

Nugg allows you to schedule your delivery. This nugg delivery is offered every month depending on your order frequency, and it takes seven to eight days to deliver your order.

Once they dispatch your order, you can trace it via an app. A good thing about Nugg club is its excellent customer support.

You can also cancel your order without cancellation fees. If you want to reschedule it, that is also an option.

Plus, the delivery guys are well informed and can also talk to you about the product.



  • Good quality weed
  • Inexpensive cannabis
  • Neat packaging
  • Customized box
  • Scheduled delivery
  • Easy order cancellation



  • Delayed delivery
  • You can’t check your mystery items.
  • Includes new products that you may have never used before


Nugg Club Boxes


Wrapping Up with the Nugg Club’s

You’ll find many of the reviews, especially the Nugg club reviews, recommend their product.

The quality, price, and customization are good, so if you can put up with delayed delivery and ‘mystery’ box, you may check it out.

And if you do wish to check it out, I would recommend trying the Nugg Club box first since it has all the benefits inside.

Moreover, if their products meet your expectations, you can opt to become a club member.

    Get the Nugg Club Box  

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