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NugSmasher Rosin Press Review | High-Quality Rosin Press Machines

nugsmasher rosin press

Rosin press enthusiasts know how important it is to have a high-quality rosin press machine. To be honest, the purity, potency, and overall quality of the rosin press mostly depend on the machine you have, for that reason we bring you the NugSmasher Rosin Press Review.

However, the rosin press industry is littered with rosin press machines low-quality presses, and poorly built. It can get exceptionally hard to get a reliable equipment that has a high-quality press and desirable features.


NugSmasher Review

Looking for a high-quality rosin press machine?  You are in luck because you have landed on the Nugsmasher review page.

Based in Corona, California, Nugsmasher is one of the best brands in the rosin press industry. It is known for producing innovative, versatile, and high-quality rosin press machines.

The company takes great pride in its products as each product has been launched after years of research and careful testing.

Nugsmasher offers a variety of rosin press machines to cater to the needs of all kinds of rosin press enthusiasts. Nugsmasher manufactures machines for the following purposes:

  • recreational purposes
  • medical needs
  • personal use
  • commercial production

All the machines have versatile features and are highly durable. Moreover, every Nugsmasher rosin press machine is backed by a lifetime warranty, which is evidence of their quality.  In addition to rosin press machines, Nugsmasher also has several other product lines.



Tons: 2

Extracts Up to: 3.5 gr



Tons: 12

Extracts Up to: 14 gr



Tons: 3

Extracts Up to: 14 gr



Tons: 12

Extracts Up to: 28 gr



Tons: 12

Extracts Up to: 28 gr



Tons: 20

Extracts Up to: 1/4 Pound


All NugSmasher Models

Read on this Nugsmasher review to find your best match.


1. NugSmasher Mini

nugsmasher-miniThis travel-friendly Nugsmasher rosin press is designed especially for personal use. It is small and light, weighs just over 25 pounds, and is 14 inches long.

This rosin press machine might be small but the Nugsmasher Mini is capable of generating about 2 tons of pressure by its 2.5-inch pressing plates. It can compress up to 3.5 grams of material in one go.

Nugsmasher Mini is ideal for personal use as well as for traveling. This machine can easily fit your backpack and doesn’t weigh much either. All in all, Nugsmasher Mini has all the qualities of your favorite travel buddy!

Quick facts:

Weight: 25 pounds

Size: 14 inches tall, 7 inches wide

Pressing plates: Made of solid steel, 2.5-inch

Pressing capacity: 3.5 grams

Pressure: 2 tons, manual pump arm

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2. NugSmasher Original

nugsmasher-og-002This Nugsmasher rosin press boasts of generating 12 tons of power and can press 14 grams of material at a time. This is the best rosin press machine for regular personal use.

This Nugsmasher press weighs around 74 pounds, is 18-inch tall, and 8.75-inch wide. It has 4″ x 4″ solid steel pressing plates with the signature Nugsmasher press dual heating elements and accurate temperature control.

The Nugsmasher Original does not have a pressure gauge, however. The manual pump arm allows the user to operate the machine with ease. Simply put, it is just like the Nugsmasher Mini but bigger in size.

Quick Facts:

Weight: 74 pounds

Dimensions: 18 inches tall, 8.75 inches wide

Pressing plates: Made of solid steel, 4’’x4’’

Pressing capacity: 14 grams

Pressure: 12 tons, manual pump arm

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3. NugSmasher X

nugsmasher-xNugsmasher X ups the game by going electric. If you are not a fan of the manual pump arm, Nugsmasher X is for you.

This Nugsmasher press relieves you of the whole manual pressing business, all you have to do is to push the button and the rosin press machine will start pressing the material for you!

Nugsmasher X is lightweight, weighs around 51 pounds, and is 18-inch tall and 18-inch wide. Its 4″ x 4″ solid steel pressing plates exert a pressure of 3 tons and can press up to 14 grams of material with just one touch. This machine comes with the signature Nugsmasher press dual heating elements and accurate temperature control.

With its high pressing power and capacity, one-touch operation, and lifetime warranty, this rosin press is the best cheap electric rosin press in the market.

Quick facts:

Weight: 51 pounds

Dimensions: 15.5-inch tall, 15.5-inch wide

Pressing plates: Made of solid steel, 4’’x4’’

Pressing capacity: 14 grams

Pressure: 3 tons, Electric

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4. NugSmasher XP

nugsmasher-xpPacking about 12 tons of pressure into a small package of width 9” and height 14”, Nugsmasher XP is the next rosin press on the list. OG has the same pressure capacity, you might say. But here’s what makes XP special:  it allows you to press double the amount of material as compared to the original with its dual heated 4”x6” pressing plates.

Some of the great upgrades include a precision pressure gauge and temperature controls that allow you to get the right quality product by giving the right temperature and pressure.

Sometimes we don’t think we need something unless we come across it and actually use it. That’s exactly how the LED lights in the Nugsmasher XP manual rosin press can be described.

Quick Facts:

Pressure: 12 tons

Pressing capacity: 28g at a time.

Pressing Plates: 6”x4” aircraft-grade aluminum, LED illuminated.

Pressure gauge: Front panel for consistent presses.

Heating Elements: 4x160w, heats up fast and stays consistently hot.

Added Safety: Circuit protection.

Smash plate release lever: Safe, fast, and convenient.

Pump level: Manual.

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5. NugSmasher Touch:

nugsmasher-touchWithout a doubt, the Nugsmasher Touch is the most advanced rosin press to date.

The features that are common between Nugsmasher Touch and some of its antecedents are:

  • Large 4”x6” heated pressing plates handling 12 tons of manually controlled pressure.
  • Automatic extraction timer.
  • Surface area calculator for target pressure.
  • LED lights.
  • Ability to extract up to two 14-gram bags and that too, at the same time.

What really sets apart Nugsmasher Touch from its antecedents is its “interactive extraction brain”. This innovation works as a built-in computer with a color touchscreen display that provides you with accurate readings for high-quality extractions by eliminating all the guesswork.

It adjusts the PSI for you based on the amount of product you have to extract. This innovation makes Nugsmasher Touch a very easy and foolproof manual rosin press choice.

Quick Facts:

5 Inch Capacitive Touch TFT LCD Display extraction brain

Pressing Plates: 6″ x 4″

Heating Elements: Quad (160W ea)

Temperature Control display: Top and bottom

Pump Arm: Manual

Warranty: Lifetime

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6. NugSmasher Pro

nugsmasher-proNugsmasher Pro is truly the best rosin press machine out there.

Nugsmasher Pro can press up to 112 grams of material with a pressure of 20 tons. It has customizable pressing plates, you can choose from 7″ x 10″ pressing plates, 10″ x 2.5″ plates, or l 2.5″ x 3″ pressing plates. All three kinds have 3 heaters each to promote accurate temperature control.

This hybrid rosin press caters to all kinds of demands. You can use the Nugsmasher Pro manually as well as an automatic press. For converting it into an automatic press, all you need to do is to connect the external air compressor to the machine.

Moreover, the accurate pressure and temperature control system monitors the whole process for you.

Quick facts:

Built-in Pressure gauge

Weight: 212 pounds

Dimensions: 24-inch tall, 19.5-inch wide

Pressing plates: 7″ x 10″ or 10’’ x 2.5’’, or 2.5’’ x 3  with three heaters per plate

Pressing capacity: 112 grams

Pressure: 20 tons, Electric/Manual

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Here is a Comparative Chart of all the Bundles of NugSmasher Press.

Nugsmasher Rosin Press x1 Extraction Bags (37) × 2 Extraction Bags (90) × 2 Extraction Bags (120) × 2 Extraction Bags (160) × 2 Pre Press Mold Round Small x1 Pre Press Mold Round Square x1 Rosin Press Collection Plate x1 Nugsmasher’s Everything Tool x1 Dabcessories Tool Keeper x1 Rosin Pot XL x1 Nugpacker Jr x1 Filter Mesh x2 Magnet x1 Silicon Mate x1

Master Bundle

Nugsmasher Rosin Press x1 Extraction Bags (37) × 2 Extraction Bags (90) × 2 Extraction Bags (120) × 2 Extraction Bags (160) × 2 Rosin Press Collection Plate x1 Nugsmasher’s Everything Tool x1 Magnet x1 Rosin Pot XL x1 Silicone mat x1

Essentials Bundle

Nugsmasher Rosin Press x1 Extraction Bags (37) × 2 Extraction Bags (90) × 2

Basic Bundle


Wrapping Up with the NugSmasher Rosin Press Review

Nugsmasher rosin presses are quite versatile in their features. Nugsmasher Mini is the ideal travel-sized rosin press that is also light on the pocket. However, if you want to up the game slightly and get more press with high pressure, the Nugsmasher original is your best match.

For rosin press enthusiasts who don’t like manual machines, Nugsmasher X is your go-to product. The next three Nugsmasher rosin press machines are for professionals. They come with accurate pressure and temperature gauges, advanced heating systems, and of course, higher pressing capacity.

Nugsmasher Pro, however, steals the show. It is designed for the ultimate professional experience. This machine is capable of pressing large amounts of material at a time and is a hybrid of manual and automatic rosin press machines.

All in all, Nugsmasher has something for all kinds of rosin press enthusiasts.

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