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Orange Kush Strain a Powerful Relaxant!

orange kush

Orange Kush produces a potent euphoric smoke, and it also maintains its reputation of being an all-cure solution in the medical cannabis sector.

It is a hybrid cannabis strain, which prominently gives out the aroma of fresh oranges. It offers an instant stimulating and revitalizing feel to users.

The high THC levels ranging from 22 to 27 percent make the Orange Kush the strongest strain among the rest of the Indica dominant hybrid strains. Alternatively, the CBD content in this strain is one percent on average.









Green Devil Genetics and History of Orange Kush

The Orange Kush strain was originally bred by Green Devil Genetics. It is a blend of the ever-fragrant Orange Bud and the legendary Orange Kush strain. Furthermore, this hybrid strain also has some hints of Chemdawg and Lemon Thai.

It is also defined as almost narcotic. Not only that, but it’s a happiness-inducing marijuana hybrid strain, increasing your appetite and making you feel like eating everything in your refrigerator.

The Orange Kush strain is an excellent choice for those who desire just to sit and relax. It will uplift your mood and make you take things slowly and steadily.

This marijuana strain is also an ideal medical strain because it gives multiple healing benefits. Orange Kush helps with soothing illnesses like ADD, PTSD, and other mental health issues.


Effects of the Orange Kush Strain

Orange Kush is 50% / 50% Sativa and Indica hybrid strains, a potent mix packed with a heavy punch. You will easily attain an intense body high, which will simply lock you on your couch. That’s why this old gem also won a High Times Cannabis Cup in 1994.

It is a good alternative if you wish to clear your mind after a long and hard day. Orange Kush weed can make you feel mentally light and ready to calm down. It is steady and strong but not too overwhelming, so it offers you a pleasant smoking experience.

That’s why the smoker shouldn’t indulge in other activities such as operating heavy machinery while consuming the Orange Kush strain. That’s why it’s better to indulge in meditation or other light activities.

However, it certainly enhances your focus, creativity, and imagination. As a result, it’s popular among artists and creative groups.

You will be hit with explosions of ecstasy, which will help you to keep your feelings uplifted during the entire high. If you desire to smoke for a long session, then make sure that you prepare yourself for the state of mind that it will give. Eventually, it will allow you to drift slowly into a long and peaceful sleep.


About the Smell of Orange Kush

The name of this marijuana strain, Orange Kush, is an apt one due to its popular citrus fragrance with a hint of earth and vanilla. It is strong and sweet-smelling, with a touch of sharp-tasting orange blended with some spice.

As a result, you simultaneously experience a pleasing, pungent, and citrus flavor when you smoke the orange kush weed. In addition, the room gets filled with a powerful orange smell that lingers for some time.


Orange Kush


What Does the OG Kush Taste?

The smoke of Orange Kush tastes like velvety orange, and a wild sensation gets created in your mind. It carries a touch of woody and spicy flavors with a sweet citrus aftertaste, which will stay in your mouth for an extended time.


Medical Uses of the Orange Bud

This marijuana strain comprises high THC content, so it is a perfect choice for many medical treatments. Doctors prescribe Orange Kush mainly for treating chronic stress disorders because it has proven to enhance moods. It will also help you remove a sense of nervousness and its consequential actions.

Patients with a medical condition involving severe pain, including back pain, joint aches, and muscle spasms, use this cannabis strain after seeking professional medical advice. It is also effective in treating mood disorders like insomnia and depression.

The popularity of Orange Kush has even spread in the cancer arena. Cancer patients tend to suffer from a lack of appetite, but this marijuana strain can successfully induce a healthy hunger in them. Patients recover fast with a good diet because nausea is reversed, and appetite gets stimulated.


Orange Kush Adverse Reaction

Let’s discuss some adverse reactions that Orange Kush can cause, such as dry mouth, itchy and dry eyes. The good news is that these effects are minor than the rest of the strains. All you need to do is hydrate yourself to resolve the mouth dryness issue.

Additionally, some people can experience mild paranoia; however, these people are already suffering from anxiety and nervousness.

Similarly, you can also experience mild dizziness and headache; nonetheless, these reactions aren’t common.


Growing the Orange Kush

One of the most significant reasons behind the higher price of orange kush is that it’s not easy to grow this sensitive strain. It’s because it requires optimized and well-regulated growth conditions, such as light, water cycles, and, most importantly, air circulation. Furthermore, it has low resistance to bugs, pests, disease, mold, and powdery mildew.

Orange kush prefers a sunny, hot, and tropical Mediterranean climate if grown outdoors. Additionally, the preferred temperature should lie between 80F to 90F degrees to ensure a high yield.

In outdoor environments, harvest occurs late September or early October. The average yield is 18 ounces/square meter.

On the other hand, the Orange Kush also survives well in indoor hydroponic systems and the screen of green (SCROG) method. The growers can be creative to cross the Orange Kush seeds with a variety of different marijuana strains.

When grown indoors, flowering time is 8 to 9 weeks and harvest yield is around 16 ounces/square meter, which is excellent.

Moreover, the farmers should ensure a 12-hour light cycle in the flowering phase to offer 12 hours of light and the next 12 hours of darkness. Lastly, the vegetative state lasts around four to six weeks.

The orange kush buds are bright in color and come with a coating of long brown and orange hairs. You should know that Orange kush produces the stickiest buds among the rest of the strains.

Based on the phenotype, the leaves can be yellow or purple. Moreover, sugary trichome crystals cover the heavy and long nuggets.


Orange Kush Strain



The potency and quality of the Orange kush are quite popular among beginners and other experienced smokers across the US, especially in Pacific Northwest, Arizona, California, and Colorado.

Not only that, but it offers excellent medical benefits to patients suffering from chronic pain.

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