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The Pros & Cons of Owning a Stealth Grow Box

pros of owning a stealth

Grow boxes have become a heavily sought-after product over the last few years, and for good reason. The legalisation of marijuana in many US states has seen a spike in people interested in growing the plant for personal use.

Unfortunately, most of these people either live in states where outdoor cultivation of the plant is not even an option, while others are too busy to handle the rigorous work needed to take care of the plants.

As a result, they are left with no other choice but to go for grow boxes. CBD strains are yet another choice for some people who wish to cultivate their own hemp plants at home.

Read on to learn more about grow boxes and learn why they are worth the hype.


Hydroponic Gardening – What Is It?

Stealth grow boxes use hydroponic gardening. This term describes a process by which plants like herbs, veggies, fruits, and flowers are grown without soil.

With hydroponic gardening, the farmer plants the seeds and supplies the nutrients directly to the roots, allowing the plants to focus their energy on growth.

Here we will tell you everything you need to know about a grow cabinet, from the setup, the light sources needed and the way to become a hydroponics grower.


Stealth Grow Boxes Explained

A grow box is an advanced cabinet used by people with no access to a direct garden or who need to grow herbs like cannabis discreetly. As mentioned earlier, these boxes use an hydroponic system to grow the plants.

They look like a mini-fridge with drawers and cabinets, allowing you to grow different sets of plants. They are also equipped with LED lighting to provide quality grow conditions for your plants.


How Much Does A Stealth Grow Box Cost?

Generally, the price of a grow box is dependent on its capacity and accessories. For instance, a fully equipped grow box measuring 36″ tall 16″ wide 11.0″ can retail at almost $800, while a smaller one can go for as low as $200.

In general, a standard Grow Box will cost you less than $1000 depending on the version you choose. Generally, the more expensive the stealth grow box, the more fruitful the yields.


Pros and Cons of a Stealth Grow Box

All gardening tools born of technology, including grow boxes, come with advantages and disadvantages.


  • Allows people to grow controversial plants discreetly by keeping them out of prying eyes
  • They occupy tiny spaces, making them ideal for people living in small apartments
  • Grow boxes grow healthy plants regardless of the weather conditions
  • They eliminate soil-borne pests and diseases that attack plants growing in a typical garden setting
  • The hydroponic process makes plants grow faster
  • Less water is used in the growing process
  • They eliminate the smell produced by marijuana
  • You can grow any type of plant by customising the environment inside the box to suit the need of the plant you need
  • They are ideal for places with poor soil quality or deserts



  • The starting cost is relatively higher than creating a conventional garden
  • Grow boxes contribute to a higher household bill
  • You can’t grow as many plants as an outdoor garden or grow room


cons of owning a stealth grow box


How to Set Up a Stealth Grow Box

Grow boxes are plug-and-play devices, meaning all you need to do is find a perfect spot, plug it in into a power source, and you are good to go.

However, if you are looking to plant your produce discreetly, you may opt to place the box in a room where visitors seldom visit. Even better, choose a box that looks like a standard home appliance and fits right in alongside other furniture in your house.

The inclusion of a carbon filter is an important part of setting up your grow box as this ensures the smell of the plant stays within the design and doesn’t leak out into the surrounding air.


How to Build a Stealth Grow Box

If your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase a ready-made grow box, you can take up the challenge and build one from scratch. Utilise the following step-by-step guide.



You may begin the process by gathering tools such as a staple gun, wire cutter, circular saw, cordless drill, and duct tape.

You’ll also need:

  • 7 pieces of industrial particle board or an old dresser
  • A box of 3-inch wood screws
  • 8 building studs measuring 2’’x4’’x8.’’
  • Two to four Cabinet hinges (self-closing would be nice)
  • A lock for security and privacy


Other essentials include:

  • 2 x 15-inch extension cords
  • A small fan
  • Tarp
  • Myra sheets
  • Two LED lights
  • Digital thermostat
  • Timer
  • An automatic drip irrigation system


owning a grow box


The Procedure

1. Cutting and Creating the Cabinet

Cut one or two particleboards to create a cabinet that measures 36 inches tall, 24 inches deep, and 44 inches long.

Cut two large pieces of your particle board that have the same length and height as your cabinet. Attach one at the back of your cabinet.


2. Creating a shelf

Cut a piece of the particleboard with the same length as your cabinet. Ensure that it’s a few inches shorter than the bottom and top pieces to ensure it fits insides your cabinet. Use the new board to create a top-shelf inside your cabinet.


3. Installing your Fan

Measure the diameter of your fan. Use your measurements to create an opening on the top right of your cabinet, just below the shelf. For instance, if your fan’s diameter is 6 inches long, cut a 6×6-inch hole.

Cut a one-inch hole on the opposite side of the board to create cross-ventilation into your box. Install the fan and hook it up to an extension cord.


4. Installing the Myra blankets

Cut your Myra blankets to fit into your cabinet. Attach them with duct tape ensuring that no wood is visible inside the cabinet.


5. Installing the Lights

Attach your LED lights to the bottom of the shelf you created.


6. Irrigation

Install your automatic drip irrigation system inside your cabinet.


7. Install your Timer and Humidistat

Using double tape or screws, attach your timer and humidistat at the top of your cabinet just below the shelf.


8. Build your Door

You can create your door using the second piece of board you cut during the first step.

Attach your self-closing hinges on one side and add your lock on the other. You may cut it in half vertically to create two doors.9.


9. Lay your Tarp

Double up at your tarp and staple it at the bottom floor of your cabinet.


10. The last step is placing your hydroponic grow system inside your cabinet.


How Tall Should Your Grow Box Be?

The recommended size of a grow box depends on the height of the growing plant. For marijuana, it shouldn’t be shorter than 24 inches, but it can be as tall as 80 inches depending on the number of plants inside.

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