Make Your Plants Grow Faster with LED Grow Lights

Led Lights for indoor growing

How many of us know that the air in our indoor areas could be harboring invisible toxins because of the lack of ventilation and greenery? And indoor plans can easily eliminate those toxins?

In great indoors, commercial indoor landscaping, or hydroponic greenhouse, with a set of grow lights, growing green foliage, and houseplants are something that has been transcending interior trends, not just as a means of beautification, but also of health and wellbeing.

So, in other words, the benefits of house plants are endless. But how’d you grown stocky, green seedlings with just a little or no source of sunlight? What are the right procedures for growing indoor plants anyway?

The LED (light-emitting diode) grow lights are the ideal light fixture choice to make efficient use of energy lights in small or enclosed areas for producing healthy plants right at home.

By learning the proper placement and procedure of LED grow lights to producing indoor plants and choosing the right LED lighting company, you can enjoy the healthiest and heartiest seedlings sprouting on the favorite corners of your indoor space.


Importance of LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants

Light is, without any doubt, an essential element for growing a plant. All green plants require light to perform photosynthesis during which, light energy is converted to chemical energy and synthesized as sugar with the help of carbon dioxide and water. In the process, plants release oxygen all around the house. So in short, even a “low-light tolerant” houseplant Calathea or Sansevieria requires ambient lighting to grow.

Not just photosynthesis though, indoor plants use artificial light to determine which direction to grow, the length of their leaves-flowers, the approximate time to make their stem, and so on.

However, growing plants indoors or can often be pretty tricky because of the lack of light required to maintain a healthy specimen because of the lack of natural sunlight. And the only alternative you are left off is the addition of the right artificial lighting fixtures for the indoor plants.

There are many grow light fixtures and reflectors, designed specifically for the houseplants, including fluorescent lights, incandescent lights, LED lights, halogen lights, horticultural grow lights, HID grow lights, and so on.

Compared to typical lighting fixtures like fluorescent lights or incandescent lights, LED grow lights are not just energy-efficient and economical for your wallet but also for growing your houseplants! Human-friendly, high-intensity LED lights are designed specifically to meet the house plants’ exacting needs. Unlike the other light fixtures, LED lighting companies to make sure the LED lights don’t contain toxic mercury which could be fatal for plants.

Moreover, LED grow lights deliver bright full-spectrum light plants crave, specific wavelengths of light customizable for the plant’s needs, root, and peak growths. To grow the healthiest seedlings, houseplants, orchids, and other indoor plants, high-tech LEDs are explicitly calibrated for indoor growth.


Why Considering LED Lights


1. Even Healthier Indoor Plants:

Typical light fixtures like fluorescent lights or incandescentemit counterproductive heat, UV rays, IR rays, for instance, that obstructs plant growth significantly. How? These types of light fixtures cause the plants to dry up quickly, so the indoor plants require more water and energy to survive.

LED lights, on the other hand, have proportionate heat balance and limited wavelength. So plants grow healthily and adequately with more energy efficiency. And not to mention, LEDs use only half the electricity yet last 5x longer than any other light fixtures.


grow faster with led grow lights


2. Full Spectrum:

Unlike other lights, LED light manufacturers produce LED grow lights that are balanced, a full spectrum of light designed as a substitute to natural light to provide indoor plants with the right frequency of red, green, and blue.

Most of these LED light fixtures also allow you to regulate specific wavelengths so that you can produce the required light in every stage of your plant growth.

So in this perspective, LED grow lights are even better for your indoor house plants than natural light itself since most plants need broad-spectrum light for optimal growth. You can also have extremely precise control over the spectrum, depending on your plant’s growing demand.


3. Eco-Friendly:

LED grows lights are manufactured to be 100% recyclable, unlike any other conventional light bulbs and high-intensity discharge lights. LED grow lights are absolutely free from toxic chemicals like mercury or harmful gases.

Up to 95% of the energy in LED lights is converted into light, and only 5% of energy is wasted as produced heat. Because of this energy efficiency, the emission of greenhouse gas decreases.

So it’s safe to say that, using LED grow light fixtures directly purchased from LED lighting suppliers for indoors means a much-reduced carbon footprint, less reliance on harmful chemicals, and more energy efficiency for the overall healthy environment both in and out.


4. Optimum Light Wavelengths:

Extensive research, conducted by NASA determined that LED grow lights are the right single source lights, with the flexibility of opting for a mix of different wavelengths.

And since LED lights emit very little to no heat, they can easily be mounted very close to the plants 24 hours a day, as the best support for photosynthesis.

Since you can customize the spectrum, the use of LED lights will also enable you to monitor the daylight hours and amount of red, green, or blue wavelength lights precisely at the exact time to make a plat growth rate boost.

On top of that, with LED grow lights, you can create multiple harvests in one season at a time! Traditional light fixtures, on the other hand, emit a lot of light during green and yellow wavelengths, which indoor plants are not much in need of.


Last Thoughts about LED Lights Efficiency

While LED lights are very much of a daily life technological lighting solution in everyday life, we barely come across its endless potential when it comes to sustaining a soothe and sound environment for both homes and workplaces as well! By inoculating essential nutrients to the indoor plants, LED light fixtures are, without any doubt, the ultimate lighting fixture solution.

And purchasing LED lights from based industry-leading LED light manufacturers and suppliers can always assure you of superior quality and proper installment facility. So go for the best-LED lighting companies for the complete lighting solution, for literally every lighting setting.

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