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Popular Hemp Flower Strains

People use hemp flower as a source of high-quality CBD (cannabidiol) oil or simply to smoke them and enjoy the calming effects even more quickly.

Whether you consume these products via edibles, put them under your tongue, or roll them and smoke them, you have plenty of interesting choices.

There are many hundreds of strains available, but five have risen to the top of the popularity list in recent months.

All five choices offer an ideal user experience, are priced right, available everywhere, and can be used in various ways.

Here are the five most popular hemp flower strains from mrhempflower currently on the market:


1. Elektra – Top-Selling Strain

If you enjoy the smell of lime, pine, and fruit, you’ll probably fall for this top-selling strain that is a combination of ERB and ACDC. We noticed an excellent marriage of effects in this flower: those relaxing feelings that come from generous doses of CBD are paired with an energizing burst of natural terpenes.

With a .3 percent THC and 16 percent CBD concentration, the overall distribution of chemical components is just right. One thing that impressed us about Elektra was how perfect it was any time of the day, from early morning to bedtime.

Visually, neon orange striping combines with bold greens to set this strain apart. The tropical, wine-like, and chocolaty flavors make for a well-rounded taste experience. Plus, that memorable deliciousness is a nice bonus in a retail product that delivers value, and a rested ready-to-go feeling.

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2. Cherry Wine – More CBD

This hemp variety not only smells lovely but also delivers more CBD (15+ percent) than most other strains. While most retail varieties contain less than three-tenths of a percent of THC, double-check with your retailer to make sure you’re not exceeding legal THC limits.

With zero bitterness and a pleasant aroma, this combination of Charlotte’s Cherries and the very popular “The Wife” strain, Cherry Wine is a sweet-tasting, fruity mixture that features large, concentrated buds.

If you think you taste and smell cheese, fruit, and black pepper in this flower, you have sharp senses. We were surprised to find some sellers offering versions of Cherry Wine that contained as much as 20 percent CBD concentrations.

Maybe that’s why it has such a solid reputation for providing enhanced relaxation. We loved the combination of flavor, quality, and high CBD content, which makes this strain one of the best values in a crowded, competitive market.

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3. Lifter – Unique Taste

Boasting an unusual appearance and unique taste, this combination of ERB and Suver Haze was bred in Oregon and caught our attention for several reasons.

First, it has a pleasant cheese-like aroma and features extremely small buds. Even better is its higher-than-average CBD concentration, clocking in at just a tad under the 17 percent mark. Ask your retailer about this number because some retail stock contains less than 10 percent.

Sweeter than most of its competitors, Lifter is an excellent choice for people new to hemp. It’s not only powerfully uplifting (hence the name!) but delivers a hint of berries and fruit flavors.

If you want something with more depth of flavor and a more authentic, organic morning “get up and go” feeling, you can’t go wrong with Lifter. Average THC content is at or below .3 percent, and you’ll be able to spot it by its darker than average coloring. Look for deep greens and touches of brown.

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4. Sour Space Candy – Citrus Flavor

The name is no lie. Sour is the first impression you’ll get from this high-quality product. If you’re searching for an uplifting buzz that comes with some robust sour citrus flavor, this bud’s for you.

We enjoyed the unmistakable sourness and high CBD concentration, which is likely a result of the strain’s ERB and Sour Tsunami parents. Want to stay up for a social get-together? Sour Space Candy will do the trick with its 19 percent CBD content and .3 percent or lower THC levels.

Even with its signature lift, SSC does a competent job of tamping down over-active thoughts and allowing for a total body sense of relaxation without the general sluggish feeling that some hemp products cause. Our description is best summed up in three words, mellow, smooth, sour.

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5. Hawaiian Haze – Fruity Strain

We wondered where the name came from until our first try of Hawaiian Haze. There’s a definite mango, fruity, pineapple, and other island taste treats in HH, along with delicious pepper and pine scents.

Are you having trouble with sleeplessness? Hawaiian Haze could be your go-to remedy. It’s perfect for any hour of the day, though, and can work as a strong anxiety deterrent for some users.

We were sold on the fantastic taste, the South Seas ambiance, and the strain’s ability to act as an introduction to this exciting, healthful product line.

Some users report relief from depression and mild pain, but there is a tendency for HH to bring on dry eyes or dry mouth effects for a short while. We noticed that those two small negatives decline as you get used to Hawaiian Haze.

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