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Learn to Process your Whole Homegrown Cannabis Plant. Use it All!

use all cannabis plant

If you’ve always dreamed of growing marijuana but never really had time for this, COVID-19 just made life easier for you.

Even if you still work from home, cinemas and gyms are closed, so you have all the time in the evening to enjoy your new hobby – weed growing. Don’t worry; it’s not as difficult as it sounds – but to be fair, not extremely simple either.

You might have already googled step-by-step instructions for growing a marijuana plant or something about growing weed for beginners. But even if you already have a little experience, there are always more topics to cover. For example: do you know how to process the entire weed plant?

We’ve asked experts from Green Bud Guru – a site with expertise on growing weed – what else can you do with the cannabis plant than just smoke?

And they’ve shared their knowledge and tips about using all the weed that you grow at home. Read on to learn more!


Weed Means More than Just Smoking?

Of course, a cannabis bud is the most valued part of the plant; however, it doesn’t mean that you can’t process other parts, like leaves, trimmings, or even roots!

Of course, you might have to get creative at times: for example, when processing stems, you can soak them in the alcohol and make a tincture, use them to make cannabutter, or even make your own cannabis lube!

You can even restore the soil with nutrient amendments and grow another plant in it!

Or, if you don’t want to worry about processing the flowers, you can try to donate them to your local flower shop (of course, if weed is legalized in your area).

If you want to use as much goodness from that weed plant as possible, never throw anything out. Get creative, and try to process everything. Here are some ideas on how you can do this.


How to Make Oil Infusions From Cannabis

Cannabis-infused oil is one of the best ways to utilize all that stuff that you wanted to throw away. The thing is, cannabinoids, like CBD and THC, don’t like water, but easily bind with fatty molecules – such as those found in the oil.

Coconut and olive oil are the most popular choices that go well with weed: they’re both pleasant-tasting and nourishing for the skin, allowing for a wide variety of uses.

You can make cannabis-infused oil either with hemp or marijuana. However, it’s helpful to know that the marijuana plant contains both THC and CBD (and hemp contains only CBD), which means stronger pain- and stress-relieving properties.

The recipe is simple: you’ll need 1 cup of loosely grounded decarboxylated cannabis stems, roots, or trimmings (or even buds, depending on how much active THC or CBD you need) and 1 cup of coconut or olive oil.

Put the oil on the heat – the best way is to use a double boiler – and, when it melts, add the weed. Heat at around 120-180°F (don’t go over 200°F) for 30 to 60 minutes.

Then strain the mixture through the cheesecloth (use food-grade gloves!) and store it in a cool dark place.


What to Use Cannabis Oil Infusions for

Cannabis-infused oils can be used both for edibles and cosmetics. When you make oil infused with home-grown cannabis, you can be sure that food cooked with it will have medical effects.

Unfortunately, store-bought oils may not contain organic weed. On the other hand, food with homemade cannabis-infused oil can be very potent, so start small!

Cannabis oil infusions can be an excellent foundation for homemade topical ointments, salves, and lotions, which will have excellent anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, and antioxidant properties.


process whole cannabis plant


All You Need to Know About Cannabis Leaf Tea

Leaves are another part of the cannabis plant that often goes to waste. However, you can use them, too! Apart from decorating your house with weed leaves (they look amazing in the

bouquets), by adding them to the smoothies or sprinkling them on the salads, you can make tea!

All you have to do is infuse water with dry cannabis leaves, and there you go. Such a tea has less intoxicating properties, as THC doesn’t bind with water.

Nevertheless, start low – you never know how your body will react. Just wait at least an hour or two before making another cup.


Bonus Recipe – Cannabis Lube

Cannabis lube is said to have many medical benefits, including the potential prevention of urinary tract and yeast infections.

Moreover, THC can help you deal with anxiety in bed and focus on your body, not your mind. Of course, topical application of weed-infused products probably won’t get you high – but it will make you more sensitive.

Also, if you ever experienced vaginal pain because of the tightened muscles, THC’s relaxing properties may help – although there is no scientific proof for that.

But if you want to try – and avoid spending $50 on premium cannabis lube – here’s a simple recipe to make it at home. Just remember not to use it with latex condoms, because the oil base destroys latex.

All you need is 8 ounces of liquid coconut oil and ¼ ounces of cannabis flower.

  • Grind and decarboxylate your cannabis – spread it evenly on a cookie sheet, and bake for an hour in an oven preheated to 240˚F. Stir after 30 minutes. Be prepared for a pungent smell.
  • Then, divide the cannabis evenly into two Mason jars (4 ounces or larger), add half of the coconut oil each, and seal tightly.
  • Place the jars into a slow cooker and cover them with boiling water. Cook for 4-5 hours in the “warm” setting. Once an hour, take the jars out (be careful!) and give them a good shake.
  • Then, remove the jars and let them cool completely. Cover another jar or a large measuring cup with cheesecloth, and pour the lube through it. Squeeze out the plant matter to get as much lube as possible.
  • Using a funnel, pour the lube into the tincture bottle – and it’s ready to use. Start applying with 1 milliliter at a time, and increase or decrease if necessary.
  • You can add some pure aloe gel to your lube if you prefer a more gelatinous consistency.


To Sum Up

Growing weed can be fun – especially if you know how to do it properly. However, sometimes you have to get creative – for example, if you want to make as much use of the situation as possible.

Fortunately, you don’t have to throw your cannabis plant out after picking the buds.

There are many ways to use all of the plants: making cannabis-infused oil or cannabis weed tea, fermenting it, or decorating your house with it.

You can even make cannabis-infused candles!

The only limit is your imagination.

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