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14 Exotic Purple Strains | Top Purple Weed Strains

purple weed

Most of the everyday strains of weed come in different shades of green. Although they give you a good enough high, there is just something about cannabis in purple colors that has weed connoisseurs salivating.

Not only do these purple strains stand out in terms of appearance, but they also come with a heavy narcotic effect to give them an extra kick.

Maybe you have had a chance to roll up some Purple Kush, or perhaps you have heard your friends waxing poetic about exotic purple strains. Whatever the case, I am here to satisfy your curiosity.

Read on to find the answers to all your questions about purple weed, and to figure out which purple exotic strains you should definitely not miss out on.

Let’s get started.


Why is Purple Cannabis?

What gives some cannabis strains their deep purple color? Well, purple marijuana strains can result from a variety of environmental, hereditary, and artificial influences.

Let’s look at them in slight detail.


Environmental Factors

Prolonged exposure to very low temperatures can make cannabis plants turn purple. Before evolution led to genetically purple marijuana being produced, weed usually grew purple due to cold temperatures.

Therefore, environmental stress plays a critical role in giving some types of weed their purple color. For example, some seeds get their purple leaves due to environment-induced stress in their final flowering stages.


Genetic Tendency

With time, exotic purple strains have evolved to contain a flavonoid pigment, called anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is responsible for lending the cannabis plant its purple coloration.

A cannabis plant can have purple coloration in any of the following parts, depending upon the concentration of anthocyanin there:

  • Pistils or hairs
  • Calyxes or buds
  • Foliage
  • Trichomes

For example, White Widow and White Rhino are the two species known for their heavy density of trichomes filled with anthocyanins. However, sometimes the entire cannabis plant can have a purple color, such as Mendocino Purps.


Selective Breeding

Selective breeding means producing a plant with desired characteristics by selectively pairing specific types of parent plants. Nowadays, growers use genetic manipulation and augmentation to produce and sell the more expensive weed strains.


LED Grow Lights

When weed is grown under artificial conditions, LED Grow Lights can help bring out and intensify the natural purple coloration of the plant.


purple marijuana


Characteristics of Purple Marijuana

You must be wondering where the hype for purple exotic strains of weed comes from. Does it all have to do with color? Or is purple cannabis really all that good?


What Does It Smell Like?

Purple cannabis strains usually have a nice herbal or earthy smell. However, you may also detect a slightly fruity scent, owing to its fruity flavor.

Some purple strains also have hints of a lavender smell.


How Does It Taste?

Purple weed strains tend to taste like grapes. The flavor may be fruity, slightly tangy, or sweet as candy.

Moreover, you may come across a purple strain or two with a cookie aftertaste. This pairs well with the initial fruity punch and adds to your smoking experience.

Therefore, no matter what the exact taste, purple weed strains pack a rich flavor that will have you salivating long after.


Is Purple Weed Sativa or Indica?

Cannabis indica tends to have a rich color, with purple Indica strains being almost black. Purple weed is predominantly of the Cannabis indica variety, e.g., the indicia purple bud that comes from Sensi seeds.

However, some purple Sativa strains are also common in hybrid preparations.

Cannabis indica is known for its highly narcotic and sedative effects. To counter the heavy feeling that comes from smoking the Indica strain, most commercial hybrid preparations have a small quantity of Sativa mixed in too, hence Indica Sativa strains. The purple Sativa strains help lift your mood.


Does Purple Weed Mean It’s Stronger?

I know what you are thinking. How are the purple varieties of marijuana all that different in the high they provide?

Well, not much. The potency depends upon the THC content of the weed you’re smoking. You can get your desired potency in both the purple and green strains.


The Best Purple Cannabis Strains

I have put together a list of the best purple Cannabis strains you can find. You may have come across these purple weed names if you tend to hang out with a lot of weed connoisseurs. It’s about time we learned more about them.


Purple Punch

The first purple strain of marijuana on our list is Purple Punch. It is an Indica dominant strain and one of the most potent varieties of purple cannabis.

Purple Punch is a hybrid variety, coming from cross-breeding among Larry OG, Granddaddy Purple, Big Bud, and Skunk 1. The seed usually comes feminized, meaning it is pollinated and of the female variety.

Although usually listed among outdoor purple strains, this auto-flowering seed can grow indoors just as well. They are resistant to mold and low temperatures and are, therefore, easy to cultivate.

Its sweet, fruity flavor and relaxing qualities make this strain one of the most popular types of purple cannabis among smokers. Moreover, it has mild medicinal benefits as a relaxant and stress reliever.

Purple Punch is an ideal strain for beginners to try out.


Purple Haze

Purple Haze is a highly sought-after purple strain, not only because of its beautiful color but also because it is the only pure Sativa strain of purple coloring.

This weed strain gets its deep purple color towards the end of the flowering season when its leaves and calyxes quickly turn from green to lavender. Interestingly, the color of Purple Haze can darken to deep violet or sometimes even blue.

Purple Haze can grow both indoors and outdoors. Named after Jimi Hendrix’s musical hit, it is definitely one of the most legendary purple strains


Purple Buds

Another strain great for beginners is Purple Bud. This purple strain is of Afghani origin and thus has a rich purple color. Most commercial varieties come from a combination of seventy-five percent Purple Afghani and two or three Purple Kush strains.

This feminized strain is Indica dominant and extremely potent. Although classified with outdoor purple strains, you grow it equally well indoors.

In addition to its high strength and beautiful appearance, its popularity also comes from the fact that it is highly suitable for beginners.


Purple Kush

Many marijuana connoisseurs consider Purple Kush to be the gold standard for purple cannabis plants. This strain gets its importance because of its pure Indica nature.

A combination of Afghani Purple and the Hindu Kush makes this strain of purple cannabis. You can grow it both indoors and outdoors.

Moreover, you can count on Purple Kush to give you a euphoric high. Due to its one hundred percent Indica content, I recommend taking it before bed. A nice hit of Purple Kush will have you feeling quite heavy and drowsy.


purple weed strains


Purple Skunk

Another highly potent strain is Purple Skunk. Purple Skunk is a predominantly Sativa variety of weed.

It gets its genetics mainly from Skunk 1, which is famous for its potency. Therefore, you can easily expect a strong hit.

Breeders usually combine Skunk 1 with Dutch Passion to get Purple Skunk. Not only does this Dutch Passion influence give it its purple color, but it also makes it open to both outdoor and indoor cultivation.

All Skunk varieties have garlicky tones, so be prepared for a slightly earthy flavor underlying the fruity taste. Moreover, Purple Skunk will uplift your mood like no other. So, if you’re looking for something to beat the blues, you know what strain to smoke.


Purple Diesel

Purple Diesel gets its name for a reason. Get ready for an energy boost as soon as you smoke this strain.

A cross between Bubba Kush and Sour Diesel gives us Purple Diesel. The strain is highly potent with a very strong high. However, it will only add to your productivity.

Not only does Purple Diesel serve as mental fuel, but it also smells of gasoline. Therefore, be prepared for the smell of actual fuel mixed in with the lavender scent.

Purple Diesel is the ideal weed to smoke early in the morning. It enhances your focus and gives you the boost needed to get things done.


Purple Animal Cookies

Next on our list of purple weed names is Purple Animal Cookies. These purple buds are quite unique and contemporary.

We can trace the origins of Purple Animal Cookies to Canada. A cross between Animal Cookies and LVPK gives us this interesting strain of weed.

Moreover, the saying, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” applies all too well to this train. Not only do Purple Animal Cookies not taste like sweet biscuits, but they also provide a very strong high.

A strong hit of this highly potent strain will mellow you out, making it a great option to smoke before bed. Be prepared for an herbal and earthy flavor.


Purple Berry

With its bullet-shaped purple flowers and a potent high, Purple Berry is a treat for both the eyes and the mind. In addition, it delights your senses with a nice fruity flavor.

Growers cultivate Purple Berry using two highly potent strains. A cross between Granddaddy Purple and Blueberry gives us the Indica dominant Purple Berry.

The predominant flavor you will sense is a fruity, berry one. However, there are hints of mint and earthy flavors beneath that. Overall, it has a flavor that will make you want to come back for more.

Purple Berry is the perfect strain for nighttime smoking. Its sedative effects will ensure that you have a good night’s sleep.


Purple Afghani

The next strain on our list of purple plants is Purple Afghani. Purple Afghani is one of the most potent varieties of purple-colored weed, with THC levels reaching twenty-five percent.

This strain is also of Canadian origin and is the result of a cross between Afghani 1 and Purple Kush.

Its high potency and rich aroma are the two factors that contribute to its high demand. Get ready for a multitude of scents and flavors to assault your senses. You can expect blue cheese and sage, along with woody undertones.


Purple Urkle

Another Indica dominant strain is Purple Urkle. We can trace its origins to the Emerald Triangle in California, where growers also call it “the Urkle” or “Purple Urple.”

Although I am not sure about its composition, my most likely guess is that it is derived from either Mendocino Purps or Granddaddy Purple.

Purple Urkle is highly sedative and will have you drowsy very quickly. For this reason, it also serves medicinal purposes in cases of insomnia and anxiety.

You can expect a typical fruity taste and smell associated with most purple strains.


Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is a fairly new addition to the cannabis world. Famous for its huge purple buds, mature orange pistils, and extensive outdoor cultivation, Granddaddy Purple has rapidly gained popularity among smokers.

A hybrid of Purple Urkle and Big Bud, Granddaddy Purple is a hundred percent Indica strain.

Much like Purple Urkle, this Indica dominant hybrid is highly sedative. Therefore, for recreational purposes, I recommend only its nighttime use.

However, Granddaddy Purple also has the same medicinal qualities as its parent strain. It can help with anxiety, depression, and insomnia as a result of its action as a relaxant.


Grape Ape

Quite interesting, Grape Ape is often confused with Granddaddy Purple. Moreover, many people seem to believe they are one and the same thing. They maintain that the two names are simply for the same strain.

Although its effects, including its recreational and medicinal uses, are pretty much the same as for the above two, I maintain it’s a different strain.

Grape Ape has a strong fruity flavor and many overlapping scents. These qualities increase the market appeal of this strain, leading to its high demand.


Blue Sherbert

Blue Sherbert is one of the rarest strains. Growers cultivate this strain by crossing Sunset Sherbert and Blue Cookies.

One of the most important effects of Blue Sherbert is the surge in appetite that it promotes. Therefore, it’s often used for medicinal purposes wherever you experience hunger suppression.



Candyland is predominantly a Sativa strain, having many stimulating properties. The growers of Grandaddy Purple also crossed Granddaddy Purple with the Bay Area Platinum Cookies strain to give this particular strain.

Not only does Candyland perk you up, but it also has a unique blend of sweet and spicy flavors. Perfect for social gatherings, it improves both your mood and focus.

However, if you’re prone to anxiety, make sure you don’t take so much that it leads to paranoia. You can also use the Candyland strain to help deal with depression or a loss of appetite.


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Wrapping Up with the Purple Strains

Other strains of the purple variety include Blue Knight, Alaskan Purple, Purple Dream, Blackwater strain, Obama Kush, Mendocino Purps, Super Skunk, and many more.

Although not much different from other marijuana strains in quality, the purple varieties are definitely worth a try. I hope you found this article helpful.

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