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33 Slang for Weed: A Complete Guide to Cannabis Street Names

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The cannabis plant is more complex than a layman thinks. It is not only about getting high or treating pain; there is a lot more science behind the working of this plant. So, when there is science, the existence of complicated weed slang is inevitable.

If you are trying to understand the world of Cannabis a little more clearly, you need to understand the terminologies used to define different parts, functions, addiction treatment, and results of weed.

Since the cannabis plant is not a new find, there are also several marijuana street names that you can find in different cultures. In this article, we have shared the most basic terms and slang for weed that you might come across on the internet or in recreational marijuana groups.


30 Weed Slang Terms that You Need to Know

There are several weed slangs used in different parts of the world. Here are the 30 common slang words for weed:


Cannabis Plant

Cannabis is the plant that is used to make marijuana and hemp-based products. There are three different kinds of Cannabis plants commonly used worldwide to create recreational and medicinal products.


Marijuana Cigarette

A marijuana cigarette, also known as a joint, is a rolled paper filled with marijuana flowers used for smoking marijuana.


Ditch Weed

Ditch weed is a wild-growing marijuana plant as opposed to industrial Marijuana. This word is also used for low-quality Marijuana or Reggie weed.


Mary Jane

Mary Jane is American and Canadian slang for Marijuana. The term was coined in the nineteenth century and has been quite popular in pop culture.



Ganja is a Hindi word for Cannabis that is known as one of the oldest slang terms for weed. It is usually used for the smoking forms of weed rather than medicinal products created using Marijuana.



A blunt is a cigar emptied out from the center and filled with Cannabis. Mostly inexpensive cigars are used for this purpose.


Purple Haze

Purple Haze is a purple variant of Cannabis Sativa that is known for inducing a hazy, dream-like euphoria in consumers. It was popularized by Jimi Hendrix’s song in 1967.



Pot slang term for weed that can induce a feeling of getting high. It is one of the most common slang names for weed used worldwide.



420 is another slang for smoking weed that was coined by young cannabis consumers. These young adults would meet at 4:20 after school to secretly smoke Marijuana.



Reefer is the English version of one of the Mexican slang terms for weed called “Grifa.” The word Reefer is now commonly used for a rolled marijuana joint used for recreational purposes.


One Hitter

A one-hitter is a smoking tool used to inhale a single puff of Marijuana smoke. It looks like a small pipe filled with a small serving of marijuana leaves and allows the user to take one “hit” of the drug.



A Quip is a quarter pound of Cannabis. It is also known as QP and is commonly used by drug sellers and buyers on the streets.


White Widow

This is a term for the hybrid of Cannabis Sativa and Cannabis Indica plant. It is an award-winning weed strain that has gained massive popularity all around the globe.


Amp Joint

An Amp joint is a cigarette containing Marijuana mixed with other drugs like cocaine, heroin, or meth. Just word Amp is the shortened version of “amplified.”



Grass is one of the most common names for Marijuana. Since the plant looks like grass, consumers started calling it by this name as slang.


slang for weed


Atom Bomb

It is a marijuana joint that is laced with heroin or PCP. It can cause severe drug addiction and has dissociative hallucinogenic side effects.


Rolling Papers

These papers are sheets to encase marijuana leaves for smoking purposes. They are known as blanks and come in cardboard boxes. You can use these sheets to smoke tobacco as well.


Dutch Master

It is the most common Cigar brand used to make a blunt. It is generally filled with tobacco, but it is hollowed out to fill with Marijuana and used for smoking.


Hot Box

Hotbox or hotboxing is slang for smoking weed in a small, closed space. It is also associated with rapidly smoking weed to create a hot environment around.


Sticky Icky

Sticky icky is a term popularized in 1999 by hip-hop singers DRE and Snoop Dogg. It means the highest quality cannabis strain with a sticky property because of its trichome density.



Also known as a Spiff, a doobie is a marijuana cigarette that also contains tobacco. It is a common pop-culture term and was popularized in the 1960s.



Hashish or Hash is the female flowering part of Cannabis used for inhaling. It is consumed using a pipe, bong, rolling papers, or ingested orally.


Rainy Day Woman

This term was popularized due to a song in the 1960s and is still used to indicate a marijuana joint. Since the song had a chorus about getting high, it became slang for a cannabis cigarette.


Cocoa Puff

A Cocoa puff is a cannabis cigarette that is spiked with cocaine. It is popular among people who smoke Cannabis for experiencing psychedelic effects.



A Woollie is a hand-rolled joint or blunt spiked with heroin, cocaine, PCP, and crack.



A stoner is a person who has consistent drug use. They have a marijuana addiction that can lead to chronic coughs and red eyes.


Devil’s Lettuce

Devil’s lettuce is a fun slang for Marijuana due to its vegetable-like appearance. This term was originally created to scare people from Marijuana but later became slang used by cannabis users.



Pakalolo is a Hawaiian word for Marijuana. Paka means weed, and lolo means Crazy, which translates into Crazy Weed.



Mota or Mote is a Spanish slang for weed that translates to “a speck”. This term is common in both Mexican and Spanish-speaking countries.



This is Spanish slang for weed sellers and consumers. It is a regional term that is not used worldwide.


slang words for weed


Slang Terms for Cannabis Measurements

If you’re an avid user, you’ll know that there are lots of slang terms for marijuana and weed measurements as well. Most commonly, a gram bag is called a dime bag.


A Dime Bag

Setting out to buy marijuana from anywhere other than your local dispensary? Yes, if you’re thinking about getting weed from the streets or other not-so-legal dealing facilities, you should know how much to ask for.

While the dime bag is the most common connotation for a gram of weed, it means many different things regionally.

Besides that, you’ll find a variety of different words for the lowest amount of weed available in other locations, such as a bud or spindle.

Usually, you can buy a dime bag for $10, as the name suggests. However, the dispensaries may charge you higher than the street prices you pay for a dime bag.


A Dub Sack

Besides that, similar to a dime bag, the quantity of a dub sack depends on the region you’re buying your cannabis in. If the minimum size sold is higher than a gram in your region, it will be called a dime bag, while the next quantity in line will automatically become a dub sack.

Also, depending on the amount and the region, a dub sack of marijuana will be priced differently. Mainly, two grams of cannabis cost $20, but high-quality weed can cost more than that. Primarily, they are costly because they have high THC concentrations.

As compared to one gram, two grams is also not much in quantity. So if you buy a two-gram dub sack, you should expect two buds or cannabis flowers at the most, enough for one or some joints.


A Zip

It is another slang term used for an ounce of cannabis or 28 grams roughly. Previously, one ounce of weed used to fit in a Ziploc bag. Therefore, this reportedly led to the origin of this slang term.

In various states in the United States, zip is the maximum weed amount that cannabis consumers can purchase.


Weed Slang FAQs

Here are some common questions related to marijuana street names:


What Do Jamaicans Call Weed?

In Jamaica, Cannabis is known as Ganja which is a Hindi term for Cannabis. Even though the consumption of Marijuana is illegal in Jamaica, people are still allowed to use a minimal amount of the drug.


What Do They Call Weed in England?

In the UK, the top slangs for Marijuana are “Skunk” and “nug-run.” People also use common slang terms for weed like pot slang, grass, and dope. However, the usage of Cannabis is still illegal in the UK.


What Do Hippies Call Weed?

Marijuana is quite a common drug among hippies. It is called “Reefer,” “Tea,” “Dope,” or “Grass,” among the hipsters. These words were coined during the Jazz movement and are still used to this day.


What is Marijuana Addiction Treatment?

The marijuana addiction treatment involves reducing drug abuse practices. It helps the consumer stay sober. Several treatment facilities can help people get rid of drug addiction.


Wrapping Up with the Slang for Weed

While Cannabis has several medicinal properties, it has long been a recreational drug. As a result, these common slang words for weed are used by new and seasoned cannabis users around the world.

Some terms are local, while others are global. With this article, you can easily expand your Marijuana street names vocabulary and educate yourself further about this drug.

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