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Spider Farmer Led Grow Lights Review | Great Grow Light for Weed


Spider Farmer SF-1000 LED Grow lightGrow lights are vital in making sure your indoor cannabis plants keep growing and stay healthy. If you’re into Spider Farmer LED grow lights but can’t choose the right one, you have landed in the right place.

In the following Spider Farmer LED grow lights reviews, we have discussed four top-class grow lights to help you choose the right ones for your indoor plants. Let’s start then.


Spider Farmer Specifications & Choices

Max Yield2.3g/watt2.3g/w2.3g/w
IR 760nm
IR 760nm
IR 760nm
PPF270 µmol/s545 µmol/s1217 µmol/s
Par Value250.43umol/S527umol/S1217umol/s
Power Watts100 typical202 typical453 typical
Light Size
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Spider Farmer Led Grow Lights Reviews


Spider Farmer SF-600 LED Grow Light

spider farmer lights SF-600 is the smallest model and comes with a small coverage area of 1.5 x 1.5 ft. This Spider Farmer light consists of high-quality Samsung LM301B diodes and is ideal for offering optimum light to the seedlings.

The sunlight spectrum is excellent for seedlings but not enough to grow cannabis plants. While you can use high-intensity lights discussed later in the review, SF-600 lights can serve you as a supplemental source for your plants

Moreover, SF-600 grow lights are very bright as compared to its competitors as well as other models of Spider Farmer grow lights. They come with a hassle-free setup, which requires no assembly. You have to plug the device in, and it starts working.

Not only this, but the body of the SF-600 is also made of aluminum. The spacious aluminum design allows a better heat sink to keep it cool. The light also features a waterproof LED board and structure that works efficiently in the grow space.


  • It offers the right light intensity for seedlings.
  • Compact and lightweight product
  • Easy setup


  • Small coverage area
  • Not meant for growing plants


Spider-Farmer SF-1000 LED Grow Light

Spider Farmer SF-1000 LED Grow lightNext on the list, we have SF-1000 grow lights. This Spider Farmer light offers a sun-like spectrum for growing indoor plants. It uses Samsung LM301B diodes, which provide the highest LED light output in the market.

The best part is that it utilizes less power, yet spreads the light uniformly throughout the canopy to ensure the healthy growth of plants. SF -1000 is made of reliable and long-lasting materials that increase its lifespan as compared to other similar lights.

The design has no fan to keep the grow area calm and peaceful. Moreover, it is ETL certified (certification for grow light) as well as UL certified (power cord certification).

SF -1000 is an amazing grow light for weeds and works well for all stages as you can adjust the height and lighting schedule to suit the plant’s needs.


  • Highly efficient grow light for a small space like a 2×2 feet area
  • Secure design with waterproof and electric shock proof parts
  • Noise-free operation
  • No assembly required


  • The brightness can’t be controlled


Spider Farmer SF-2000 LED Grow Light

Spider Farmer SF-2000 LED Grow LightLike its smaller version discussed above, the SF-2000 LED Grow Light is also a high-efficiency alternative that can cover a 2×4 feet area. It has a bright output, and the pattern of light is perfect for your indoor plants. So, if you have a larger growing area, this one would be the right choice

It comes with a dimmer option so that you can adjust the brightness according to the requirements of the plants. Moreover, it offers uniform light coverage, which is one of the best attributes of Spider Farmer LED grow lights.

Like SF-1000, this grow light for weed is also UL and ETL certified, which speaks for the quality of materials used.



  • Gets hot during operation, so you need a fan to cool it off
  • It arches in the middle because of the thin design


Spider-Farmer SF-4000 LED Grow Light

Spider Farmer SF-4000 LED Grow LightAre you looking for a high-end led grow light for your indoor plants? If yes, then SF-4000 is the best light for weed. It takes only 450 watts and produces a bright output that is good enough to light up a 4×4 grow tent or bigger spaces.

Moreover, SF-4000 is a long-lasting purchase as the lights can go for 50,000 hours. That means it should last for five years or so.

Like all other products in this Spider Farmer lights reviews, this model also has a fanless design. The LED board of the grow light is water-resistant, and the product does not have any exposed wiring.

In a nutshell, this powerful and easy-to-install light monster from Spider Farmer is an excellent product for the long run.


  • Highly efficient Spider Farmer LED grow light, for brighter grow-space
  • Has a sturdy and durable construction
  • An ideal choice for a large grow area
  • Offers long-lasting performance


  • The 18-pound weight makes it a heavier alternative
  • Requires external cooling source for heat dissipation.


Frequently Asked Questions about Spider-Farmer Lights


Are Spider Farmer LED grow lights reasonably priced?

These LED grow lights are not the cheapest ones available in the market. But, considering their efficiency, long life-span, and ETL and UL certifications, they offer excellent value for money. They don’t have extra installation or maintenance costs, so purchasing them would help you save money in the long run.


Are Spider Farmers grow lights strong enough to grow weed?

The model SF-600 isn’t strong enough to grow cannabis and offers enough life to support the growth of seedlings only. In comparison, SF-1000 and SF-2000 offer a moderate yield of marijuana and they’re good for relatively smaller space., However, SF-4000 gives maximum cannabis yield and is meant for larger spaces.


Wrapping-up with the Spider Farmer Grow Lights

We hope that our Spider Farmer LED grow lights review will help you choose the right grow light for your plants.

To sum up, it is safe to say that this brand has the best LED grow light for indoor plants. They offer a high-quality, full-color spectrum and are made of UL and ETL listed components.

Offering maximum customer satisfaction, these lights come with a 3-year warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee, which is a big bonus.

Moreover, they have higher energy efficiency and larger area coverage compared to traditional LED lights. What else do you want?

Check out the range of Spider farmer lights and get them for your indoor grow area.

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