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Spotting a Good CBD Product | Make Sure CBD Is It Worth Top Dollar?

Spotting a CBD Product

We’ve all been there before – going back and forth as we scour the available options that a CBD specialty store offers. One item goes in the cart, another comes out, and repeat for like seven hours or something.

With such a wide selection of hemp-derived products, it has become almost impossible to visit a store (virtual or otherwise), make a choice, and just be done with it. And when you factor in things like quality versus cost, it becomes even more of a challenge.

No one wants to spend money on a product that isn’t justified in its price. But with literally thousands of products laid out before you, how can you be sure that you’re buying something that’s worth its cost? Here’s a quick guide on choosing a CBD product that’s right on the money.


Packaging Matters

As the first thing you would see, packaging actually tells you a lot about the kind of product you’re buying. What you want is something that will provide high-quality hemp without too many added ingredients that could hinder the main active ingredient’s effect.

And while the nutritional facts and ingredient list should tell you more about what’s in the mix, just a glance at the product packaging itself should already shed some light on what it’s made of.

Packages that are too colorful or that look like they would be more appropriate for a children’s cereal box might not contain the kind of ingredients you would be interested in. Brands that focus on exuding either a medical or organic aesthetic have been found to contain better quality CBD and fewer additives.


Reputation, Reputation, Reputation

Brands make a big difference. Certainly, there are a lot of small names out there that are striving to bring their consumers the best products they can muster.

But if you really don’t want to take a risk, then an established, reputable brand should be the way to go. Now the question is, how can you really tell if a specific company is actually all it chalks itself up to be?

Reading reviews is often the most important step you can take towards determining what a specific CBD brand brings to its buyers. An example of this is Industrial hemp farms, they display their customer reviews on their product pages.

But don’t just limit yourself to a single source of review information. Visit their social media pages to see if the reviews there line up with what they show on their official website. Other than that, it would also be a wise step to look them up on Reddit where lots of independent reviewers share their honest insights on what the brand delivers.


Spotting a Good CBD Product


Test Results

Lots of people think that simply having third party test results is already a sign of good quality. But it helps to remember that almost every product has third party test results these days. What really matters is what’s written in them. Those lab results are provided so that you can figure out what a specific formulation offers, aside from just whether or not it falls within the designated THC content.

Reading through the information provided in a lab test result tells you about the presence of pesticides, microbes, and heavy metals which should never be present in any hemp-derived product.

Then, of course, there are the terpenes and cannabinoids that should always be aptly broken down in the certificate of analysis. By understanding how all of these contribute, you should already have an idea as to how a product will taste and behave before you even buy it.


Specific Form and Formulation

As a general rule, there are certain types and forms of product that will perform better than others. For instance, CBD water has been found to be the worst of all, showcasing the smallest bioavailability across the various formulations you’ll find.

That simply means that for each unit of CBD water you take, your body can only really absorb a fraction of the CBD it contains.

If you want a product that really hits hard, it’s important to consider the bioavailability of the CBD it contains. That said, smokable hemp is often the most easily absorbed into the system, allowing the biggest uptake of CBD compared to any other product.

This is followed by oils, tinctures, and sublingual sprays that are at least 60% bioavailable. Edibles will vary in absorption, with gummies often the most readily metabolized at a rate of about 19%.


CBD Product spotting


Getting What You Pay For

Budget hemp products will come at their price for a reason. While an alluring price tag might reel you in, it’s important to remember that with hemp, you will always get what you pay for.

Most of the smokable hemp you’ll find on a budget will be priced that way because they were grown with non-specific care. Remember that every unique strain of hemp will have particular environmental condition requirements. Hemp that’s grown without regard for these distinct needs will typically come out lackluster.

Some wholesalers will be able to provide their product at exceedingly low prices because they didn’t spend too much on its cultivation anyway. More expensive products that are backed by a reputable brand are more likely to have undergone specific care that results in richer cannabinoid content and more powerful chemistry.


Over to You

It can be tough to find a CBD product that’s right on the money. And although you might feel overwhelmed with the options in front of you, there are ways that you can make a sound choice from the comfort of your computer screen.

Digging up the dirt on a brand, knowing how prices work, and understanding the unique chemistry of hemp can all give you a bird’s eye view of which picks stand out as the most viable choices.

By learning how to be a smart buyer, you stand the chance to eliminate the risk of falling into another episode of buyer’s remorse in the future.

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