Why you Should Start Eating Raw Cannabis?

why you should eat raw cannabis


Cannabis not only gets you high but also provide relief against various ailments.

It may sound weird but consuming raw cannabis can give you immense health benefits.

In addition to this, it not psychoactive, this makes it safe and healthy. But always prefer to get Medical Cannabis Evaluations in Los Angeles from licensed doctors.


What is Raw Cannabis?

These are the freshly harvested flowers and the leaves of marijuana before they are being dried and cured.

Here, we will discuss the various benefits of raw cannabis which will help you in incorporating raw cannabis into your everyday diet.


1. Cannabinoid Acids

There are 421 different chemical compounds in the cannabis plant and out of them over 100 are unique plant molecules known as cannabinoids.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is a cannabinoid that is psychoactive. A cannabinoid is found on the plant in its raw form as tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA).

THCA transforms into THC when the plant gets heated or aged. Moreover, there is a small amount of aged THC, and other cannabinoids present in a cannabis flower and most of them will be found as cannabinoid acids.

Research suggests that THCA has antiproliferative and antispasmodic effects.

The raw acid form of cannabidiol CBD has shown some potential for the treatment of epilepsy.


 2. Fiber Source

Cannabis leaves are full of fibers. High fiber foods help in maintaining proper digestion and microbial community in your gut.

Fiber is broken down by the bacteria which reside in the intestines. Research shows that maintaining proper microflora aids in good immunity and mental health.

If you find it difficult to consume raw fan leaves, then you can blend the plant in a smoothie and consume it.


cannabis leaves


3. Plenty of Vitamins

Marijuana leaves contain various vitamins and minerals like:

●      Folate  which is essential for DNA repair

●      Iron for moving oxygen through the blood

●      Calcium Essential for strong bones

●      Vitamin C plays an essential role in immune function

●      Vitamin K (necessary for blood clotting and calcium absorption)

However,  The green leaves of cannabis contain compounds that protect against cancer. In order to get all nutritional benefits to make to include fat in your diet while consuming raw cannabis.


4. Works as an Antioxidant

Cannabinoids like CBD and THC are considered antioxidants that protect the body from stress.

Raw cannabis consists of lots of antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help in fighting the effects of aging.


5. Anthocyanins

Cannabis having red-colored leaves and flowers consist of a good amount of anthocyanins. Anthocyanins have antioxidant properties.

Research has shown that they have a protective effect on human health and also protect against DNA damage.

Not only this, but they also regulate immune response and help in improving vision.


6. Pain Relief (PainKiller)

Cannabinoids acids in raw cannabis have properties like various painkillers like ibuprofen and aspirin.

A medical patient uses raw cannabis juices in fibromyalgia and arthritis to get relief from pain.


Medical Marijuana as Pain Releif


7. Omega 3 – Healthy Fat

Raw hemp seeds and cold-pressed hemp oil is abundant in essential fatty acids. Hemp is rich in omega 3 fatty acids which are essential for brain health.

It is also high in linoleic acid which is responsible for healthy hair and skin.


8. Terpenes – Relax & Calm

Heat plays an important role in converting cannabinoid acids like THCA to THC.

But, during the heating process, there is a possibility that you might end up burning some valuable terpenes that have medicinal value.

For instance, terpene like linalool provides a lavender scent to some cannabis strains which induces better sleep and provides calmness.

Also, heating up cannabis products above 350 degrees evaporates some valuable terpenes.

This problem can be avoided as raw cannabis allows you to consume as many terpenes and cannabinoid acids as possible.


9. Doesn’t get you High

Raw cannabis does not get you high. Moreover, the cannabis plant contains more acids when it is unheated or in the raw form and once it is dried or cured, the THCA gets converted into THC  and psychoactive effects can be felt.


10. Eradication of the Arthritis

Raw cannabis has some anti-inflammatory properties,  hence reduces arthritis of any form. It is also effective in rheumatoid arthritis and other forms of swelling.


11. Cleanses the Body from Free Radicals :

Cannabis has an antioxidant property that enables the body to fight free radicals.

Consuming raw cannabis is a quick mode to get rid of free radicals.


Cleanses the body from free radicals


How Much Should you Consume?

It is very important to find the right dose before trying cannabis. It should be consumed in moderation.

Ideally, the standard dose of THC or CBD should be about 10 milligrams. But, the cannabis acids present in cannabis are way higher.

However, the best thing about raw cannabis is that you can consume a significant amount of it without experiencing any unwanted side effects.

Ensure that if you are planning to consume raw cannabis, you are doing this in a legal way by possessing a medical recommendation from the licensed doctor.

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