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the stoney baby Box

It was hard to find cute and girly subscription boxes dedicated to stoner girls in the past. However, nowadays, these girly 420 goody boxes are trending.

So are you on the lookout for the best 420 subscription boxes for her? Or are you searching for the best girl’s subscription box because you admire hemp and love smoking?

Whatever your reason may be, these Stoney Babe boxes are no ordinary weed subscription boxes. These weed boxes can cater to all your smoking needs. You only have to subscribe to our weed boxes to be delivered monthly at your doorstep.

Let’s find out why this 420 box for her is worth every penny!

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Why Choose Stoney Babe Box?

A Stoney babe box is for the feminine souls who love to smoke. It has a unique assortment of cute stoner girl accessories that are hand-picked.

Each girl stoner box contains 7 to 12 girly smoker accessories; therefore, this makes the perfect stoner gift for her.

Moreover, it is the girliest box available in the market. The Stoney babe, subscription box price range between 30 and 35 dollars, with a value of more than 60 dollars. However, 420 boxes may seem pricey, but it’s worth the buy because each item has personal touches and handmade details.

If you wish to have cannabis-themed adorable items, give this weed subscription box for girls a shot.


the stoney babe box for girls


Stoner Babe Subscription Box Review

The cutest box with feminine goods is the best stoner gift for her. This box contains everything you need plus some extra surprises.

Moreover, these boxes have bright colors, have high-quality cannabidiol beauty products, hand-crafted goods, cute containers, flavored papers, and other fun goodies.

Furthermore, all of these items included in a stoney babe box are of superior quality. Let’s discuss the products that come with this box.


Contains Hand-Crafted Materials

Each Stoney babe box contains a mixture of unique and incredible items that you will not find anywhere. Small women-owned businesses supply these adorable hand-crafted materials; hence it empowers women and supports their business.


Contains Cute Stoner Girl Accessories

The box contains numerous stoner girl accessories such as flavored papers, cones, crystals, grinders, pipes, etc. Some of these items are individually discussed below:

  • Grinder

A 420 box for her contains a high-quality grinder. This grinder blade seamlessly cut, sift out the clumps, and preserves the pollen.

Moreover, a three-piece grinder has small holes at the bottom of the grinding chamber for your ground-up weed to fall into the collection chamber.

  • Lighter

The box includes a hemp wick lighter for your convenience. Moreover, we have also added a Bic lighter into our adorable girly box.

  • Spoon Pipe

A spoon pipe is something that each smoker is looking forward to having in a subscription box. It is usually made up of very thick glass so that it cannot break easily. Moreover, it contains a good size mouthpiece and a deep bowl.

  • Flavored Papers and Cones

Our boxes provide the optimum quality flavored rolling papers that are lightweight, thin, and are easily rolled.

Moreover, several smokers find it hard to roll a joint. Therefore these cones provide convenience if you are an amateur. Do not worry, because these cones have got your back!

  • Wraps

Different flavored hemp wraps with no tobacco are part of our subscription box. This hemp wrap is ideal for those people who love natural smoke. Moreover, when you roll them, it seals perfectly; hence, it makes them user-friendly.

  • Weed Rolling Tray

If you smoke weed regularly, you must know that a rolling tray is essential. Therefore, the Stoney babe box includes this crucial item that simplifies the rolling process of marijuana.

  • Smoking Pipes

Our box includes a beautiful and durable weed smoking pipe. By using this pipe, you can get a good pull and puff off smoke. Moreover, these small and handy pipes can be easily fit into a pocket so that you can enjoy smoking wherever you want.

  • Various Glass Products

Our subscription box always includes a glass product. It may be a glass bong or glass water pipes. These glass products are favorite among tokers and stoners because of their popularity, filtration, and straightforward usage.

  • Miscellaneous Items

Do you think that’s all? Nope! We have added some other goodies such as cute jars/containers, trays, homemade soaps, jewelry, artisan goods, hand-crafted products, and much more.

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the stoney babe box


Pros of the Stoney Babe Box

If the above review still hasn’t piqued your interest, here are some reasons why you should make a subscription for our box.

  • Hand-picked Materials

In a subscription box, you get items according to your likes. These feminine and unique products are carefully hand-picked.

  • A Time-Saver

Sometimes finding a product you want at a nearby store becomes difficult; thereby, getting everything you want in a single box is a perfect idea.

  • Promotes Small Businesses

Each box has some of the items that are supplied by small businesses that are owned by women. Hence, it supports their micro business.

  • An Ideal Gift to Give Someone

Besides smoking accessories, it contains cute artisan items, cannabinoid beauty products, soaps, jewelry, etc. Therefore, it makes this box an ideal gift for a stoner girl.

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Cons of the Stoner Babe Subscription Box

Are you thinking about what can go wrong with such a fantastic box? Besides its amazing benefits, there are specific characteristics that you may not deem perfect.

  • Not a Big Fan of Surprises

You may not like our surprise elements because most people are not a big fan of it. We do not even disclose the extra things in our monthly box because that would ruin the surprise!

  • Shipped Only on Specific Days

The Stoney babe boxes are shipped 1 to 4 of every month. Sometimes the shipping time might exceed a month because of too many orders.


the stoney babe subscription box


Wrapping Up About the Stoney Babe Box

To sum it up, it is a fantastic box with all the high-quality materials that you can have access to quickly. This product is in the limelight for all the right reasons.

This subscription box is worth buying; that’s why we recommend you make a subscription. Moreover, we are always looking out for our customers to provide them with a premium smoking experience.

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