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Stoney Babe Subscription Box Review | Girly Smoke Boxes

stoney babe box

Previously, it was challenging to find cute subscription boxes for girls who admire hemp. But since cannabis has become legal in most parts of the world, numerous services started offering themed boxes with luxurious things, like hand-selected girly smoker accessories.

If you’re looking for a 420 box suitable for feminine souls, you must look into the Stoney Babe Subscription box. This subscription box caters to females who love smoking hemp.

It isn’t like your regular subscription box that comes with smoking accessories. Instead, it’s a box full of handpicked flavored papers, cones, wraps, crystals, grinders, pipes, and artisan goods. It also contains hand-curated products, jewelry, and more.

One of the most notable things about this weed box is that all the artisan goods come from small women-owned businesses to promote the women’s business community. But is it worth buying every month? You can read our extensive review to find out.

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Why Choose a Stoney Babe Box?

The stoney babe box comes with an assortment of cute smoking accessories. This cannabis subscription box contains about seven to twelve feminine goods. It costs around 30 to 35 USD with a retail value of about 60 USD.

Before you get this subscription box, here are a few things to know about it:

  • You must be 21 years old to order.
  • The company ships to the US and Canada.
  • The subscription costs $35 per month.


Subscription Plans

This cannabis subscription box gives you various subscriptions, so you can choose the one that suits you best. The four subscription plans are the following.

  • Monthly subscription for $35.00 per month
  • Quarterly subscription for $105.00 for three boxes
  • Semi-annual subscription for $198.00 for six boxes
  • Yearly subscription for $360.00 for 12 boxes


Once you choose a plan and the payment option, all you have to do is wait for your parcel.

The boxes get shipped between the 1st and 8th of the month, and your subscription gets renewed on the 11th of each month.

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the stoney babe subscription box


Stoney Babe Box Review

Stoney babe boxes have bright-colored themes. It is the cutest box stuffed with cannabidiol goodies such as beauty products, homemade soaps, cute containers, flavored papers, and other hand-picked essentials.

When you receive the box, it comes with a sticker attached to the top of the lid. The sticker says, “Baked with Love.”

Once you open the lid, you’ll see a pink pamphlet on top of the products. This pink pamphlet is a booklet that contains descriptions of the products delivered to you.

It gives you a deeper insight into using the products and the ingredients it contains, so you can better understand how to utilize each product. Here are the products you’ll receive.


Hand-Crafted Materials

The stoney babe box has a mixture of products that you can’t find in smoke shops, as these products are sourced from small women-owned businesses.

Females that love smoking and wish to empower women must get their hands on this cannabis mystery box. The hand-crafted materials include glitter cupcake stickers, handmade soaps, candles, donut-shaped storage containers, etc.

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Girly Smoker Accessories

The stoney babe box is specially designed for female souls and comes with cute girly accessories such as flavored papers, crystals, cones, grinders, and pipes.

It contains a high-quality grinder that seamlessly cuts and sifts out the clumps, preserving pollen. The grinder’s grinding chamber features tiny holes at the bottom, so the ground weed collects into the collection chamber.

This 420 stoner box contains a hemp wick lighter. Your box may also contain a mystery lighter such as the chocolate bar butane lighter or a hemp wick lighter from a small women-owned business. These are eye-catching smoking accessories.

The box also contains a glass spoon pipe. It is an absolute necessity for smokers. It also contains a deep bowl and a mouthpiece.

In addition to this, the stoney babe box comes with flavored papers and cones. It contains premium quality rolling papers. These are thin and lightweight, so you can easily roll them.

Since rolling a joint is difficult for beginners, cones provide extra convenience to amateurs, so you don’t have to worry about rolling a joint again!

If you love natural smoke, you’re going to love the flavored wrap because the slow-burning hemp wrap lemon cake terps are made from natural hemp.

They are nicely packed, so they stay fresh for longer. Besides this, the stoney babe box also provides you with rolling trays, which simplify rolling cannabis.


the stoney babe box for grils


Various Glass Products

This box features glass products such as glass pipes or bongs. If you’re ordering this for females who admire hemp, they’ll find the products useful as they’re small and will easily fit inside their small handbags.


Miscellaneous Items

Stoney babe boxes contain mystery items such as artisan goods and cute jars or containers. These miscellaneous items are a great addition to your cannabis-themed collection.

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the stoney babe box



If you’re unsure about ordering this box, here are some pros to pique your interest.

  • A perfect box for females who love smoking
  • Empowers women-owned businesses
  • Neat and discreet packaging
  • Contains handpicked materials
  • Makes an ideal gift for girls
  • Typical box value is $60 to $120



Here are the cons of the stoney babe box.

  • Has a specific shipping window
  • Shipping may take long


Wrapping Up with the Stoney Babe Subscription Box

You’ll find many reviews that recommend the product. Undoubtedly, the stoney babe box has adorable items of good quality, and they come at an affordable price. So if you can put up with the delayed delivery, we recommend trying the stoney babe box.

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