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What Is Sun Rocks Weed? All You Need to Know

sun rocks

Sun rocks and moon rocks have recently gained popularity due to social media. But what is sunrock weed, and is it safe to smoke? How is it different from moonrock weed?

Cannabis cultivators manipulate cannabis buds and increase the THC concentration to make highly potent sun rocks and moonrocks. Sun rocks are more potent and have an amazing mental effect on smokers because they have a higher THC concentration.

Before smoking high potency weed, you must know the primary differences between sun rocks and moon rocks weed. Let us learn what is sunrock weed and how you can smoke it.


What Are Sun Rocks Weed?

Sun rocks and moonrocks offer cannabis enthusiasts a potent experience. These two premium products belong to caviar cannabis. Cannabis enthusiasts exclusively prepare them by using world-class cannabis flowers and other top-shelf concentrates.

Sun rocks bud isn’t like your standard weed strain. Instead, it’s a top-shelf cannabis strain that is dipped in wax or CO2 oil. Then, it is rolled in kief.

Sun rocks weed contains about 80% THC concentration. This extremely high potency is only suitable for regular cannabis consumers. Smoking a cannabis flower daily is going to get you really high. You should avoid using higher-grade products if you want to smoke potent weed daily.

If you have used moon rock weed before, you’ll find that sunrock weed does not look much different. However, moon rocks comprise hash oil, bud, and kief of any strain and quality.

In contrast, producing sun rocks requires top-shelf buds and kief. Only pure extracts can make sunrock weed. This is why it has a better and stronger flavor and aroma. Notably, the buds, kief, and extracts come from the same strain.

Sunrock weed is also one of the most expensive strains available in dispensaries because it is the most potent way of smoking weed.

Moreover, it is only available in high-end dispensaries as the two main manufacturers in California are Big Tray Deee and Apollo Sun Rocks. Big Tray Deee’s rocks have a thin layer of kief, and it is made from decent bud.


Quality of Sun Rock Weed

Moon rocks have opaque hash oil, making it difficult for inexperienced cannabis users to determine the quality of the product. Sun rocks come from top-shelf concentrate. The resin is trichome rich which packs more flavor.

It is a lot better than standard oil. In addition, the purity of the sunrock extract makes it clearer so cannabis users can see the bud even though the kief dusting.

The purity also makes sunrock weed more potent. Moon rocks have about 60% THC concentration, while sun rocks have over 80% THC concentration.

This is why sunrock buds come from OG marijuana flowers with a distinct flavor, better aroma, and sedative effects that are longer lasting than moon rock weed or regular weed.

Besides the high potency, sunrock weed has a better taste. You can smoke a joint instead of just one devastating drag.


Difference Between Sun Rocks and Moon Rocks

Since sun rocks and moon rocks are made through two entirely different processes, they have plenty of differences. So besides the THC concentration, they also look a bit different.

Moonrock weed’s THC concentration can reach 52.1%, while sun rocks are an improved version with a THC concentration of over 80%.

Moonrock weed’s 51.2% THC concentration is potent enough to put off even the most experienced cannabis users even with one hit. Moreover, you don’t need a specific marijuana strain to make moon rocks, but you can use any strain with a higher potency.

It also has a very thin layer of wax. In contrast, sun rocks have a thicker layer of kief. Cannabis cultivators make sun rocks from the very best strains, and they make the outer layer from various pure extractions. This is why the thicker layer of kief in sunrock weed is better.


Which Is More Potent?

Moonrock was considered the most potent weed strain for the longest time. But, recently, cannabis enthusiasts found out that sunrock weed is an upgrade to moon rock weed because it produces an even longer-lasting high associated with smoking marijuana.

Since moon rocks have 51% THC concentration and sun rocks have 80% THC, sunrock weed tends to be more potent. In fact, sunrock weed provides the most powerful cannabis experience.

Besides the pure THC crystal, sunrock weed is the only type of cannabis that produces an instant high that lingers for hours and produces strong effects.


Moonrock vs Sunrock


How to Smoke Sun Rocks

Since sun rocks bud is put in oil and then rolled in kief, it has a sticky layer. This is why you must break it down with your fingers or cut it by using a pair of scissors. You should never put sun rocks into a grinder as it would waste the hardened layer of kief dusting.

You should also avoid smoking an entire sun rock blunt because of the potent dosage. Higher potency produces a strong high associated with smoking marijuana. On the other hand, moderate doses only provide a relaxing experience to cannabis smokers.

However, sun rocks have a wax coasting, and inhaling the strain can be harsh. You can use a bong, pipe, or blunt to smoke sunrock weed.

But you should not use a vaporizer because sunrock weed has delicate buds and sticky oils. Here are some ways of smoking sunrock weed.



Most cannabis users use glass, bong, or pipe for smoking sun rocks and moon rocks. However, adding moonrocks or a sun rocks bud to a blunt gets messy, and grinding them will ruin their distillate coating.

Before smoking sun rock weed, you need to break it into small chunks using a sharp knife or blade.


Layering the Bowl

When adding flower pieces to a bowl, do not add the sunrocks bud on top. But mix it with other flowers, so it burns evenly.


Using Hemp Wick

If you wish to smoke a bowl of sunrock weed, you should break it evenly into small pieces. This is because lighting up bigger nugs takes longer. Thus, you should use small pieces of sun rock weed.

Using a hemp wick is one of the best ideas for smoking high-quality sun rocks buds because a butane lighter will scorch the product. Moreover, you can enjoy the full flavor if you use hemp wick.


Last Thoughts

Once you learn the primary differences between cannabis sun rocks and moon rock weed, you’ll know the safest concentration you should smoke. We do not recommend high dosages since sunrock weed has up to 80% THC.

Novice cannabis consumers must start with a very low dosage and gradually increase the amount of sunrock weed they want to smoke. If you’re a beginner, we hope that this guide helps guide you in your journey through the cannabis world.

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