Kind LED Grow Lights K3 L450 – Marijuana Grow Lights Reviews

Kind LED Grow Lights K3 L450Finding the right LED grow light for your plants is really not as easy as it may seem. Since the latest LED grow lights come with all the additional features, sizes, colors and even designs, that only adds on to the confusion.

So, it is always better to get to know all about these features and other terms associated with the lights, and that’s exactly what this marijuana grow lights review is about!

These lights are the best for your plants especially if you are looking to grow cannabis indoors. They are not just safe but help you grow the highest quality crop in much less time as compared to the other lights. These are in fact designed to help give the plants the closest thing they can to natural sunlight.


Kind LED Grow Lights K3 – Sizes

ImageProductRatingBuy on Amazon!
Kind LED Grow Lights K3 L300Kind LED Grow Lights K3 L300ViewonAMZ
Kind LED Grow Lights K3 L450Kind LED Grow Lights K3 L450ViewonAMZ
Kind LED Grow Lights K3 L600Kind LED Grow Lights K3 L600ViewonAMZ


Criteria & Buyers Guide

Before you add the first LED grow light you see in your cart, you must make sure it meets the requirement for your plants. There are a number of factors you must consider prior to the purchase. For instance, the coverage area; think about how many plants you want the LED light to cover.

If you buy a light that covers a far wider area than you need, that would lead to more wastage of energy.

Other things you’d want to make a mental note about are the wattage and the height. You have to ensure you are getting the right wattage output for the plant.

Another essential feature is the timer that helps you keep track of the light and dark hours for optimal growth. Yes and one very important aspect is the spectrum. There are the full-spectrum lights that are the closest to natural sunlight.

This is very important for the different stages of plant growth and flowering. So, if you need an LED grow light for all the stages of the plant’s lifecycle you need the full-spectrum. However, if you are looking for something for a particular stage only, there are LED lights that do not come with a full spectrum.

It is also wise to do your homework and read up on other user marijuana grow lights reviews for a better understanding of each kind of LED grow light.

Also be sure to check out the light modes; you may find these lights have different modes, for instance, there’s the bloom mode, the veg mode, etc. These help you customize the settings according to the phase of the lifecycle.


Kind LED Grow Lights K3 L450

Product Overview

The Kind LED Grow light K3 L450 is one bright light that comes with the full 12 band spectrum. Hence, it’s ideal for all phases of the plant’s lifecycle. There are built-in quiet fans and heat sinks that keep the temperature low and keep the plants from wilting and from suffering heat damage.

There’s also an optical lens that increases the PAR and penetration of the light so your plant gets the maximum benefit.

This definitely is the best LED grow light and it produces a much higher yield consuming about half the energy as compared to the other brands. Also, the Kind LED Grow light L450 is much cooler than the others in its league.


best led grow lights

Furthermore, it features:

  • 3-watt diode powered full spectrum – 12 band
  • Large aluminum heat sinks and fans
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee
  • 200% increased light coverage
  • Large reflectors
  • Secondary optical lens increases penetration and PAR



Pros& Cons of the Kind LED Grow Light

  • Pros

The Kind LED grow light K3 L450 comes with extra large aluminum heat sinks and fans that work noiselessly to keep the unit cool. It’s a quality manufacture, compact in size and hence, ideal for use indoors as well as outside.

The best thing about the light is the diode efficiency, that is much higher compared to the other LED grow lights. This way it gives a much higher output giving you a healthier and heavier yield.

It’s a full spectrum light and that makes it ideal for each stage of the plant’s lifecycle. Whether its flowering or veg, you just need the Kind LED K3 L450 for all the phases of plant growth.

  • Cons

It is a bit expensive as compared to the other lights but then again, that’s just the startup cost you have to worry about.




Overall Thoughts                               

Kind LED grow light K3 L450, is a full-spectrum, quality and efficient light. With this one, you don’t have to worry about replacements, glitches or energy consumption at all. The light provides all-round support for all the stages of the plant and gives you a much healthier and heavier yield.

Based on this marijuana grow lights review, we highly recommend the Kind K3 L450 as the best LED grow light, for your plants as well as for your home!



5 Things to Look for in an Led Grow Light – Read Before Buying!

If you are growing cannabis or other plants indoors, you cannot do that without using a quality Grow Light. There is simply no way around is if you are looking for a higher yield. You have plenty of options available in the market to buy a LED Grow light that may be confusing to some of you. By keeping the following 5 things in mind, you can easily find best grow lights for weed for your needs.

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1.- Quality of Light

The first thing you need to look into is quality of light. The light that mimics that sunlight and used the same light bands as in sunlight is the best fit for your plants. This feature is called Photosynthetic Pacific Spectrum, or Full Spectrum.

If the quality of light is similar to the sunlight, you also don’t have to switch between the lights for different stages of plant growth. The grow lights that offer full spectrum light are a good fit for all stages growth from seedling to flowering. Some LED lights also use blue and red lights to penetrate deep into the plant and growing medium.

2.- Power Draw

LED lights consume less power compared to HID lights but slightly more power than CFL lights. You can also find the different quality of LED lights in terms of power consumption. There are best led grow lights that perform better than others by producing more light while using less electricity.

On average, grow lights run for 10 to 12 hours a day, so they can have a major impact on your electricity bill.

3.- Temperature

LED grow lights work best when you hang them closer to the plants, but this means, they must also produce low heat output. Some low-quality lights that heat up can damage the plants. Make sure the LED light can cool itself and contribute to maintaining the ideal temperature for your weed plants.

4.- Coverage

There are different options available when it comes to the area you need to cover. You need to measure the size of your indoor garden, closet or grow tent and compare it with the lighting area size of the grow light. Depending on the calculation, you can buy more than one lights to cover the entire area.

5.- Reliability

The quality LED Grow Light can last for years to comes, but for this, you have to look into warranty offered, materials used, and the brand reputation. Make sure to buy one that offers more warranty years.

VIVOSUN Hydroponic 1000 Watt HPS MH – Review

Best Hydroponic led grow light


Expert gardeners tend to be careful in growing and taking care of their garden. This ensures excellent control of humidity and air that the plants need so that a healthy growth is secured.  Hence, If you are a gardener, it would be a big advantage of one of the best led grow light on the market: VIVOSUN Hydroponic 1000 Watt HPS MH Grow Light Air Cooled Reflector Kit.

Having the best grow kits & lights that gives you the assurance your plants would grow in the right light and humidity. Combined with excellent work and technology, I consider this item a worthy purchase due to the stability and compatibility of it. Here, you have the high advantage of making your work as a gardener fast and easy.


Maximized Light and Excellent Power

The VIVOSUN Hydroponic 1000 Watt HPS MH Grow Light Air Cooled Reflector Kit offers you a reflector that is made from high-quality aluminum. Combined with effective function and handling of a gardener, the light reflected towards the plants would be balanced. Hence, the light system is perfect for the healthy condition of the plants

Having a stable and powered light, you have the advantage of having your plants and flowers showered with the right amount of light required for it to have a successful growth. The quality of the spectrum matches the effectiveness given by the kit. So, you are assured to have great results in your gardening work.

Assured Healthy Plant Development

Due to the best hydroponic system, healthy growth of the plants is assured to be achieved. I’m amazed by the bulbs in this device as it suits perfectly to the requirement of the gardener.  The radiation required for the healthy plant growth doesn’t disappoint any kind of gardener who would use it. The balanced radiation coming from the bulbs is essential in making an effective growth seen in a secure way.

VIVOSUN Hydroponic 1000 Watt HPS MHVIVOSUN Hydroponic 1000 Watt HPS MH


Safety at all Times

Gardening not only requires the successful growth of the plants but also the safety of the gardening process. The rope hanger of the VIVOSUN Hydroponic 1000 Watt HPS MH Grow Light Air Cooled Reflector Kit offers you an excellent and safe way of handling the device. The reinforced gears truly make a difference in terms of the right and safe handling of the device.

Here, I’m amazed by the materials used as it delivers a secure way process for ensuring plant growth is a success. It excels the expectations of the gardener and gives the satisfaction you want to have. Hence, if you are willing to make a purchase, this reflector kit could be one of your best choices. The top safety feature ensures your requirements are met.



Easy Handling Through the Controls

You would be surprised that the VIVOSUN Hydroponic 1000 Watt HPS MH Grow Light Air Cooled Reflector Kit has a 7-day digital timer that makes it easy for you to set the correct time of its use. The dual outlets give you the comfort of plugging it into any power socket near the garden or even inside the house.

Given the LCD display and a set of controls is a sure treat for me or any gardener who like to purchase it. This is one of the great reasons why the VIVOSUN Hydroponic 1000 Watt HPS MH Grow Light Air Cooled Reflector Kit has the best hydroponic system. The effectiveness of the product together with the great result it gives is sure to satisfy any client.

VIVOSUN Hydroponic 1000 Watt HPS MHVIVOSUN Hydroponic 1000 Watt HPS MH]


Guaranteed Excellent Flourish of the Plant

With the reflective aluminum found in this device, don’t worry about achieving the perfect and fast growth of your plant. Here, you have the best guarantee that the plant that is air cooled is secure from any harmful things that might affect its growth. You deserve the satisfaction when you purchase this item so trust the effectiveness of the best hydroponic grows kit – VIVOSUN Hydroponic 1000 Watt HPS MH Grow Light Air Cooled Reflector Kit!

Furthermore, don’t worry if you are on a tight budget because you could surely afford this product. Given a fair price scale, feel the satisfaction and relief as the product could be yours without affecting your budget.

Hence, you have great things to expect that having the product would be to your advantage. Hence, I assure you that the best hydroponic grow kit would give the best results in growing your plants. I give this a high rating due to the efficiency it has together with the amazing features that make gardening work much easier even inside the home. This is truly one of the best reflector kits.



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Roleadro Panel Grow Light Series- One of the Best Indoor Grow Lights

Roleadro Panel Grow -cbest indoor grow lights

Roleadro Panel Grow Light Series, Top Indoor Grow Lights

Roleadro Panel Grow Light Series is one of the newest and best grow lights on the market. This panel light series will capture everybody’s attention because possess amazing benefits for the health of the plant. At the same, it would be very useful in stimulating the growth of the plants in your garden.

Also, Roleadro Panel Grow Light Series offers a great deal of offering an artificial source of light which in turn promotes a fast growing process of the plants making it the best indoor growth lights. With a high quality of light spectrum that is present in the panel light of the product, you are guaranteed that you will get the best possible outcome from the usage of this product.

The design of the product makes it more convenient to use and offers a graded result in the growth of the plants. The Roleadro Panel Light Series is effective in providing the necessary amount of light that is essential for the life of the plants. You can bet that this product is the best led grow lights present on the internet.



Product Overview

Roleadro Panel Grow Light SeriesRoleadro Panel Light Series is one of the newest light series that is designed with 117 pieces red LED lights (660nm wavelength) + 52 pieces blue LED lights (450nm wavelength). Both of the lights, the red and the blue lights are very important in providing the needed light to the plant in order for them to generate the process of photosynthesis.

Generally, the panel lights directly affect the growth of the plants. One of the amazing things about using this product is that it could easily promote growth in plants. The typical growth of the plants can approximately need longer times for them to at least exert the growth factor.

However, when you tend to use this product, you can expect that the growth of your plant does not take much longer time when compared to the use of the natural light. To give you the details, the spectrum ratio that the bulb can provide to your plants can give you 2.25:1 (red: blue). This ratio means that the bulb can produce a more useful light source to your plants, enabling them to grow faster as much as possible. Apart from that, the light spectrum that the panel bulb produced provides the most suitable type of lighting that would be great benefits to stimulate the plant sprout and growth.



best led grow lightsbest indoor grow lights


In addition, this best indoor grow lights can rapidly increase and improved the health condition of the plants. You can observe that your plants can able to produce more leaves in just 12 days of using this panel light daily. But, in order to achieve this, it is recommended to at least cover a 7-8 square feet area and hung the lightings around 18’’- 48’’. Thus, the growth of your plants will be more dependent on the cycle that your plants have.

Furthermore, the product can promote a low power consumption with an effective result proving only that it is the best indoor grow lights on the market. With an actual power of 25.2W, it is higher than the other brand of panel grow lamps. Other than that, the product is composed of a thick aluminum alloy plate that helps in absorbing heat in the surrounding. The seeds and the plants are very much safe in drying due to the capacity of the aluminum alloy to better the heat dissipation.


Roleadro Panel Grow Light Seriesbest indoor grow lights


Moreover, the Roleadro Panel Light Series is produced from the professional LED plant growing light manufacturer that is instigated with rich research and sales experience. The company of the product can provide the best LED grow lights for the people who are looking for the most convenient way of growing indoor plants. And, the Company is actually giving 12-month product warranty and 30-day money back in case the product is defective.



Roleadro Panel Grow Light Series Presentation



Overall Thoughts

Buying Roleadro Panel Light Series is one of the best alternative choices in providing a light source for your indoor plants. You are not just guaranteed by the functional capability of the product but at the same time, offers a convenient way of making your seed sprouts and plants grow faster than expected. You are assured that this product will not betray your confidence. And the company of the product assures you that you are making the right choice in choosing the product to be part of your growing indoor plants.



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Advanced Platinum P600 – Best Led Grow Light on the Market!

Led Grow Lights Reviews - Advanced Platinum Series

When starting to grow plants indoors, light is one of the most crucial factors. Surely, you wanted to opt for good seed starting mixes and establish an ideal plant growing and watering routines, however, proper lighting is crucial for stocky, healthy seedlings and plants. If you are into indoor gardening, you, therefore, need the best LED grow lights to ensure the best results in growing your plants or gardening.

I completely agree with this. I have been in the same pursuit of finding the best grow lights. I have come across so many options to choose from but in this LED grow lights reviews, I will reveal to you the best option that you need to take. However, choosing the best indoor grow lights does not just ends when you opt for a particular option. There are actually many factors that need to be taken account when choosing indoor grow lights that best suit your needs and requirements.



Essential Points to Keep In Mind When Using Indoor Grow Lights

  • Light Intensity

Seeds and plants need lots of light and when they don’t get enough, they grow leggy and tall. In many instances, even sunniest windowsills won‘t provide an intensity of light that they need. Indoor grow lights can be the best solution. Growing your plants under LED grow lights allow you to somehow control the light intensity and since these give off minimal heat these are considered ideal for your seed starting routine.

  • Light Duration

Particular plants need ideal hours of sunlight or artificial light per day. Indoor grow lights can be a good alternative for growing your plants indoor but keep in mind that there is still the right light duration so you need to be guided accordingly. Rest periods are therefore important to make sure that your plants also receive the right hours of darkness. Make sure that indoor grow lights are on for just the right period of time every day.

These are just a few of the many factors that you need to consider when using indoor grow lights. During those times that I am clueless on things like these, I take time to read LED grow light reviews because I have an idea then that LED grow lights are better options.


Advanced Platinum P600 – A Great Choice for LED Grow Lights

Advanced Platinum Series P600 600w 12-band LED Grow LightThe Advanced Platinum P600 Band Grow Light is one of the popular choices for LED grow lights for the reason that it has the ability to reach depths perfectly of 4 feet tent allowing maximum coverage. These are also highly functional and flexible lights and can be scaled to any given size of a particular area. The Advanced Platinum P600 Band Grow is proven to be the most suitable and optimal solution for a 4×4 grow tent.


Top Features of the Grow Light:

  • The Platinum LED grow lights come with highest output watt and known to provide twice or thrice the intensity of other indoor grow lights.
  • Superior and reliable 12-band spectrum from depths of UV to IR heights. This is actually the most efficient and complete spectral output now available.
  • Selectable FLOWER/VEG switches w/ 4x higher speed and whisper-quiet fans plus all new and upgraded aluminum heat and cooling sinks.
  • HPS 800w replacement w/ 6×4 feet coverage at 28 inches ideal for larger applications or for utilizing multiple units for more even coverage especially in commercial applications.
  • 5-year product warranty plus exclusive 90-day return or satisfaction guarantee.



Pros and Cons of Advanced Platinum P600 Band Grow Light  


  • Small in size so it’s easy to mount
  • This LED grow lights are proven to be practical options
  • Easy to configure
  • Provide excellent lighting balance for plants
  • Features exciting new technology making more effective indoor growing possible
  • Provides plants the exact and finely tuned spectrum that they require
  • Delivers ultimate performance starting from seedling up to the final flower or final harvest


  • Some users complain about noise


Other Models & Options of the Advanced Platinum Series

ImageProductRatingBuy on Amazon!
Advanced Platinum Series P150 150wP150 150w 12-band LED - VEG/FLOWER Check on amazon
Advanced Platinum Series P300 300wP300 300w 12-band - VEG/FLOWER Check on amazon
Advanced Platinum Series P450 450wP450 450w 12-band - VEG/FLOWER Check on amazon
Advanced Platinum Series P600 600wP600 600w 12-band - VEG/FLOWER Check on amazon
Advanced Platinum Series P900 900wP900 900w 12-band - VEG/FLOWER Check on amazon
Advanced Platinum Series P1200 1200wP1200 1200w 12-band - VEG/FLOWER Check on amazon



Conclusions About the Advanced Platinum P600

With this Advanced Platinum P600 Band Grow Light, you will no longer need for another supplemental lighting as these LED indoor grow lights got you covered.

If you happen to read more LED grow lights review, you will be surprised and amazed by the features and benefits of this premium quality grow lights. The Advanced Platinum P600 Band Grow Light is actually packed with features designed to make indoor planting easier and more convenient for you.

The Advanced Platinum P600 Band Grow Light is highly recommended if you are looking for durable and premium quality grows lights for your indoor gardening.



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