HIGROW Optical Lens-Series 1000W – Cheap LED Grow Light Review

For growing weed indoors, you need to invest in the best equipment you can possibly get from the very start. Anything ordinary would only increase work for you and the result would not be what you would hope for. This LED grow light review of the HIGROW Optical Lens-Series Grow Light will show you why you should go for it.

HIGROW Optical Lens-Series 1000W

There are several types of grow lights; however, the LED grow lights are the cheapest. Therefore, most people prefer these lights over any other. You get the same function but with less energy usage and at fewer costs.

With mostly favorable marijuana grow lights reviews, this is a top choice for many of us who grow their own weed. But first, let me tell you what you should look for when buying a grow light.



To Keep in Mind When Looking for LED Grow Lights

Like I mentioned before, there are several kinds of grow lights but since this is an LED grow light I will focus only on that particular type. For starters, LED grow lights are quite cheap so you cannot differentiate much based on price. Yes, there may be some brand names that put may charge a bit more, however, that is not a guarantee for quality.

Power usage is perhaps the most important thing to consider. Since these lights use LED diodes that do not utilize much power, you will not have to worry about running huge electricity bills. Nevertheless, the wattage of the light will tell you how energy efficient it really is.

The most common problem with grow lights is overheating. The heat output needs to be the absolute minimum for your grow light to last long. It should have quality construction with low heating materials and a proper mechanism for venting out all the excess heat (ventilation windows, fans etc.). Overheating will not only render the light useless but also damage your plants.

Plants can usually grow under any sort of light but for maximum yield, you should expose them to a full spectrum of light. Most LED grow lights do cover the entire spectrum but some may have specific wavelengths only. For growing weed, it is best to go for a full spectrum exposure.

Lastly, when buying an LED grow light, make sure to check out marijuana grow light lights review i.e. reviews from those who have used it to grow weed. Every plant is different so you need to know if the light you are choosing works great for the type of plants you plan to grow.



Overview of the HIGROW 1000W Full Spectrum Led Grow Light

The HIGROW Optical Lens-Series Grow Light is a full spectrum light for indoor plants that delivers intense light needed by your weed plants to grow fast. It is a 1000 Watts light that weighs 13.6 pounds. It is perfect for medium to large-sized grow tents (4 x 4 ft. growing area).

The light has a 90-degree optical lens that concentrates all the light on the plants. The light loss is just under 30% which makes it the best grow light to pair with a grow tent. It may be 1000 W but utilizes only 400 W as it is a led grow light.

The best lights for growing weed usually have the full spectrum. From ultraviolet to infrared, all the frequencies from 380-760 nm are emitted from this grow light. It features aluminum cooling heat sinks and fans that are quiet. This grow light, therefore, does not heat up even after hours and hours of use in your grow tent.

HIGROW is one of the best manufacturers of grow lights and this particular model is one of their best-selling. The company gives 3-year warranty as well as 30-day money-back guarantee. The reviews indicate it is one of the best marijuana grow lights. Your indoor weed plants need an intense light that does not overheat and this is exactly what you get with this grow light.

The grow light has two switches: veg and bloom. You can choose the light according to the stage of your plants for maximum benefit. The lifespan is over 50,000 hours which makes it quite long-lasting. There are 200 LEDs that are 5 Watt each.

It comes with a hanging kit that you can work with yourself. The cord that connects it with the power source is 6-feet long. It is a US standard cord. The Infrared diodes can seem a bit dim but that is normally the case with most infrared LEDs.



Pros & Cons of the HIGROW Optical Lens-Series 1000W

  • Pros

Having the best grow light means your marijuana plants will grow healthy in no time.  It covers the entire spectrum and gives just the right amount of intensity whether the plants are in veg state or blooming.

This is a cheap LED grow light that saves energy and does not heat up at all. It is definitely great value for money as you would not find this type of quality in any other cheap grow light. Designed with durable materials, this light will help you grow batches after batches of good quality strains.

Pairing this with a super reflective grow tent would reduce a lot of work at your end. The light will do the magic and prove instrumental in providing all the energy needed by the plants. Plus, it is backed by a 3-year warranty so it is completely safe to purchase this light for growing weed.


  • Cons

The only drawback of HIGROW Optical Lens Grow Light, in my opinion, is that it is not waterproof. Then again, there is hardly any threat of water when you are using it indoors. Another flaw although not exactly alarming is that the lenses are not quite fixed so when you move it, there may be a rustling. You cannot really handle it roughly or the LEDs might get damaged.


Wrapping Things Up

All top marijuana grow lights reviews feature this particular model. It is designed to make your life easy and help you grow the best weed. I find it a total bang for the buck and hope that this detailed LED grow light review would help you.



Black Dog LED PhytoMAX Review – Best Lights for Growing Weed

best lights for growing weed

Black Dog LED PhytoMAX 200 Watt Grow Light is among the best lights for growing weed and can help your plants grow faster. Grow lights, as they are generally called, are devices that provide artificial light for plants which help the plants with photosynthesis. These are generally used for growing plants indoors or during winters when the duration of the day is usually small and sunlight is scarce.

There are many glow lights available online but they all may not work the same way. It is not as simple as just throwing your plant under some light; it has to be appropriate and potent enough in correspondence with the plant you are growing especially if you are growing weed.



Before you Choose the Best Lights for Growing Weed

If you grow weed or any other plant for that matter, LED grow light may just be your best bet for providing necessary lighting. While you have other options like HID or Fluorescent, it may not be as good as LED in terms of functionality and ease. What you are essentially looking for in an LED grow light is the right fit for your plants and the built-in cooling system. LED grow lights have gotten so popular because they do not heat up your buds.

It should ideally consume less electricity at least in comparison with HPS grow lights. I believe any LED grow lights that show consistent growth in your plants is the best indoor grow lights. If it provides the right amount of light, the result should be visible in a matter of days.


Black Dog LED PhytoMAX 200 – Product Overview

Now let’s talk about the LED grow light in question, the Black Dog LED PhytoMAX 200. This grow light requires 200 Watts and provides the same yield as you would get with a 400 Watts HPS. These lights are able to penetrate better through the canopies and as a result, produce better trichrome and flowers.

It is best suited for a small grow and you can use it for a 3 by 3 grow tent. It is equipped with high-quality top-bin LEDs that provide consistent light and evenly cover the entire area. It is quite a powerful light with a full spectrum that imitates natural sunlight as best as possible. PhotoMAX-2 is, in fact, in pending for a patent as it is Black Dog’s own innovation.

There is not much going on in terms of operating this light as it comes with just an on and off switch. Come to think of it, I prefer on/off switch better than veg or bloom switches. It takes away all the hassle and all you got to do is plug it in, turn it on and let the rest happen on its own.

Black Dog has been a favorite for many growers thanks to this product in particular. It has mostly positive reviews from customers who have used it and found it to be the best lights for growing weed. Those who cannot grow weed outdoors find these lights to be incredibly effective. It provides the necessary light for photosynthesis and does not heat up.

Here are the key features:

  • 200 Watts LED lights
  • 320 μMol/s photon flux
  • On/off switch
  • 5-year warranty



Pros & Cons of the Black Dog LED PhytoMAX

  • Pros

When I am buying any electronic product, I go for the one that consumes less electricity. And Black Dog PhytoMAX 200 seems to do exactly that. LED lights, as you know, consume less electricity and hence produce lower electricity bills. You also save money on cooling and reflectors.

Besides the power saving benefit, your plants grow faster and you get a better yield. Isn’t that the whole point of getting an artificial light in the first place? And it will give you no trouble as it is incredibly easy to use and runs cool. Plus you are covered by a 5-year warranty which makes it a safe purchase and you can contact the company should you face any problems.

  • Cons

This product is simply great at what it does but if I had to point out any cons, I would say that it may not be so great for a big grow. Also, you might need a taller grow space and by that, I mean the distance between the lights and the plants.


Other Black Dog LED PhytoMAX Options and Sizes

 ImageProductReviewsBuy on Amazon!
1Black Dog LED PhytoMAX 200 Watt LED Grow LightPhytoMAX 200 WCheck on amazon
2Black Dog LED Phytomax 400Phytomax 400 WCheck on amazon
3Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-2 400PhytoMAX-2 400 WCheck on amazon
4Black Dog LED PhytoMAX 600PhytoMAX 600 WCheck on amazon
5Black Dog LED PhytoMAX-2 600PhytoMAX-2 600 WCheck on amazon
6Black Dog Phytomax 800 LED Grow LightPhytomax 800 WCheck on amazon
7Black Dog LED PhytoMAX 1000PhytoMAX 1000 WCheck on amazon

Last Thoughts about the Black Dog LED Light

The PhytoMAX 200 by Black Dog can safely be considered the best lights for growing weed at least on a small scale grow. You will be able to see it for yourself when your plants grow to produce beautiful strains.




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