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Terp Pearls | Get the Most out of your Concentrates with Dab Pearls

terp pearls

Cannabis enthusiasts want to use top-quality concentrates while utilizing every bit of their product. You must have noticed some smokers using little beads called terp pearls in their bangers to vapourize every last drop.

Terp pearls have become a new smoking accessory amongst dabbers. These quartz balls improve your smoking experience by allowing you to vaporize every hit.

When smokers dab on hot surfaces, it can potentially destroy the terpenes in their dry herbs. Terpenes are the primary compound responsible for taste and smell.

However, using terp pearls helps you vaporize your product without destroying any terpene content of your cannabis. This is why quartz balls have become popular amongst cannabis smokers.

But before using them, you must become familiar with the types of banger beads, their benefits, and how to use them. So let us learn more about this add-on dabbing accessory for an enhanced dabbing experience and more flavor.


What Are Terp Pearls?

If you’ve come across these cute little dab beads, you must be wondering what are terp pearls and how do you use them? These terps beads aren’t like regular cute beads, and they are extremely functional elements of a cannabis smoking setup.

Cannabis dabbers use various names for terp pearls. They’re commonly called terp beads, dab beads, banger beads, glass terp pearls, or quartz terp pearls.

These tiny glass balls enhance the vaporization of your product at low temperatures. Low temperature is useful for preserving the terpenes present in your cannabis herbs. This is why dabbing at low temperatures makes vapourization more effective and helps achieve a better taste.

Since terp pearls are like tiny balls, they spin around on the quartz banger when you dab. They distribute heat and energy and diffuse concentrated products for smooth hits.

This way, the tiny banger beads help improve the functionality of your smoking setup and help you achieve low-temperature dabs for better flavor.

Banger beads come in 4-8 mm thickness. They are made from quartz, borosilicate glass, and ruby.


Do You Need Terp Pearls?

You can use dabbing beads with a bubble cap or a spinning carb cap. When used with these two, banger beads evenly distribute heat while maintaining your desired temperature longer inside the banger for more effective dabbing.

Besides heat retention, dabbing beads distribute your product evenly around the banger, vaporizing every hit. This way, you aren’t left with a messy residue.

So glass terp pearls are intended to maintain the desired temperature, distribute heat, and make dabbing more effective by reducing residue.


Types of Terp Pearls

Terp pearls are available in various sizes and materials that are effective for heat retention and durability.

Borosilicate, ruby, and quartz are popular materials for crafting banger beads. However, ceramic and borosilicate terp pearls are cheaper and more fragile.

They are not ideal for dabbing because they are fragile and may break due to rapid cracking and melting temperature changes. Due to this, most of the terp pearls are made of quartz.

So if you’re looking for durable terp pearls, you must learn about the various types of terp pearls, their materials, their heat retention capabilities, and their durability.


Quartz Terp Pearls

Quartz pearls are a popular choice for dabbing because they are better at heat retention and make dabbing better. Moreover, quartz terp pearls are highly resistant to thermal shock, so you can torch-clean them or drop them into isopropyl alcohol to keep them clean.


Ruby Pearls

Ruby pearls are ideal for superior heat retention and taste. Also, since they have a red color, they look eye-catching when they spin, making them an attractive smoking accessory.

They’re also UV reactive and shine brighter under black light.

These terp pearls have the same quality as ruby, but they’re made in a lab. So if you want something more attractive, ruby terp pearls are an ideal choice.

However, ruby pearls are less resistant to thermal shock, so you have to be highly cautious when you clean them.


Ceramic Dab Pearls

Ceramic terp pearls have decent heat-retaining abilities, but they’re challenging to clean because the material is extremely fragile.

These dab pearls easily break and are probably the most fragile type of dab pearls. Therefore, you cannot torch clean them as you must allow them to cool down to clean in an iso solution.


SIC Pearls

SIC pearls are crafted from silicon carbide. As a result, these terp pearls have superior heat retention and thermal conductivity. Besides this, they’re also more resistant to thermal shock, which makes them ideal for dabbing.

These terp pearls are also easier to clean as you can use torch cleaning or isopropyl alcohol. So if you wish to set up a highly functional dabbing rig, add some SIC pearls to enhance functionality.


Shinju Terp Pearls

Shinju terp pearls are made from high-temperature ceramic material. As a result, they have excellent heat retention, and you can torch-clean them. They are also more durable and suitable for retaining more heat and higher temperatures.



terp beads


How to Use Terp Pearls?

For first-timers, it may be confusing to know how to use terp pearls. For example, should you put your terp pearls inside the banger before or after heating it?

Most dabbers prefer to heat their banger with the terp pearls inside them because if you heat the banger before dropping the pearls inside it, the banger starts to cool off once you stop heating it. If it starts to cool off, you’ll have uneven vaporization, which will waste your cannabis concentrate.

To efficiently use your quartz terp pearls, drop them into the quartz banger or nail and start heating. This method helps distribute heat evenly as the concentrates slowly cool off, resulting in better vaporization and more flavor.

Remember that higher boiling points destroy terpenes, resulting in poor flavor and rendering your cannabis concentrate useless.

Banger beads are an essential element of your dab rig because these low boiling point accessories will help you achieve better vaporization at low temperatures. They also nullify cold spots and maintain the vapor process during dabbing if you use them properly.

Many first-timers have one primary concern; why are my terp pearls not spinning? If you follow the correct method but your glass terp pearls don’t spin, it means that you’ve used the wrong carb cap.

Since carb caps have a variety of styles, you need to find the one with directional airflow to spin the terp pearls.

Now that you have learned how to use terp pearls, it’s time to load your cannabis concentrate, put the carb cap on, and enjoy smoother hits with glass terp pearls!


Benefits of Dab Pearls

Dabbers looking to get high with flavorful hits love using dab pearls because they increase the functionality of your dab rig and are effective for achieving the desired temperature and retaining heat.

There is a fine learning curve to using your terp pearls, but once you get it right, there’s no denying that these tiny dabbing tools are worth your money.

With terp pearls, you also don’t have to worry about the quartz banger cooling off before your concentrate has vaporized. So besides the attractive spinning of the dab pearls, here are the many benefits of using them with your quartz banger!


Preserve Flavor and Terpenes

High-temperature dabbing is unhealthy as it makes a thicker smoke with an unpleasant flavor. This causes a sore throat and may also hurt your lungs.

When you use terp pearls for dabbing, they help preserve the terpenes and enhance the flavor by better vaporization at low temperatures.


Increased Heat Retention

Terp pearls are highly beneficial for increasing heat retention within your quartz banger. Since low temperature helps make every hit more smooth, terp pearls benefit dabbers by retaining heat within the banger nail.


Better Utilization of Wax

Terp pearls are ideal for maximum wax utilization at a low temperature. These tiny dabbing tools trap hot air inside the banger and make it circulate evenly. This way, all of the concentrates are consumed.


Easy Consumption of Concentrates

Dab pearls help increase the surface area in contact with the oil. They also drop the atmospheric pressure inside the banger, which ensures efficient consumption of cannabis concentrate.


Even Concentrate Distribution

Cannabis concentrate pools up in the corner of your quartz banger without dab pearls. Using terp pearls helps distribute the concentrate evenly over the surface of the banger. Next, even heat distribution helps vaporize all of this product from the surface of the nail or banger.


Bigger Smoke Clouds

When more terpenes are vaporized, your concentrate makes bigger and more flavorful clouds.


No Residue Left

It’s challenging to clean the sticky residue at the bottom of your banger. Terp pearls prevent the concentrate from forming a sticky residue at the bottom of the banger because all of your cannabis is vaporized.


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How to Clean Banger Beads?

Like your other cannabis smoking tools, you must clean your dab pearls after use. You’re inhibiting their spinning ability if you don’t clean your dab pearls properly.

You must thoroughly clean them after every use to prevent them from altering the taste of the dabs. Use a cotton swab to clean the terp pearls and the bottom of your banger.

Since quartz pearls are tiny, you must handle them with care. You can get grabbers for appropriate handling when the terp pearls are hot.

Soak the dab pearls in an iso solution for about 30 minutes for deep cleaning. Then, take them out and clean them with a cotton swab again. You must also clean your banger with q-tips.


Care Tips for Terp Pearls

Quartz pearls improve your dabbing experience, but you must follow some crucial care tips to maintain them and make your pleasant smoking moments last longer. Here are some of the best care tips for first-time dabbers.


Heat Your Terp Pearls Inside the Nail

Some people heat their bangers before adding terp pearls, resulting in uneven vaporization. After dropping them in the nail, you must always heat the banger pearls for a better smoking experience. This way, the heat is retained for longer.


Use a Limited Amount of Dab Pearls

If you want even heat dispersion, you must use a limited number of dab pearls. Determine the ideal number of terp pearls you should use according to the size of your banger to avoid clogging it.

If you use more terp pearls, they won’t spin properly. Two is the recommended number for best results.


Maintain Proper Temperature

Always remember to achieve the desired temperature before taking a hit when you heat your terp pearls. You must allow your terp pearls to cool down to an optimum temperature before you start smoking because reaching an ideal temperature helps spin your dab balls.


Use a Quartz Cyclone Carb Cap

Not every carb cap is suitable for dabbing. If you want to get your terp pearls to spin faster, you can use quartz cyclone carb caps to get the terps to spin faster. So you must purchase a compatible carb cap for faster spinning and even heat distribution.


Always Clean the Terp Pearls After Dabbing

You must ensure proper cleaning of the terp pearls if you use them regularly. Dabbing enhances the smoking experience as it helps you achieve flavorful hits, but if you don’t clean properly, it can alter the flavor. Thus proper cleaning is vital to avoid unpleasant smells and flavors.


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Last Thoughts

You can take your dabs to the next level by using dabbing beads as terp pearls offer the best of both worlds by enhancing the flavor and vaporizing your concentrate better.

But products such as terp pearls and vaporizers are intended for legal use only. They do not eliminate the toxins present in the concentrate you smoke.

Remember that if you order smoking accessories, all the available products on a website are not always evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

In addition, such products do not diagnose, prevent, or cure a disease. So before using bangers and vaporizers, you should consult a healthcare professional.

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