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What Is THC Syrup and How to Make it? Get High Quick & Easy

thc syrup

A THC syrup is a versatile and discreet weed syrup. It is a unique way of ingesting cannabis. However, this cannabis-infused syrup is not the same as THC lean.

So what exactly is THC syrup, what are its benefits, and how do you make it? You can read below to learn everything about cannabis syrup and how potent it is.


What Is THC Syrup?

A THC syrup has hash oil, or any other cannabis concentrate such as wax and shatters, combined with a sweetener, vegetable glycerine, added flavors, agave, or sugar. The texture and viscosity resemble a thick cough syrup.

A weed syrup offers the same results as edibles, but it acts a little faster. You can purchase THC syrup from dispensaries or make your syrup if you have the ingredients.

Make sure that the bottle mentions milligrams, THC concentration, and dosage if you purchase it. There are countless recipes for cannabis-infused syrup, and we have mentioned one of the easiest recipes with ingredients for you to follow accurately.


Why Is It So Popular?

People can conveniently consume so many forms of marijuana, so why is weed syrup gaining popularity? What makes it different?

Even when cannabis is available in many different forms, THC syrup has some unique characteristics that set it apart. For example, THC syrups yield a more potent and prolonged effect than smoking a marijuana joint because of its liquid form.

Thus, the high that a THC syrup yields are similar to edibles, but unlike edibles, THC syrup affects you in less than thirty minutes, so if you don’t want to consume edibles that kick in after hours, it’s best to opt for a liquid form of THC.

You can also add THC syrup to beverages such as soda or shakes. You can even add the syrup to waffles. This means that you can enjoy cannabis with your favorite foods and drinks.

Since THC syrup doesn’t have a strong smell like a weed lean, you can enjoy it with anything without worrying about the typical cannabis scent.

Also, if you have a medical condition that stops you from smoking, you can ingest cannabis syrup to experience the effects.


Difference between THC Syrup and THC Lean

THC lean syrup is not the same as cannabis simple syrup or THC syrup because THC syrups contain cannabinoids while lean has codeine.

Codeine is an addictive substance, and if you consume a high dosage, it can be lethal. It can also cause liver damage and negatively affect your digestive system. In contrast, THC syrup is a much safer option. It is much similar to cough syrups.

The likelihood of an overdose is expected, so it is best to avoid THC lean. Moreover, it’s best to opt for THC syrup rather than choosing THC lean syrup. You can use THC syrup for recreational purposes.

THC syrup is a more convenient option for ingesting cannabis if you don’t like smoking or using other cannabis products.


Best Way to Use

One of the best things about cannabis syrup is that you can consume it in many different ways, unlike most cannabis edibles. From taking it sublingually to mixing it in your waffles, here are other ways that you can take your THC drink syrup.



You can take your THC syrup sublingually because the cannabinoids in the THC syrup get absorbed through the member under your tongue instead of passing through your digestive tract.

All you have to do is drop the desired amount of the THC drink syrup under your tongue. Then, hold it for a minute or two before swallowing.


Take a Shot

You can take a shot of your THC drink syrup for a slower onset time. Then, all you have to do is measure your desired dose and take a shot.

This method will take effect slightly slower than taking THC syrup sublingually because it has to pass through your digestive system before it gets to your bloodstream.

However, it still kicks in faster than traditional edibles like cannabis-infused brownies or cakes.


Mix with Drinks

THC syrup is a little sticky because it is sweet. However, having the texture of a sugary syrup makes it easier for you to mix it with your favorite beverages.

You can choose your dosage and mix it into non-alcoholic beer. Or you can combine the THC drink syrup with lime soda to enjoy a delicious drink.

However, you should avoid mixing high-grade THC syrup with alcohol because THC syrups are extremely powerful. In fact, mixing THC syrups with other drinks is a great alternative to alcoholic beverages. Also, you can expect the effect to kick in almost immediately.


Ingesting THC Syrup with Waffles, Pancakes, and More!

Are you fond of waffle syrups? Whether it’s maple, strawberry, or vanilla, every syrup makes an excellent topping for pancakes, waffles, and french toast.

If you’re cannabis enthusiastic, you’d love to know that you can measure your THC dose and mix your cannabis corn syrup in your waffle syrup. Then all you have to do is drizzle it over your favorite desserts and immediately experience the high!

THC syrups have a thick consistency, so you can also dilute them by mixing them with other syrups or oils such as coconut oil.


thc lean


How Potent Is THC Syrup, and How to Dose It?

If you’re buying THC syrup from a reputable manufacturer, you can read the label to learn about its potency. Commercially produced cannabis-infused syrups have a specific concentration of THC.

However, if you’re going to produce the syrup from your THC syrup recipe, your homemade batch will have any random potency. This way, you cannot tell how high it would make you.

In contrast, if you purchase THC syrup from a local dispensary, you would know precisely what concentration of THC you’ll ingest. Therefore, if you’re new to edibles, we suggest that you buy professionally made-THC syrup first.

For your first dose, only consume about 5 mg concentration. It is strong enough to produce a high that lasts for a lot longer.

Gradually you can increase the edibles dosage to find what works best for you. However, since THC syrup has an immediate effect, you should always be cautious of the dosage. Even small amounts of syrup can produce a strong high effect that lasts longer than edibles.


How to Make THC Syrup: Recipe

If you’re not new to edibles, the chances are that you’re aware of making various cannabis-infused products such as cannabutter, etc. So are you wondering how to make THC syrup at home? Well, here is the simplest THC syrup recipe you can find on the internet!

Making THC syrup isn’t tricky because you only require some ingredients. All you have to do is follow a couple of steps to get the recipe right.

Even if you’re making the syrup for the first time, you won’t find the process very complicated because we have broken it down into a couple of steps. Here are some things you’ll require for making the syrup.

  • A medium-sized pan
  • A measuring cup
  • Wooden ladle
  • Funnel
  • A bottle
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • THC concentrate of choice


If you’re going to use cannabis flowers, the process will be a little complex because you have to strain the syrup with a cheesecloth.

You can use a rice cooker to make the process faster. You’re going to maintain low heat, so it doesn’t ruin your cooking process.


how to make thc syrup


Step 1

If you’re using buds, you have to decarboxylate the desired amount of cannabis flowers. However, if you’re using cannabis concentrates such as hash oil or wax, you can start directly.

Take a measuring cup to measure 200 ml of water. Add it to the saucepan.

Next, add 400 ml of sugar to create a sticky and sweet syrup. If you want the syrup to have a neutral taste, you can mix equal parts of water and sugar.


Step 2

Bring the mixture to a boil. Keep stirring to mix thoroughly. Once you dissolve the sugar, put the heat on medium-low until the mixture starts to boil.


Step 3

When the mixture boils, start adding decarbed cannabis flower or THC concentrate. If you’re making the syrup for the first time, try using wax and shatter as they quickly melt to produce the syrup.

But if you’re using the decarbed flower, add it to the mixture and continue to heat for another 30 minutes.


Step 4

Keep the heat on low. Add two tablespoons of vegetable glycerine per 3 cups of liquid.


Step 5

Continue cooking the mixture on very low heat for about five minutes. Remove the saucepan from the heat. If you used the cannabis flower, strain out and discard the buds.


Step 6

Use a funnel to transfer the syrup into an air-tight bottle. Remember to cool down the mixture before pouring it into the bottle.

Once you store it in a bottle, you can refrigerate it.

This is how simple it is to make your THC syrup at home. You can add it to any sauce or drizzle the syrup directly over a salad.

You can also choose to add various natural flavors, such as lemon or vanilla extracts. Since cannabis flowers have a strong herbal flavor, you can mask it by using drinks such as Coca-Cola instead of a water-sugar mixture.


Is It Safe? Benefits and Dangers of Marijuana Edibles

Cannabis-infused syrups, THC lean, weed edibles, and other weed-infused foods have a reputation for being dangerous due to their toxicity. However, THC syrup is safe for you to consume.

The only downside of making THC syrup is that you may not know the safe potency of THC. This is why you should start experimenting with dosage and gradually increase your intake to know what works best for you.

Moreover, you should avoid going overboard with the dosage. So never mix it with alcohol.

Start with the lowest possible dose and gradually build up the dosage. Overdosing on THC products is dangerous because it can cause hallucinations, paranoia, and delusions.

Here are various dangers of overdosing on THC syrup.

  • Agitation
  • Anxiety
  • Extreme confusion
  • Paranoia
  • Raised blood pressure
  • Severe nausea
  • Panic
  • Hallucinations


Benefits of THC Syrups

Extensive research in the cannabis industry continues to prove the many medicinal benefits of cannabinoids. In recent years, cannabis compounds such as CBD and THC are gaining more popularity for the many benefits that they offer.

If you’re looking to use THC for medicinal purposes, here are the various benefits of this magical compound.

  • Pain-relieving properties (analgesic)
  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Anti-nausea and vomiting (antiemetic)
  • Helps with sleep disorders
  • Increases appetite
  • Muscle relaxant
  • Anticonvulsant
  • Antioxidant
  • Soothes chronic pain
  • Improves sensory sensitivity


Since THC is a psychoactive compound, many people avoid using it for mental illnesses because accidental overdosing will cause hallucinations and paranoia.

Many people also feel euphoric after consuming THC products such as syrups. But if you’re new to edibles, it’s crucial for you to learn more about the benefits and dangers of THC syrup.

THC syrup acts a lot faster than edibles because it’s in a liquid state. So if you’re looking to use THC syrups for medicinal purposes, the faster-acting liquid might bring you immediate relief.

However, if you’re using it for the high associated with THC, remember to always inquire about a safe dosage. Also, never forget to measure the THC concentration correctly.

If you know about the proper dosage, it is safe to consume THC syrups.


weed syrup


Last Thoughts on THC Syrup, Cannabis Concentrate

THC syrup is a better alternative to cannabis simple syrup and THC lean. It is also healthier and a lot safer than smoking cannabis.

THC syrup is also an excellent additive for your waffles, pancakes, and other favorites! Using our recipe, you can make the sweetest and the most effective THC syrup that will be the perfect addition to your drinks and desserts.

Remember to measure the THC concentration correctly and always start with a low dosage. Then, you can gradually build it up to find out what works best for you!

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