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What are THCA Diamonds and How to Make THCA Diamonds

thca diamonds

THC-A (tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) is considered a new craze in today’s world of potent cannabis concentrates. Its crystalline form, called the THCA diamonds, is 99.9% concentrated cannabis. This high amount of THC content is what makes them the most potent diamond dabs on the market. 

But that is not all. In this article, we will uncover the most amazing facts about pure THCA diamonds, how to make THCA diamonds at home, and their effects. Stay with us to find out more about them.


What Exactly Are THCA Diamonds?

THC and THC-A are not the same things. THC-A is the precursor of THC, which you make by isolating its crystals from refined cannabis oil or diamond extract.

We know these crystals as THCA Diamonds, crystalline THCA, or cannabis isolates, having 99% pure THC in its acidic form. The remaining one percent of these diamond dabs comprise terpenes and other cannabinoids.

They have a glossy, shiny, and prominent crystalline appearance, similar to granulated sugar, and are a few millimeters wide.

You would not get much high after consuming raw cannabis. Why? It is because raw cannabis has more THC-A content than THC, where THC-A is the inactive form.

Regardless of any form, you have to convert THC-A into potent THC by simply heating it.

This process, called decarboxylation, allows you to inhale a very highly concentrated THC product. 


Terp Sauce Vs Crystalline: Is There Any Difference?

Terp sauce or sauce is easily the gold standard of cannabis concentrate. It is a polished, tasty diamonds concentrate, which you make by separating THC crystals from their liquid base. In this way, it becomes a mixture of pure THCA crystals and aromatic terpenes, and the only difference is related to the method of extraction and processing.

To isolate THC-A crystals from the mixture, you have to remove the terp sauce from the initial. But even after extracting the terp sauce, you must coat the THC diamonds with it. The reason is that as you convert cannabis into concentrates, it loses a large number of terpenes in the process.

Adding the Terp sauce to the crystals helps to gain them back. Most sellers prefer coating the diamond dabs with the sauce before packaging. It will allow you to choose the amount of sauce you want to add to the diamonds. 


What Do They Look Like?

We have already described how glossy, shiny, and crystalline THC diamonds are. Let’s talk about the other things. The size and shape of THCA diamonds have no impact on their quality. However, there are a couple of factors that influence them:

  • Moisture content
  • Solvent type
  • Temperature
  • Impurities

Terpenes and other compounds may disrupt the crystallization to an extent that it affects the overall diamond’s structure. Cannabis variety may affect the overall composition of the diamonds.


THCA Diamonds Effects: Will They Make Me High?

Yes, dabbing any form of diamond wax will get you high. But for this, you need to heat the diamond’s wax to the point of conversion.

When you vaporize the THCA wax diamonds through a tabletop vaporizer or d/e rig, THCA converts into active THC. This will enhance the overall THCA diamonds effect.

This active THC in the vapor will bind to your endocannabinoid system receptors and produce an intoxicating effect.


diamond dabs


How To Make THCA Diamonds?

Now, when you have finally unleashed a vast mass of information regarding THC A, let’s move on to your favorite query i.e., how to make THC A diamonds?

The process is a bit time-consuming but very simple. But, no matter how simple and fun the method looks, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!

Why? It’s because Diamonds THCA requires expert handling along with the use of heavy-duty machinery. Thus, only certified people should attempt this method in a regulated lab with extra safety measures.

This process of making Diamonds THCA called Diamond Mining, or Jar Tech, shares various methods for different extracts. Crystallization is the main chemistry behind each method, and the main target is to remove plant impurities using heat. This heat will eventually separate the cannabinoids from terpenes, as discussed earlier.

The overall process comprises six steps, done under a sequence of molecular isolation and washing techniques.


Step 1: Making Hash Oil By Extraction Methods

There are many ways of making hash or Diamonds oil 1600 through extraction:

  • By Alcohol

Take a fresh Marijuana plant and soak the cannabis in ethanol to strip the trichomes from the plant. Filter the liquid and remove alcohol by evaporation to yield the oil.

  • By Butane/Propane

To create the butane hash oil, pressurize the liquid butane and cannabis in a warmed-up, sealed environment. It will create a vacuum and evaporate the butane etc.

  • By Carbon dioxide

It is the most efficient yet expensive method of all. In this method, carbon dioxide gas is heated and pressurized in place of a solvent.


Step 2: Winterization Of Diamonds Oil 1600

Winterization is the key step when producing quality pure THC diamonds. Dissolve your hash oil with ethanol (1: 10 ratio) and place it under sub-zero temperatures (-20 to -80oC).

During this process, the lipids due to their low density and solubility, float to the top. It’s better to keep the solution under this cold temperature for a day. Filter the solution when all the lipids have reached the top of the solution.

Various filters such as metal micro and paper filters can be used for filtration, giving you a highly pure distillate.


Step 3: Methanol Removal

Soak the pure distillate in methanol for enough time and use the rotary evaporator or Rotovap to remove the excess methanol.


Step 4: Pentane-washing

To remove the remaining plant residue, wash the distilled Diamonds oil 1600 with pentane. Run it under the rotary evaporator again.


Step 5: Crystallization

Place the oil in the chromatography machine. It creates pressure that converts the oil into crystals.


Step 6: Drying

Allow the crystalline mixture to dry completely for three to 12 days. You have successfully made pure THCA diamonds.


How Do I Consume it?

The process of consumption of THCA diamonds is similar to other cannabis concentrates, like wax, shatter, or hash oil. We will tell you some of the most commonly used methods to consume THCA diamond wax below:


Dabbing Diamonds

Dabbing is the easiest way to consume your THCA diamond wax. In this, you just have to use your dab tool or tweezers to grab your diamonds and dip them into your terpene sauce.

Dabbing those diamonds with terpenes on a single nail setup can cause a mess.  Therefore, we recommend using a banger to prevent the running of sauce.


Smoking THCA Diamonds

A dash of pure THCA diamonds wax can enhance your overall high effect of weed. For pure THCA diamonds, take one in a sauce, and mash it up in a mortar and pestle or any non-porous surface. Sprinkle this grounded powder into your cannabis bud.

But if your crystals came with terp sauce already, you can still use the same process for mashing, which, however, will be much trickier.

Once you get your crystals grounded, take your powdered cannabis flower, and roll it around your sticky mash. We recommend using bongs or weed pipes while using this method.

Whichever route you choose, after adding those crushed diamonds to your weed, you are ready to smoke. We recommend you layer the pulverized diamond below the weed’s surface. This step will prevent your THC from direct heat and damage.


Vaporizing Diamonds

Vaporizing your diamonds is the best method of smoking cannabis. For that, you will need a vaporizing machine that can carry any solid concentrate in a vape rig. Just use its vape rig.

For coated diamonds, you will need a vaporizer built for semi-solid or liquid concentrates. Place your diamond in the vape rig, affix your sauce-to-diamond ratio, and hit the button.


Wrapping Up with the THC Diamonds

We hope you were able to clear all your curiosities and queries related to THCA diamonds. Even if THCA diamonds are not legalized in your country, enhancing your knowledge about this new cannabis concentrate is a good venture.

Like other cannabinoids, THCA diamonds do provide injurious effects along with health benefits. Thus, it is better to use it legally and under the supervision of a practitioner.

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