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6 Things To Look for in a Quality CBD Vape Kit | Choose the right One!

choose the right vape kit

For centuries, humans have used plants for medicinal purposes. One of the most commonly used herbs is cannabis. It’s taken either as powders, teas, extracts, or simply dried plants traditionally, and as oil, tablets, or capsules in the modern world.

Another method of using cannabis, which is becoming increasingly popular nowadays, is vaping. It’s considered smoking’s evolution and is one of the fastest ways to benefit from cannabis’s active ingredients, specifically cannabidiol (CBD).

Smoking or vaping allows CBD, medical cannabis’s most essential component, to enter an individual’s bloodstream via the lungs, within only a few seconds. This method heats a concentrated extract or oil to the right temperature to vaporize it rather than scorching dried herbs.


Why Is Vaping Becoming Popular?

High bioavailability rates make vaping one of the most popular methods of enjoying the benefits of cannabis’s CBD. Bioavailability is the proportion of an unchanged substance entering an individual’s bloodstream, actively affecting the body.

A high bioavailability rate is essential. That’s because the digestive system needs to metabolize CBD in various steps when a person ingests it orally. The process is called first-pass metabolism. At every step of this process, a fraction of CBD introduced into the body is lost.

However, with vaping, cannabidiol enters the lungs’ air sacs and immediately gets dispersed into the bloodstream. When a substance can reach an individual’s circulation faster, it can get to target organs quicker. Simply put, vaping allows a specific compound to bypass the first-pass metabolism, making its effects come on significantly faster. That, in itself, is a really compelling reason to begin consuming CBD through vaping.


Vape Kits

Choosing the perfect vape device can be challenging, especially for those who are new to vaping. That’s because there are plenty of vape systems on the market nowadays, with a vast selection of accessories, such as tanks and coils. Making things worse is the fact that there are coils that aren’t compatible with every tank, and there are also tanks that don’t work with particular coils. So, besides finding the gadget that fits you best, there’s also the need to find your device’s most compatible parts and accessories.

To take the confusion out, many people opt for starter kits. These kits come with a vaping gadget, coils, batteries, and a battery charger. They ensure the best combination possible for your vape mod’s parts and components. It means that you’ll have everything you need to start enjoying CBD out of the box. There’s no more guessing which accessories would be the ideal choice for your new vape. All you need is to check out reliable review platforms for cannabis products, such as Cannabest, and choose a premier vape kit provider to be your vaping partner.


Which CBD Vaping Kit Should One Go For?

For the best CBD vaping experience, you’ll need a good vape starter kit. But, how do you know which one to go for? Well, there are several things that you should look out for. They’re as follows:


1. Manufacturer

Buying a vape kit from a legitimate manufacturer may mean spending more money, but if you’re after quality, it’s worth every coin! Now, the question is, “How do you separate authentic, reputable manufacturers from companies that produce mediocre devices?”  Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Check out other people’s feedback: How did other CBD vaping enthusiasts rate the product of your prospective manufacturing company? Are they saying positive things about it?  If not, then don’t hesitate to move on to another option.
  • Assess how the seller responds to questions: Whatever question you throw to the manufacturer, they’ll answer it without delay. Well, that is, if they’re confident with their product’s quality.
  • Ask the seller whether or not they offer a warranty: The best CBD vape kits always come with a warranty cover of at least one year. It assures you that you’re buying a high-quality product that doesn’t contain manufacturing defects.
  • Check whether or not the product comes with detailed instructions: The best CBD vape kits also come with clear and easy-to-understand instructions on how to use them. Of course, aside from quality instructions, it’s also essential that the manufacturer is easy to get in touch with. That way, you’ll promptly receive the assistance you need should you encounter problems with your device that are already beyond what the instructions cover.


2. Third-Party Laboratory Test Results

Independent testing of the CBD extract, oil, or fluid inside the starter cartridge included in a vape kit is another crucial consideration when making a selection decision.

Third-party laboratory testing is essential since you won’t be able to tell a CBD vape kit’s quality by just looking at it.  The process involves a sample of the extract, oil, or fluid getting sent to a lab independent or not affiliated with the product’s brand, seller, or manufacturer. It’s a way of ensuring that the CBD inside the starter cartridge of a vaping kit doesn’t contain residual solvents, heavy metals, and other harmful contaminants. Exposure to these substances can have adverse effects on your health.

Most brands publish third-party lab testing results on their websites. Check for it, and make sure that the analysis didn’t detect contaminants in the sample. Also, don’t forget to look for the sample’s tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content report, which should be within the 0.3% legal threshold.


Quality CBD Vape Kit


3. Vaporizer’s Size And Shape

Vape pens included in CBD vape kits come in different sizes and shapes. Some vaporizers are massive enough that fitting them inside an average pocket would be impossible. However, others are as small as a traditional cigarette, making them conveniently portable.

The vape pen’s size is definitely a critical factor to consider if you’re planning on vaping CBD outside your home. It should be the number one concern if you love hiking, attending events, or going camping often. With a smaller vaporizer, a vape kit becomes comfortable to carry and use at any place. However, if you’ll only vape CBD at home, kits with bulkier vape pens shouldn’t be an issue.


4. Replaceable Batteries

A vaporizer with replaceable batteries is essential if portability is a top criterion for you when making a CBD vape kit selection decision. Devices with non-rechargeable batteries will only cause you a considerable amount of stress when the vape pen runs out of power while you’re on the go. Finding an electrical outlet where you can charge your vaporizer sounds like too much of a hassle, doesn’t it?

It’s also worth mentioning that not all CBD vape pen batteries are created equal. Some have batteries that may last for only a few hours, while others can work for much more extended periods. It’s best to opt for a vape pen with long battery life. The good news is that most vape kits list how long a fully-charged vaporizer included in their package will last.

Another consideration related to batteries is the amount of time the vape pen’s battery will take to recharge after it dies. Some vaporizers may take hours to charge, but the best vape pens will be back to their full power within only an hour. If you’re planning on using a CBD vaping kit frequently throughout the day, you should really keep this thing in mind.


5. Ease Of Use

The best CBD vape kits have straightforward operations and functions that make them user-friendly.

Keep in mind that ease of use also encompasses customer care. Is getting in touch with the manufacturer also a straightforward process whenever you need assistance with using your device?  In addition to a responsive customer service team, the vape kit’s brand should also have an easy-to-navigate site wherein you can find all essential pieces of information regarding the vaporizer and its components.


6. Price

Finally, you should also consider your budget when choosing a CBD vape kit.

The CBD market offers so many options for vape kits, and they belong to different price ranges. That’s why it’s vital to compare their dollar value to their feature and functionality.

But, how much should a CBD vape kit cost?  The basic ones can be USD$30-40. If you’re just getting started with vaping, then it’s already a decent price point. More robust products, however, can cost at least a hundred dollars. Those are the kits that have longer battery life and have a much longer overall life expectancy.

Of course, the CBD vape kit you’ll choose will depend on your budget, but if you’re a more serious user, it’s best to opt for a sturdier product that’ll prove to be more cost-effective in the long run.


Final Thoughts

CBD vape kits are a popular product offering. There’s no doubt that CBD enthusiasts can benefit from them. After all, vaping is a straightforward, quick, but potent method of receiving CBD’s potential benefits.

However, not all brands are doing it right. There are so many bad vape kits out there containing cheap vape devices and sub-par CBD oils. That’s why you have to conduct thorough research first before deciding on a product.

The things mentioned and discussed in this post can help you ensure that you’re purchasing a high-quality product. Consider them when deciding which vape kit is best for you.

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