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Are you Thinking of a Weed Detox? Useful Information that can Help You

want to detox from weed

Detoxing your body can be truly life-changing. Knowing how to detox weed from your body is useful knowledge in case you need to do so. Read our article on the different methods to detox your body from cannabis. You will come to thank us later.

When you take too much cannabis, you may suddenly have too much THC in your system.

This is especially common when people use edibles. Due to how slow it takes for the effects to hit you, a lot of people will start eating more and more edibles.

After a few hours, everything will hit them all at once, giving them a bad experience.

It is a reason why inexperienced people should not try edibles in the beginning. It is just too easy to overeat them.

Also, how can you tell how much THC is in each product if you have edible brownies laid in front of you on a plate? Well, you can’t.

Of all my cannabis friends, they either pick smoking or vaping as one of their favorite methods of marijuana consumption. The effects are pretty much instant and you will experience euphoria right away.

In the fast-paced world we live in today, everyone is seeking a quick high, and smoking or vaping does the job very nicely.

This is largely why cannabis products sold in places like Online Dispensary have seen such an increase in demand over the years. There are just so many kinds of weed strains one can get for themselves to detox, enjoy, or even consume for pain symptoms.


THC Sticks Around

Depending on how much you took, THC can stay in your body for a while. This can be a problem if you are going to be doing a drug test for a job or for any other reason.

Some of the factors that will make it last longer in your system include:

  • Your body’s metabolism
  • How often you exercise
  • Percentage of body fat in your body
  • How often you use cannabis
  • Eating habits


Since THC will be found in urine, blood, and hair, THC effects can last anywhere from a few days to over a few months!

Yes, you can still find THC in your hair after a few months if the potency is high enough.


Where Can THC Be Found

Urine – Even if you used cannabis many months ago, cannabis can still be detected from lab results through your pee. So, do not be alarmed if you find some THC substance after a long period of time.

Fat cells – This is a place that people would not assume THC can be found at. However, it actually builds up over time in your fat tissues when you use any form of marijuana. Over time, it would seep into your bloodstream.

In your blood – If you are someone who smokes cannabis often, THC will stay in your blood for longer than if you only smoke once in a while.

Hair – The THC strand will show up in your hair follicle for a long period of time, up to 90 days.


sports for weed detox


Best Ways to Detox Cannabis

The best way to detox cannabis is by exercising. When you exercise, you are flushing your body with bad toxins that will come out in the form of sweat.

Not only that, exercising will keep you healthy and give you a stronger body. Everyone should aim to exercise or walk 30 minutes each day to maintain a good and active lifestyle.

Another method is by drinking lots of water. Remember, your pee is the only way to release all THC in your body. So, the more you pee, the more THC will be coming out of your body.

However, you don’t want to go overboard and drink tons of water as that is also not a good thing.

There are also detox drinks you can purchase to help cleanse your pee of any cannabis.


Results of a Weed Detox

You will experience a different result from weed detox when compared with your friend. It is all based on how you respond to it.

Some effects of weed detox can be:

1 – Loss of appetite

Some people may find themselves not feeling hungry. However, this does not mean you should just stop eating altogether.

You should still get some water in your body to stay hydrated and eat something light.


2 – Inability to sleep

You may have trouble sleeping at night. A method to try sleeping better is wearing earplugs, an eye mask, and counting sheep in your mind to sleep!

sleeping disorder when detox


3 – Can’t focus

Having trouble focusing on certain tasks can be a side effect of weed detox. When this happens, you should stop whatever you are doing and come back again at another time.

There is no point to continue doing a bad job at something if you are unable to focus on it.


4 – Feeling Down

If you notice a friend or family member feeling down and they use cannabis, you should check upon them. They could be withdrawing from not having any cannabis in their body.

Since they are always used to having cannabis, not having it could make them feel sad.



Hopefully, you have learned some of the different ways to detox from weed. It does no matter what kind of cannabis you consume as the same rule applies.

If you smoke stronger marijuana, you will have to detox longer as its effects will be greater.

Also, watch out for unpleasant side effects from detoxing and adjust accordingly. Sometimes, you may need to detox gradually in order for your body to respond well.

Do not expect yourself to fully be rid of cannabis from your body in a short time span. It can take a while for it to fully be gone from your system.

To reduce any temptation avoid places where cannabis is used and talk about it.

In the end, there is no magic pill that can suddenly make you fully detoxed from cannabis. It will take patience and dedication if you truly want to be rid of cannabis once and for all.

For some, this is the only option to lead a fulfilling life that is not distracted by cannabis.

In any case, there is no denying that cannabis certainly has its benefits. It is why the marijuana plant remains popular among so many people around the world to this day!

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